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Have you ever thought that the life icons in your HUD just seem a bit too bland? Do you wish they had a bit more of a flair? Do you have an irrational hatred towards those little black bars at the top and bottom of all of them? Then look no further than the Better Lives addon!

This addon aims to make the life icons in the HUD look a bit more unique, adding some more personality as well as a border and background that changes along with your skincolor to every vanilla character, as well as some modded characters!

Make sure that you load this addon after all of the compatible characters to ensure that the icons work properly.
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Latest updates

  1. v1.8.1

    hi again! sorry about another really small update, a while back i was asked by a moderator to...
  2. v1.8

    Added compatibility for MCTails and Sonic New Added icons for Whisper, Pac-Man, and Jelly Tails...
  3. v1.7

    Added compatibility with the Max Control Pack and Metal Anyone Added icons for Cosmic Metal...

Latest reviews

This is a Nice Mod, But a SSNSonic and SSNTails, 2.0 Knuckles support would be nice :D
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it's a shame these can't be used without "modifying the game", these look great.
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these are amazing! they add a small but well needed touch of actual character to the hud! my fav is the adventure sonic one but maybe thats just cus i like adventure sonic? who knows. also i cant help but notice that flames one looks almost seductive? or is that just my inability to talk to girls? 9/10 would reccomend
Upvote 1
This makes the lives look really cool also you should add support for luigi but anyways this is a really good addon
oh yea i'll make an icon for luigi in a few days
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0/10 did not make my life better
jokes aside the icons are cool and awesome and g
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Great little improvement made to the life icons, they're not just "The head of A2" they're much more dynamic now, Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails life icons were just pure genius, take my 5 stars, I may be biased because you added Extra Life support *Cough* *Cough* Also, maybe update Extra Life's life icon when V2 comes out? I'm the one making the new sprites for Extra Life and the little fang he has here is small compared to his new sprites, and oh yeah- I heard that super is coming for Extra Life in V2, so update the life icon when that rolls around! (I could always help you on a few life icons) Once again, take my 5 stars! Great little QOL Mod
thanks! i'll make sure to update extra life's icon when that update releases
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Lovely work. Always like mods that also celebrate other mods. If you don't mind me making dumb requests, could you also add Magic Metal, Chaos Knux, Greeneyes, Junio Sonic, Jelly Tails, MugenHunterNack, EggRobo, Max Control Sonic, Max Control Amy, and the many Modern Amys from the Modern Amy Pack? I know it's a lot but I just really like this pack
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Good job it looks great. Keep up the good work!
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Spot on life icons. I liked the icons for everyone you have support for. Speaking of, think you can do SSNMighty and SegaSonic Ray? Would be pretty sick.
yeah sure thing!
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This is quite a simple addon yet something that makes it stand out. however my question is.. can you make this compatible with buddyex? the icons DO appear, but there could be an option for the name to appear as well! (obviously not like you NEED to! just something to top it up!)
i think that would end up looking a little messy, but maybe i could try someting similar involving the character names?
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