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Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Sol Emeralds have found themselves in Sonic's dimension once more! As the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, it's up to Blaze to get them all back. This time however, she's not alone! Now more adept than ever at using her powers, Marine teams up with Blaze to recover the Sol Emeralds so that they may keep them out of the clutches of evil!

Blaze and Marine are equipped with a vast amount of skills and abilities making them suited for nearly every situation!


The Princess of Flames is armed with many deadly fire based techniques.

Accelerator Tornado & Burst Hover

For her Double Jump, Blaze has Accelerator Tornado! Double jump to gain an extra boost in height! If you press jump once more while in Accelerator Tornado, you can perform Burst Hover! Burst Hover has a short length but can be used to extend your air time!

Burst Dash

For her Spindash, Blaze has her signature move, Burst Dash! It's identical to Sonic's spindash but with some key differences! Unlike normal spindash, Blaze is vulnerable when she's charging it up. However, she instead gets massively improved handling compared to Sonic's spindash! Use this move to weave around hoards of enemies in quick succession!

Flame Boost

A reimagination of her boost ability from Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure! After running for a set amount of time, Blaze will enter Rush Mode. Once in Rush Mode, Blaze will start to flicker. Pressing the Spin button while running on the ground will allow her to activate her Flame Boost! When using Flame Boost, Blaze will dash forward at incredible speeds while knocking away almost anything that gets in her way! Letting go of spin or colliding with a wall will deactivate Flame Boost. If Blaze still has Rush Mode, pressing the spin button again will allow her to blast forward with Flame Boost once more. Rush Mode will only deactivate if you slow down so be mindful of when and where you're using Flame Boost! Precise usage will allow you to keep Rush Mode up longer allowing for more chances to use Flame Boost!

Battle Mode Abilities
That's right! Blaze comes into battle packing some serious heat!
Pyro Geyser

Pyro Geyser is her ground special! Upon using her special ability, four flaming circles will shoot out from her. You can direct where the circles go to based on your own directional input! After a certain amount of time or if you press the special ability button again, the flaming circles will erupt into giant pillars of flames, dealing damage to anything that is within its range!
Burst Dive

Burst Dive is Blaze's aerial special!Upon using her special ability in the air, she will do a quick charge before diving straight into the ground, damaging anything that is in her way. If she dived straight into the ground, she will create a ring of fire around her that will damage nearby opponents!

You may recognize these two moves if you have ever played Sonic Rush! These abilities are heavily inspired by her attacks as a boss in Sonic Rush!

Blaze comes with tons of additional features. Though I won't be able to tell you about all of them for the sake of spoilers, I can at least tell you about this one!
By typing "firecolor [color]" in console, you get to change the colors of Blaze's fire! If you want to go back to her normal color, simply input "default" where you would type in the name of the color.


Its been a while since we've last saw Marine! Since our last encounter, she has picked up many new abilities making her very formidable!
Twirl Float

Marine's Double Jump is called "Twirl Float"! Press and hold jump in the air to float for a limited amount of time! Super useful for quick platforming. If Marine runs for a set amount of time, she will enter "Soaring Mode" which will change the properties of Twirl Float! When Soaring mode is active, Twirl Float will grant Marine a massive boost in height for a limited amount of time before she falls back onto the ground.

Tail Swipe
Pressing spin as Marine will allow her to perform Tail Swipe! This move extends Marine's hitbox slightly to hit enemies further away from her! In addition, Marine can use this move to break bustable blocks, power springs, and reflect projectiles!
Bubble Flip
While performing Tail Swipe, press the Jump button to cancel the ability and perform the Bubble Flip! Bubble Flip is a fast acting air dash move that grants Marine with a nice quick boost. Extremely useful in many situations and pairs well with both variations of Twirl Float!

Since that fateful day when she aided Super Sonic and Burning Blaze in defeating Eggman and Eggman Nega, Marine has refined her newfound water based ability and can now use it effectively in quick close quarters combat!
Sol Buster
Reintroducing: Sol Buster! Pressing the Special Ability button either on ground or in the air will make Marine charge up for a brief moment. Once charged, she will fire out a sphere of aquatic energy at a nearby enemy! This move fires quickly and has a low cooldown as well as a low ring cost! You may want to be careful when using this ability! While it is indeed strong, you are also left wide open!

Tag Team Features!
Like Sonic and Tails, Blaze and Marine also has a little extra something for if you play them as a team! Standing next to the Marine bot will cause the bot to fly you up into the air, allowing for you to cross great distances quickly!

Extra Information

As mentioned above, used to determine Blaze's firecolor.​

Enabled by default. Turn this off if the mod is causing lag for you.​

Enabled by default. Turn this off if the mod is causing lag for you. Can only be used by the Admin of a server.​

Use this command to reset your Sol Emerald save data. Does not reset your netgame sol emerald count.​

Sol support is fairly simple, actually. In order to allow a character to access a sol form, simply add this small bit of code to their lua, outside of a hook.​
if not solchars
rawset(_G, "solchars", {})
solchars["tails"] = {SKINCOLOR_SUPERSKY1, 1}
The first argument determines what skin will be given access to sol a sol form. In this case, it's tails. The second argument sets what supercolor they will use when in a sol form. The last, and least self-explanitory argument is what determines if your character has access to only a sol form, or to both sol AND super forms. Setting it to "1" will only allow sol transformations, while "2" will allow both. When playing as a character with access to both, if you have both sets of emeralds, pressing spin a second time while in the sol transformation animation will cancel it into a super transformation.

You are also able to check if a given character is currently in a sol form by checking for "player.solchar and player.solchar.istransformed > 0".
This mod has been a huge undertaking! This would not be possible without the contribution of all these amazing people!
  • Lightdasher - Main Spriter for Marine and Co. Spriter for Blaze
  • Katsy - Main Coder for Marine and additional Coding assistance
  • Frostiikin - Main Coder for Blaze, Main Coder for Secrets, Main Coder for Sol Emerald Behavior, and additional Coding assistance
  • Inazuma - Main Spriter for Blaze
  • AxelMoon - Sound design for Blaze and Marine
  • Krabs - Battle Mod Abilities for Blaze and additional Coding Assistance
  • SMS Alfredo - Battle Mod Balance, additional Coding assistance, and assistance with Custom SFX
  • Lach - Additional Coding assistance
  • Snu - Additional Coding assistance
  • Flame - FX Assistance for Blaze
  • Burning Loaf - Spriting Assistance for Blaze
  • MotorRoach - Spriting Assistance for Blaze
  • Chrispy - Spriting Assistance for Blaze
  • Alice - Spriting Assistance for Blaze
  • CobaltBW - Music Composition
  • Princess Plushima - Additional Coding assistance
  • Icezer - Recording videos of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure for us to use as reference
  • Jay - Original Coder for the Original Blaze project. Yes, this is the 2nd attempt at a new Blaze.

Thank you!
Thanks for playing our mod! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! Which is a lot because a lot of us simp for blaze. lol.
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Latest reviews

Two amazing characters with some neat extras. Both have really nice graphics and full Battle mod support.

Blaze is pretty flexible and her handling during Burst Dash is really nice. She is well balanced despite all her moves and seems to fit right in with the main characters. If I have one complaint it's that her Burst Dash goes under spin ball gaps, unlike Espio's similair spin. Given how flexible and unique she is overall, it's a little odd that she can ball up in that one circumstance instead of sticking to her top spin.

Marine is a ton of fun. She's got the more straightfoward moveset but her flight takes some practice to fully take advantage of. While she's nearly identical to a certain plumber in a certain suit, she doesn't overlap with the other flight styles in the Sonic setting.
Upvote 0
i played this mod on my other laptop so it was laggy but the gameplay was great i even used it in a randomizer its not the best mod but its at least a good mod
Upvote 0
Both Blaze and Marine are very fun to play as! Not perfect, by all means, but the main problem I have is a more personal gripe rather than a problem with the mod itself.

+ Both Blaze and Marine have abilities that can be used by both beginners and experts. Both characters are really good at speedrunning nonetheless!

/ It's rather easy to softlock yourself out of getting a Sol Emerald. Pressing "Retry" doesn't seem to reset it... I would've preferred replacing the regular Chaos Emeralds with Sol Emeralds, but I am not sure how feasible that is.
/ During a run with Marine, after dying a few times I beat the Egg Coliseum without getting hit, at the game hard crashed trying to give me a Sol Emerald... Keep this in mind when playing as them.
/ The Sol Emeralds only seem to unlock Burning Blaze (And maybe Super Marine?), they are NOT required to get the best ending, only the Chaos Emeralds are!
/ Although I obviously haven't collected all 7 Sol Emeralds, it seems that since you get a specific color per boss, by the time you get all of them you would be fighting the final boss, meaning you wouldn't be able to use them all the same... But I cannot prove this, hence why its in "Notices" not "Negatives

Bottom line, both characters are very fun to play as, I just have a few nitpick with them.
Upvote 1
Download mod because Blaze is in it but Marine still is cool tho
Upvote 1
Great characters.
Blaze being great is pretty self evident, she has good sprite work, her slow fall from Rush, a mild double jump thing to sort of cover her tricks (and also it's good), and even a well integrated boost mode.

But what's less obvious, at least for someone like me who only downloaded for Blaze, one of the coolest Sonic characters, is that Marine is pretty great too. She's basically Racoon Mario, with all the fun that implies, plus her spritework is up to the same high level as Blaze.

I still haven't gotten the Sol emeralds, but I don't really like super forms that much anyway. (It would be nice if there was an option to disable the special music for the Chaos Emerald secret, though.)
Upvote 1
Great job man, this is a very cool srb2 mod, and I can see that a lot of work has been but into it. Keep up the good work!
Upvote 0

Oh cute cat.
Meow ( U wU)

Characters pack is...

Nice hot rock toys.
Upvote 0
This mod is great. I thought that if they could add sonic from rush and rush adventure, they could make the duo of sonic and blaze, I just think.
Upvote 0
Finally Update! But i Reviewed Rushchars As i Thought
Upvote 0
although this mod is absolutely AMAZING, i would love if you made a duo for sonic and blaze because that is an amazing duo and would make sense since those two are the only playable characters in rush and rush adventure.
Upvote 0