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Plague Knight comes bursting in from Shovel Knight! Plague of Shadows was always my favorite campaign, and I wanted to pay my respects to it by bringing his moveset into 3D.​

Double Jump

Press Jump twice to double jump. Pretty self-explanatory, but it pairs well with his other abilities.

Bomb Toss

Tap Spin to toss a bomb out. These bombs are his primary attack, and can destroy breakable walls and floors. Can be done in the air or on the ground. Up to 3 bombs can be thrown at once.

Bomb Burst

Hold Spin for 1 second to charge up the Bomb Burst. Once fully charged, release Spin to do a crazy bomb jump. It's crazy fast, but you'll be locked into that direction for a while. You can charge in any state, so you can even chain multiple Bomb Bursts together.


Plague Knight doesn't skid like standard characters, so he has more trouble stopping.

Friend Burst

Toss a bomb at a buddy in Coop or Team modes, and they'll be rocketed upwards, as well as regain their ability. Help your friends with platforming, or you can be a little devious like Plague Knight himself and mess them up, hee hee!


Plague Knight comes with several bonus colors, based on all of the different cloaks he can equip in his original game. (including Pandemonium Cloak / Cheat Code colors too!)


Press Custom 3 to crouch.​

  • Bomb Toss will slow your momentum and give you a small hop each time you do it. You can use this to slow down when you're out of control, or barely clutch onto a platform out of your reach.
  • Bomb Burst will destroy enemies around you and give you a tiny invulnerability window (comparable to an Instashield).
  • Re-pressing the spin button after a Bomb Burst in a small window won't toss a bomb, allowing you to charge another Bomb Burst quickly without slowing down at all.
  • Your movement direction will alter the trajectory of the Bomb Burst. Holding forward will make it go really fast but not have a lot of height, while holding back will send it straight up.
  • The trick to maximize the amount of Bomb Bursts you can do in a single jump from flat ground is to Charge -> Release -> Charge -> Double Jump -> Release. Once mastered, he can practically fly!


Extremely huge thanks to Jeck Jims for the 3D model & reference, and for being probably my single biggest tester. (He is the true MVP, without his work I probably wouldn't of finished this.)

This has been my passion project for over 3 years now, I'm still kind of having trouble believing it's finally done... I hope everyone enjoys him.

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Latest updates

  1. v1.4 release

    Improved death animation. Added a new sprite for the bomb lock-on arrow. Moved crouch to Custom...
  2. v1.3 release

    I've had this update on my hard drive for over a year now, and decided to upload it about now...
  3. 1.2 minor update

    Increased bomb fuse by 0.5 seconds. After a future Smart Tether update: Plague Knight will be...

Latest reviews

Liked his campaign in the original Shovel Knight (even tho, I suck at playing as him) and seeing him in SRB2 is coolio 10/5 stars
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+ Fantastic spritework, solid sound design and game feel that is faithful to the source content
+ Lots of polish on the bomb throw mechanics, with bombs responding to momentum and interacting with various object types in interesting ways
+ Mirrors the source material with a complex toolkit that makes platforming and exploration more interesting while allowing ample opportunity for movement optimization in speedruns
+ Battle ability feels like a natural compliment to his existing toolkit

- Blast jump's strafe inputs feel like a detriment. I never execute these intentionally because the speed makes it too difficult to predict where it will send me, but I'm always executing it by accident because I use strafe to make gradual adjustments to my momentum.
- Blast jump is able to air stall indefinitely with good timing (most easily done with the back input variant), and this becomes even easier to do while underwater.
- Stalling methods become a balance issue in Battle, particularly since Plague Knight has many ways to to run out the timer in arena mode by staying airborne. Might be worth considering diminishing returns on blasts and throws in order to foolproof potential exploits.

For general platforming, Plague Knight requires management of multiple tools in order to optimize his movement, which makes him difficult to grasp at a base level but a highly effective explorer and speedrunner in the hands of a skilled player.

The vanilla campaign's dull combat scenarios allow little room for Plague Knight's advanced combat playstyle to shine, but a combat-heavy mod such as Chaos or Battle sees players using tactical blasts to avoid conflict and burst groups of enemies, all while issuing death from above with a bombardment of air throws at an optimal distance. Plague Knight's ability to prepare massive jumps and apply constant ranged pressure makes him a force to be reckoned with, but his sluggish base speed and lack of quick melee options counterbalance this by making him vulnerable and easy to overwhelm in close quarters engagements.

The character itself is impressively polished and perfectly reflects the personality and complex playstyle of the character based on his original appearance in Shovel Knight. There are some control quirks to the blast jump that require getting some used to, and SRB2's floaty air physics make it a little too easy to avoid ever touching the ground, but beyond these few issues, the mod does a stellar job of translating Plague Knight's aesthetic and gameplay into SRB2's 3D environment.
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my only complaint is that now you're making me theorize if other shovel knight characters will be added to srb2
darn you
apart from that very solid mod
10/10 5 stars absolutely great mod
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Bro you can't just leak the new Shovel Knight campaign like that.
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I love that character idk what i say on a review becuz im dumb .-.
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i'll keep this simple

while not my favorite of the main 4 playable characters from the source game, his moveset has perfectly been implemented here and it works so perfectly in this game.

10/10, great work.
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I am a simple man, so ill keep my rating simple.

He was fun in shovel knight and he plays basically the same here (minus a few extra bombs and doo-hickies of course)

good times all around
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This is just amazing, i actually finished plague's knight campaign some days ago, and watching this it's just awesome (too because i remember looking at this on twitter, and thought it was cancelled), it even plays the same as in Shovel Knight! Definitely deserves 5 stars for me.
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ah yes, that one funni Shovel Knight character joins THE Sonic fangame
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Everything about this is incredible! It's shocking how well Plague Knight's gameplay meshes with the level design in the base campaign. Just amazing work all around.
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