Whisper the Wolf

Whisper the Wolf 1.2.1

Whisper the Wolf


Whisper the Wolf, sneaking in from the Sonic IDW comics, with her Variable Wispon in tow makes it to SRB2!


Whisper is a very versatile character, with many tools for a variety of situations, perfecting each of her tool allows you to traverse maps with relative ease!
So, lets go through her kit, shall we?


Tapping the spin key, while grounded, allows you to fire a riccocheting laser that bounces off walls, there is no auto aim here, so be sure to hone your aiming skills!
Aiming is based on your camera, so make sure you aim properly!


Holding the spin key, while grounded, allows you to charge your Laser into Rocket, releasing it sends a semi-homing rocket that deals large AOE damage, but be careful! There is a big backblast, so be sure not to stand too close to it, otherwise you'll send yourself flying! Or maybe you can pull some big brain stunt with those iframes of yours...


Pressing and Holding the jump key, while airborne, allows you to do a psuedo double jump, and slowly descend, you can even hover above water!


Pressing and holding the spin key, while airborne, shoots out a rotating saw, launching you forward a short way, make contact with a wall and you'll scale it as far as the spike wispon has energy.
Or fire it out and drag yourself along the floor, slicing enemies in two! Release at any point to cancel the ability early.


Pressing the spin key, while simultaniously holding the jump key, while airborne, will allow you to crash down with a giant hammer, encasing enemies caught in the aoe radius in a cube, enemies already cubed will burst out into collectable rings!

This move can also be cancelled with the Hover wisp, get the timing down and you can reach some crazy speeds!

There are a lot of moves to work with, but most are context sensitive, so I hope you aren't too overwhelmed!

As well as the above, Whisper sports support in match modes, including Vanilla Ringslinger modes as well as RingSlinger NEO (Give it a try with some friends, it's hella fun),
these modes require a lot of back and forth with first and third person view, doesn't it? I hope you appreciate Whisper having her own first person HUD, it was fun working on it

As well as the above modes supported, she also supports XMomentum, and should hopefully support most hypers.
She also ""works"" in Battlemod, but no complete balance support yet, so unless everyone is playing as Whisper, she might be a little too much.


Whisper also sports a few commands as well! Just to make things a little easier on yourself.
whisperbattleaim - Turns on/off free aim in battlemod
whisperfpshud - Turns on/off her FPS in first person
whispercamera/whispercamera2 - Makes Cube wisp function based on camera angle instead of player angle
whisperwisp/whisperwisp2 - Toggles if Wisps will spawn or not​
whisperaim - When toggled on, disallows Whisper from aiming up and down (for those who prefer to aim their camera than aim their gun)
whisperswap/whisperswap2 - Swaps Spike and Hammer's button inputs (incase you prefer Spike on Jump+Spin)​

If you encounter any errors, please make sure you're using SRB2 Version 2.2.10 first! If you still encounter issues, comment below and we'll get things sorted!


LightDasher(Myself) - Sprites/Art/Almost Everything graphical
SMS Alfredo - Main Coding <3 give him big thanks
Machturne - Cube Ring sprites (thanks <3)
MetalWario - Sprite assistance (Rocket go nyoom!)
Chrispy - Sprite assistance (Thanks for bouncing back and forth with me on whispers face c: )
And thanks to the CSCS and TAG for helping me beta test!
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    Mostly a bugfix update, but following patchnotes -Fixed a problem with Whisper firing her gun...
  2. Cooldown fix

    Fixed cooldowns being broken by mistake
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Latest reviews

Love this mod. Always good to see IDW characters in games, her abilities are interesting and give her a unique middle ground between shooter and platformer, and her sprites are good. And after playing most of Metroid Vanguard, I loaded her up in first person for an extended period of time and that's a whole different thing again.

I only have a couple of complaints. First, it kind of sucks that third person lock on doesn't aim her gun up and down, and between that and not being able to jump and shoot it makes hitting flying things without going first person pretty hard.

Second, and related to that, you already let her shoot with the Fire Normal button even in midair in Ringslinger, and I played around with it a little and it felt really good. Why can't she do that in single player? It would also help with flying things in third person, and even help a little with aiming quickly in first person. (As any Scout main in TF2 can tell you, sometimes with a fast character it's easier to "aim" by keeping your aim about where it is and moving.) (Also incredibly minor it would also let me go from First Person Samus to First Person Whisper without rebinding.) (Also maybe one of the custom buttons would be better for single player)

Still, probably my favorite character mod, or at least my favorite one that doesn't feel like a COMPLETELY different game. 5/5, outstanding, I had high hopes and this was even better than expected.
Upvote 1
Absolutely Love this mod, The only issue is I can't figure out how to go super with her. I've tried everything and noting works, some help would be very appreciated.
light dasher
light dasher
Press spin twice in the air c;
Upvote 1
Whisper has the same problem as some other characters I've tried, where the ludicrously mobile airjump/hover move completely obsoletes everything else? There's no point in any of the combat tools or the risky saw dash when you can fly over entire levels with ease just by holding A, which is faster, safer, *and* easier.

But also. I can just, not use that move? And suddenly everything comes together, and it all works great! The rocket is hilarious, and I love that the laser bounces for a million years before going away. The mask is a really nice touch! I've been scouting the levels for places I can rocket jump across a big gap 😄

So... yeah, I just don't like the hover move, I feel like it shouldn't give a vertical boost at all. This is kind of sacrilege but I also think she should move slower and have slightly worse jumps like knuckles, to make the combat matter a bit more. Any excuse to use more lasers and rockets and hammers, since that's the good stuff!
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Just to spread the word...but...well, I feel like the controls for laser & rocket tied to the Fire button (still shift on ground for net games and such), just so that you can use laser & rocket in mid-air AND spike on ground.
Still, I find this mod as one of the rare occasions I decide to play a lot, and I mean, A LOT more than other characters I played, so yeah, props to the amount of effort put into this fascinating character. You still should probably consider making the previous sentence lines part of the next update tho, if you want to
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incredible representation of whisper's comic self with very creative movement options!
also super form makes her absolutely busted and it's a major blast to just breeze through pretty much everything using exclusively spike and hover.
now all we need is a pack with her and tangle because... yanno.
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Upvote 0
This is pretty cool
Upvote 1
This is one of the greatest mods I have ever used. The five wisp abilities are brilliant! Laser does it job right as a basic attack, Rocket acts like a good ol' homing shot, Spike actually allows you to climb walls, Hover helps with tight spaces, and Cube (Hammer) is a great maneuver. And all five wisps surrounding Whisper in her Super form is a nice touch, too. But one question, have you thought about including two further wisps for Whisper's abilities? Red Burst could be added and utilized as a multi-jump and/or flame attack, and Yellow Drill could also be added allowing access to Knuckles paths by allowing her to drill into the walls or floor and dig to her destination, and/or as a simple forward attack. Wouldn't that be sick?
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light dasher srb2
Upvote 0
Now all we need is either the metal virus, or Dr. Starline.
Other than that, this goes so good with tangle. Epic mod. 2342312/5
Upvote 1