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Why, Look! that's Feels The Rabbit! How about that.


Feels The Prototype Rabbit

This character is the idea of "What if Sonic's Prototype was never scrapped? And what can it change for all of its fangames? Specifically SRB2..."

Many months of hard-work, effort, and some friendships made revolve around this Character! So I hope you enjoy!

Now, His abilities contain:

The Triple Jump

While in your running state, jump at least twice to activate your Triple Jump!

Proceed to do the same action to finish the Triple Jump like in this example!


The Boundgust

You may notice that you can activate an ability that is quite similar to the thok,
That is the Boundgust! An Insta-Shield like ability that helps Feels utilize his triple jump more!


But That's not all!

On your third jump, If you try to activate the Boundgust once more, You'll use your ears like a helicopter! This ability can help you with your triple jump chains a lot! So be mindful of it!



Kirby: 1/1

Dirk: 1/2

Cross Momentum: 2/2

???: 1/1

Packed in with this character, are 9 custom skincolors of your liking!



Spritework: Me! (and I can't thank dajumpjump enough for giving me the final push to respriting this character-)

Lua: Frostiikin And SMS Alfredo

CSS Art Help: Alice and DrStephen (and he helped me make the ears way better than the ones before)

Redesign: Harmony Team and Bendy

Extra Stuff: Lightdasher

Beta Testers: I can't really name everyone, but all the beta testers know who they are!


1.1: Fixed a description oversight in the CSS
1.2: Fixed Kirby support
1.3: Fast Teeter + Walk Offsets (hopefully?) fixed
1.4: A compromise for the Black Rock Productions intro has been added!
1.4.1: Fixed an oversight.
1.4.2: ACTUALLY Fixed an oversight.
(Jeez, when will I cool it with updates?)

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Latest reviews

i dont know what feels drank last update (v2) but damn he sure got faster its a welcomed addition tho but i am sorry to say that i dont get the references
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a good mod for what it is but it is lacking like why cant i grab enemys with my ears i hope there will be a updated version coming into the future to further ad d to this experience
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I've always liked Feels design, but i never really understood how his mechanic would work/be fun, but this was really fun!
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