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IMPORTANT: There's a lot of secrets and easter eggs to uncover! Do discuss spoilers with proper warnings!

From the world's edge, rise three HEROES.

DeltaChars bring the three heroes from Deltarune into the world of SRB2! Ready to face a new adventure together and take down a mysterious dark fountain that seems to come from outer space! But worry not, the Fun Gang/$?$? Squad/Lancer Fan Club are ready to rumble.​

Kris CSS.png
The “Balance” Character. Focuses on Horizontal movement and speed. Good all-rounder, the closest to a vanilla character experience with a few tricks up their sleeve.

Press jump up to two times midair to perform a sword swing. Hold down jump to get a small vertical boost.

Press spin to dash forward while sliding. Keep holding spin to continue sliding, or press jump to perform a Lunge! While Lunging, Kris will auto-swing their sword at enemies.

Kris excels at gaining speed and making quick split-second decisions on the fly, mastering them might take a while - but it's worth your time!​
Kris 1.gif
Kris 3.gif

Susie CSS.png
The “Power” Character. Focuses on combat and crazy strong ax slashes. Her destructive power is unlike any other, perfect for destroying enemies and obstacles alike.

Double jump to perform an ax swing, hold to crash downwards! You can also do a grounded swing by pressing Spin.

Hold spin while grounded to perform a projectile-sending uppercut. Hold jump afterwards to perform Red Buster! Only the red projectile deals double damage, so aim it carefully!

While generally harder to platform with, Susie can make any obstacle in her way get absolutely wrecked. Bosses tremble before her!​
Susie 1.gif
Susie 2.gif

Ralsei CSS.png
The “Light” Character. Focuses on vertical movement and level progression. He may be slow, but he makes up for it by having strong vertical movement capabilities.

Press spin to send out a magic spell that puts enemies to sleep. Use it on sleeping enemies to spare them. Hold it down for a bigger area of effect!

Double jump to spin Ralsei's scarf around, damaging enemies around you. Use this move while charging Pacify to perform Ember Twirl, blasting you high into the air!

Ralsei isn't much of a fighter, as such he struggles with hordes of badniks. However, his main strength is insane mobility - use it to glide around any level you find yourself stuck in!​
Ralsei 1.gif
Ralsei 2.gif

But that's not all!
Group 1.gif

DeltaChars' main defining feature is the ability to freely switch between the three heroes on the fly! This opens up a ton of opportunities for you to combine their skills together for some real hectic action! By default, you can swap with C1 and C3. If you rather use Wep Prev/Next, use the console command dc_altswap on!

Group 2.gif

Secrets & Extras
Alt Ralsei.png

DeltaChars brings a whole lot of secret funsies and extra content for you to sink your teeth in. However... I'm not telling you what they are. You'll have to find these out yourself :)
But, in short:​
  • Tons and tons of Singleplayer-exclusive content.
  • Sick dance moves for the gang.
  • Ralsei can once again don his classic Ch1 hat with the command dc_ralseihat on.
  • And many, many more tiny lil' details sprinkled throughout the entire experience.
As always, do your best not to spoil the fun for others. We put a lot of work into these for everyone to enjoy :)
funny 1.gif


  • Lach & Alfredo - Coding
Your work with DeltaChars really blew me away! Your creativity really brought a lot more to the table than I originally envisioned, major props to both of you!
  • Lightdasher - Major Spriting Assistance
Getting your help for the sprites was a godsend, you took care of some of the most complex sprites and animations like a champ. Amazing work as always, Light!!
  • HattyBoyo - [spoilers]
Thank you so much for letting us use your sprites for a nice lil' easter egg. You did great!
  • Frostiikin - Character Switch command
Real close to the punch, but thanks to you we managed to sneak in the command to switch the... character switch, over to Wep Prev/Next rather than C1/C3, which should prove to be a really good QoL change. Thanks a lot!!
  • TAG and the Community - Testing & Feedback
I really can't thank you enough for your support throughout the years. While it would have been nice to release sooner, I'm really happy with how these three came out and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you so so much!!

Finally, thank you for waiting. I hope you have as much fun playing them as we did creating them!
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  1. Version 1.1

    Hey guys, it's been a while since release, so we've got a special little update for you all...

Latest reviews

Amazing mod! Not only does it combine 2 of my favorite things, there's even dialogue and more!
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I absolutely love this mod, the fact it combines 2 of my favourite thing (SRB2 and Deltarune) makes it perfect. I also am a DeltaChars speedrunner, so i can tell everyone this mod is great for beginners and also amazing to master.
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words cannot express how much i love this but i will try,first of all the abilities:kris got the slide and jump slashes,very cool mix of speed and mobility rating:8/10 very fun to play,susie got pure melee abilities for bosses,you can cheese the hell of out of metal sonic lol rating:7.9/10 (little less considering i only use her for bosses and such, still fun),ralsei got pacify and a charge jump very silly to mess around with (also love how you can switch to his chp 1 costume) rating:8.1/10 (bonus for being a fluffy boy)

there's also extra dialouge between playing levels and i love it so much

so in conclusion: this mod kicks ass.
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Some sections feel sorta barren (eggman doesn't get a single line in until zone 3, and he's immediately cut off; the fun gang don't seem very phased by his presence at all) but other than that, this mod kicks ass and is very polished
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Well previously I said it was so good it didn't get a patch, but since it has one, and it was already perfecr before, it meas it got even better! Love the new menu :D
Upvote 0
It's so good there haven't been any patches yet, which is amazing how it's this polished!
Upvote 0
This add-on is legitimately the most fun I have ever had playing Sonic Roboblast 2. Each individual characters have great movesets and the shared input of switching between the three characters is very responsive and fluid! The three all feel in-character and the added dialogues are amazing! The Deltarune references aren't intrusive and fit in amazingly, especially the boss fight for the third zone in the game. (Won't spoil it in case whoever reading this hasn't seen it yet, but trust me, it's great.) Overall, I'd heavily recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. This is a high quality add-on with what feels like a lot of effort put into it.
Upvote 1
"Look! An onion rings in the way!"
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Definitely nice.
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this is now one of my srb2 mains :D
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