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The Ultimate Lifeform emerges from his 5[0] years of hibernation!

For those of you who may not have remembered... I released a Shadow mod 5 years ago for version 2.1 of SRB2. About a year-ish after it was released, I started on a project to update it. However one thing led to another and ultimately this update ended up getting delayed for... well 5 years. But we're here now so lets talk about all the sparkly new changes shall we?

Shadow's Primary ability is Chaos Snap! It functions very similar to its old 2.1 counterpart except with some major visual and mechanical upgrades! After jumping, press jump again while holding down a specific direction to warp in the direction that you chose! If you hold down spin instead of a direction, you will warp downwards! Finally, hold down no inputs aside from jump to instead warp upwards. This move is incredibly versatile and provides Shadow with amazing vertical and horizontal mobility. Also, you only get two snaps per jump.

In 2.1, Shadow used to be able to Thok after performing two chaos snaps. That has been removed in favor of the massive buff that chaos snap had received; Chaos Snap now retains your momentum! This allows you to perform some crazy stunts without worrying about the momentum cut of the 2.1 version slowing you down.

In addition to Chaos Snap, if Shadow is near an enemy or monitor, he will perform a Homing Attack! Successfully defeating an enemy with a homing attack will give you an extra Chaos Snap if you are out of Chaos Snaps! Chaining your homing attacks with Chaos Snap will allow you to traverse to crazy distances and heights at insane speeds!

For his spin he has the classic Spindash! Honestly not that much to say here but using it alongside Chaos Snap will let you cross massive gaps and ravines!

Once all 7 Chaos Emeralds are gathered, you will be able to become Super Shadow! As Super Shadow, you will gain a massive powerup to your abilities! As Super Shadow, you will have INFINITE Chaos Snaps allowing for you to...well, fly!

While Super, you will also gain access to Shadow's signature move: Chaos Spear! Hold the Spin button while Jumping to charge it up! Just tapping spin will let you fire normal chaos spears. Hold down spin for a little bit and it will upgrade Chaos Spear into Chaos Lance! Chaos Lance is a stronger version of Chaos Spear with an increase in explosion radius on impact as well as the ability to home in onto enemies. If you hold down spin long enough... your move will be upgraded to Spear of Light! Spear of Light will let you fire 9 powerful red spears of energy that will home in onto nearby enemies and cause massive explosions!

You heard that right! Shadow has support for Cobalt's Battlemod! In Battle, Shadow's homing attack works a bit differently. Once you land a hit on your target, whether or not you damage them, you will instantly be put into your falling state. While homing attack is indeed a powerful ability, be careful about your positioning! If your opponent clashes or parries with you, you will always be at a frame disadvantage! You will also lose control of yourself after a homing so one wrong move and you'll be flying off the edge!

You may think that Shadow has some pretty harsh weaknesses but worry not! His special abilities do an amazing job at covering his bases! Shadow has two unique battle abilities that are inspired by his abilities in Sonic Battle!

This is Chaos Burst! The grounded variant of Shadow's special move! When active, it will consume 10 rings and halt Shadow's movements temporarily. Shadow will then emit a large burst of chaos energy, damaging all enemies nearby! This attack's large radius and high priority makes it a great move for dealing with opponents that love to fight up close like Amy and Sonic!

This is Chaos Nightmare! The aerial variant of Shadow's special move! Like Chaos Burst, it will consume 10 rings and cause Shadow's movements to slow down. However, Shadow will be able to linger a bit in the air while still maintaining a large attack radius with high priority! Its an incredible move and great for dealing with opponents that like to fight in the air like Tails or Knuckles!

Shadow is filled to the brim with tons of extra features and Easter Eggs! He currently already has support for a variety of mods such as XMomentum and Ordomandalore's upcoming levelpack! However I won't be going over all the extra stuff. I highly recommend that you guys instead play Shadow and experience all of his extra quirks yourself!

One feature that I will be discussing, however, is Shadow's ability to change the color of the flames that he emits from his shoes!

To change the color of your flames, type "skatecolor [your choice of color]" in console!
For Player 2 during Splitscreen Mode, type "skatecolor2 [your choice of color]" in console instead to change your skate flame color!
Additionally, if you would like to return Shadow to his default skate colors, type "skatecolor default" in console!

In addition to Shadow, I have also linked the pirated version of Shadow that I found on GameBanana (source pending).

If you are a mapper and are looking to make maps utilizing Shadow and his abilities... do not hesitate to do so! Just let me know if you are and I will more than likely give you full permission to do so! My only request is that you DO NOT modify his abilities in any way.

For you Server Hosts out there that are not a big fan of funny memes or gags, type "shadowfever [off/0]" in console! It will disable most of the funny hahas. This command will be set to on/1 by default. For mappers who wishes to use Shadow's mechanics but without the gags, type "shadowfever = 0" in your MAINCFG. It will disable the gags much like the console commands but just for the map that you are in.

In case I am no longer around in the community and am not able to be contacted, I give Sonic Team Jr. permission to port this mod to future versions of this game if need be.

Thank you so much for everyone who helped me out on this ridiculous 5 year journey in my attempt to update this hot topic hedgehog.

Lach: Chaos Snap, Skating, and various other things.
SMS Alfredo: SRB2 Battle Abilities
Rapidgame7: The Funny

Inazuma: Me. Uhh. I'm the main spriter lool.
MotorRoach: Letting me use his Shadow head rotation as a base for this remake's design. Also thank you for helping me out with A3 Walk and A4 Skate. Also thank you for all the cleanups you did to some of the sprites.
DirkTheHusky: Sprite Assistance. The frames you contributed really saved me a ton of time. Thank you!
Saneko/SanictheSanic: Sprite Cleanups. The cleanup you did for the endsign as well as the falling anims really made them look sharper. Thank you!
DrStephen: Sprite Assistance and Cleanups. Your help with the extra assets and cleanup saved me a ton of time. Thank you!
Alice: Sprite Assistance. Thanks for teaching me how to make flame sprites mom. You're epic.
SwitchKaze: Sprite Assistance. Your wizardry with blender is out of this world!

Krabs: Thanks for doing that sound thing for Chaos Snap. It really makes it sound...snappy. Also thanks for those little tweaks you made for Shadow's battlemod abilities. He feels very balanced thanks to you!
Jeck_Jims: Model Reference. Thank you for providing me with those model references for skating! They really helped out!
HyperChaotix: Model Reference. Thanks for providing me with those model refences for skidding! That pose was surprisingly annoying to sprite out!
Varren: Model Reference and Video making. I really appreciate all your help. I'm always amazed by what you can make. Thank you!
Sz: Thanks for making the thread icon!

And thanks to all the Beta Testers that helped me out! Sorry I can't list out all your names because that would be... a lot of names... but just know that I really appreciate your support and assistance!

Version 1: Initial Release

Version 1.1:
  • Chaos Snap effects are now invisible in first person.
  • Charging Chaos Lance and Spear of Light has additional visual effects.
  • Fixed numerous issues with skatecolor not loading or saving properly when playing netgames.
  • Fixed issue where Shadow could not use Homing Attack or Chaos Snap after pressing spin with a Pity Shield.
  • Shadow can no longer use his primary abilities while carrying the Diamond in Diamond in the Rough.
  • Fixed issue where Shadow would remain in his custom flash colors if interrupted while performing Chaos Burst.
  • Fixed issue where Shadow's shield would be improperly sized if interrupted while performing Chaos Burst.
Version 1.2:
  • When Shadow has the option to perform either an Attraction Shot or a Homing Attack, the lockon arrows will always use the Attraction style to reduce flashing.
  • Fixed issue where Shadow could use his primary abilities while carrying the Diamond in Diamond in the Rough (for reals this time).
  • Fixed critical issue where hosting Shadow on a dedicated server could cause massive desyncs.

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Latest reviews

Shadow and seeing what he's about, I'm happy to say he's wonderful character to play, and takes more simple approach like The Werehog and Silver.

Chaos Snap is great you can use it get up in high places and push yourself forward to, it's a little slippery but I think that was point it's a con of the move that keeps it from being OP so you can't spam it without a little risk, so it promotes smart usage of it.

Homing attack is also mapped to the same button as Chaos snap and will activate when locked onto an enemy good thing about it is that shadow maintains some of his momentum off of his homing attack chains so it's not a pace breaker.

Shadow was a character I was waiting on for a bit, and I was always wondering how he would turn out, because if think about Shadow doesn't have many moves that compliment going fast, like Chaos Blast would be cool and all, but how useful would it be in this type of game?
Some people seem to be upset he doesn't have more moves, but like before a lot of his moves really don't lend much for this game, and the one's he does have are basically the things Modern Sonic has, and Shadow doesn't need to be Modern Sonic clone, the way Shadow was made gives him his own identity amongst the other addons.
But as any reading can tell I'm pretty satisfied with this incarnation of shadow in SRB2.
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I tried this mod when it came out and continue to use it now (Shadow is my main). This is 100% the best character mod in SRB2 and that is saying a lot when you have such a talented community that creates such amazing things! Chaos Snap is a very fun ability that is very powerful in the right hands. It is super satisfying to teleport past obstacles and reach new areas using Chaos Snap. Shadow is easy to pick up and hard to master. Super Shadow is really rewarding and fun to use just like regular Shadow. Chaos Spear was a very nice addition.

The sprites for Shadow are beautiful and capture his character well. There are plenty of awesome references and easter eggs in this mod that are a joy to see. A ton of love and care went into this mod and you can really see it. This mod is official quality and fits right in with the cast of vanilla characters. This character not only looks badass but he also is a blast to play as. This mod reminds me why I am such a fan of Shadow. If you were only to download one SRB2 mod (Why would you only download one?) it should be this one.
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One of my favorite characters ever made for 2.2.

Simplistic moveset that's easy for beginners to try, and great for masters to excel with. Chaos Snap being momentum based also makes it very incentivizing to use, considering it can even outspeed Sonic's thok in some instances. My only gripe (which might as well be a nitpick from how minor it is) is that downward Chaos Snap is done by holding spin, which makes it clunkier to do with any shield in tow. Homing Attack having a clear momentum difference from holding the button down also makes it very satisfying to use, and allows Shadow to plow through enemies a bit easier than he could in 2.1. Buffs to super (infinite chaos snaps/chaos spear that technically doubles as a super hover) makes collecting the emeralds VERY worth it.

The amount of visual polish is a treat for the eyes, as Shadow skates and snaps around zones more stylishly than ever before. Other smaller things (Homing Attack poses, being able to change skate fire color, etc.) also give it that extra nice touch. Some of the animations Shadow has are expertly referenced (i.e. his spring,falling, and skid being from Sonic Battle) and make the experience much more enjoyable on top of what makes it great already.

(Secrets within Shadow are also very neat, but I advise people to find out what they are for themselves.)

Overall, Shadow feels very cohesive and is a sheer blast to play any and every time.

Vanilla game completed with all 7 emeralds many times over. Play him. :)
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I like OP characters so 10/10 or 5/5
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Too bad it can't be reused, modified or ported. I had plans to include Shadow in my newest SRB2 project as it's so good. Anyway, it was a perfect work of yours and I wanna say congratulations for this.
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Shadow is REALLY fun to play as! His momentum based Chaos Snap makes him much more slick and fast than his 2.1 counterpart! The Chaos Spear is also a great addition to the moveset! However, I have a SINGLE complaint keeping me back from considering this perfect. The momentum in the Chaos Snap is... VERY slippery. There is pretty much no way to directly fix this, but it would be nice if, for example, you could release the direction you're holding to cancel the momentum if you're trying to land on something with the Snap. Other than that, this mod ROCKS!
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it is a serious crime to pirate mods
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I LOVE Shadow! He is fast but still controllable thanks to chaos snap.
And when you get super Shadow its soooo worth it because you get infinite chaos snaps and a helpful chaos spear/lance. That's why I'm rating this 5 stars. :)
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It's a professional-level character quality-wise.

It's much better than Forces' Episode Shadow!
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This is an amazing character, for which we should have waited 5(0) years! Perhaps, yes, I also don't like how the Shadow loses its speed when teleported, but I think this is a feature of the character and this is how it should be
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