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Here she is! My first ever character addon! ...Wait I shouldn't start with that-

Emmette is a pegasus with tiny wings, but that ain't gonna stop her from experiencing flight. To make up for the whole "no flying" thing, she has wind powers that can make her do all sorts of things!

For instance, how does a triple jump sound? How about the second jump sends you up great heights and the third one pushes you forward?


Okay so she can jump a lot, what else can she do? Well we've got a spin button, so what other abilities do you think a horse would have?

If you said a crawl, slide and ground pound, you would be correct!


But I get it, neither of those are particularly wind-based, so let's introduce another one: a tornado glide! Holding custom 1 while in the air lets you glide, and not only can this be used in conjunction with her jumps to straight up skip some sections of the game, it also doubles as an attack!

Oh and in case you're wondering, pressing custom 1 while grounded will cause you to dive forward for a short speed boost and quicker (albeit riskier) attacks.

And before you ask, both the dive and the tornado glide break walls for easier exploration.

But wait! A word of caution! Because her jumps are powered by air, her primary abilities get nerfed underwater. If you don't have an air-based shield on you (whirlwind, bubble, or elemental), water levels might be a bit tougher.

On the bright side, at least you can hold your breath for much longer than some smaller animals!

And that's all she wrote! If she sounds like fun, why not give her a try? It's not like they add paywalls to these mods.

Credits go to @Pikaspoop for optimizing her for multiplayer and to @N4h for the ground pound fix!
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wft this is so good
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This is incredible, I wouldn't achieve something like this for at least 2 years or more, but something that came to mind when using the dive is that it would be very useful if it worked as a dodge, although this could be between on and off in the console that the default would be off, but, it is your mod, not mine, make the decision you want
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Hey not bad for a first-time OC character! , i like the pre-rendered sprites , not only that but you indeed gave her a lot of wind-abilities LOL
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hehe funni wind horse go brrrrr-

Fantastic job on the mod. <3
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haha she sucks at flying :)
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