Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails are finally here!

Custom 1 is Crouch
Custom 2 is Dance
Custom 3 is Menus (you can use these to rearrange your custom button action)
Jump to accept menu option, Spin to go back, Custom 3 to close menus​
Crouch + Dab lets you swap between Pointy and Fluffy when playing as both
Crouch + Dance opens up the Emote Wheel
Toss Flag to Dab
Spin after Jump to Drop Dash
Double Tap Spin after Jump for Shield Ability
You can hold spin after the second tap to combo Drop Dash and Shield Ability​

Jump + Crouch to Bounce
Crouch + Jump to Peelout
Jump as Pointy squishes into the ground to Rebound in spin state and be abel to bounce again​
Pointy can carry players when he peels out into them while the smoke trail is visible.​
Brake to yeet (works best with autobrake on)​
Jump to alleyoop​

Crouch + Jump to charge Takeoff
Fluffy can carry players while flying
Crouch to throw carried players​


Any character can do spring tricks
customizable confetti for tricks
Any character can wear fluffy's tails
Dab, screenshake, bass, and footstep sounds that come from pointy/fluffy skins can be turned on/off
Custom Nights frames of the actual character Nights
Emote wheel

Pointy & Fluffy:

Headtracking to rotated the stand frame head at separate angles from the body

support included for custom mods for different characters/emotes/interactions​

Headtracking priority list for pointy/fluffy

Rings when you have none​
Air bubbles when underwater​
Other Players​
Eggman Statues​

Emotion sprites displayed based off different interactions

Rings/Bubbles use purple squiggle​
Enemies/hazards use red !​
Items/objects use yellow ?​
Other players life icons used for their displayed emotion​
Watching other players go fast use surprised sonic​
watching dab uses emoji spam if you're a dabber, angry shadow if you're a hater​
watching dance uses kte clap​
watching haters uses okhand if you're a hater, angry shadow if you're a dabber​
flickies use heart​
Eggman boss/statues/monitors​
Fang and Metal boss life icons​
Amy in FHZ life icon​

Crouch + dab to swap between pointy/fluffy

Different Continue screens for pointy&fluffy vs fluffy&pointy​

Both characers can dropdash by holding spin in the air

use shield abilities by double tapping spin​

Both characters turn super at the same time

Wind frames for wind/water currents
Skid frames
Toss flag to dab

Pointy Sonic:

Momentum Flip ability

double jump that pulls you out of spin state on the second jump but redirects your momentum to your directional input for the span of the backflip​

Peelout crouch ability

crouch + hold jump to start peelout​
press crouch again to stop peelout charge​
crouch + spin to charge spindash​
instant charge, no need to wait once active​
can run on water while ghost trail is active​
peelout state can be entered from springs/slopes so long as you are going faster than top run speed​
runonwater enabled while ghost trail active​

Peelout grab possible while dust is active during peelout

skid to throw carried player​
jump to give player a jump boost​
crash or fall out of peelout to drop player​
other player can jump out of grab​

Bounce midair crouch ability

Rebound by jumping on bounce squish frame to bounce repeatedly​

Super Sonic

Custom hyper sonic palette for god mode easter egg​
Full range of flight control. Jump to ascend, spin to descend​
Crouch while flying to go into spin state​
Dabbing while meeting the requirements to turn super has unique transformation sequence​
dab transformation can be cancelled by undabbing​

Pointy will sneeze when enemies are around walls/platforms

Dance is Shoot which changes arm up/down and direction right/left when the dance button is pressed

Fluffy Tails

Focus Flight ability

Hold jump to fly. the longer you fly up the more your forward momentum stops​
flutter to fly long distances, hold to go high distances​
Can carry other players, has unique carry frame​

Takeoff crouch ability

hold jump to charge until tails go into fan mode​
only works with full charge​
can walk around after charging, but can't run​
releasing jump will trigger the takeoff, giving you extra height without expending your flight gauge for it​

Thunder Shoot

fly carry a player and press crouch to throw them at enemies​
auto targets enemies​
throws forward if no enemies in range​

Fluffy can always run on water, but his run state takes a bit longer to get into compared to Pointy

Super Fluffy has

knockback on hit but no ring loss​
infinite flight​
flickies that target enemies once every 2 seconds​
Headtracking targets have attack priority​
after losing super the flickies stick around to target one last enemy before leaving​

- Added a new menu animation for the That's Tails option, featuring Boxy Knux's new sprites
- Added a directional input deadzone to the menu, it should now be much easier to navigate with a gamepad
- Pointy and Fluffy can no longer use their abilities while carrying the flag in CTF or the diamond in Diamond in the Rough
- Fixed some Lua warnings that were exclusive to dedicated servers and caused massive desyncs when players dabbed
- Fixed crashes that occurred when using the That's Tails feature with a skin using the SF_HIRES flag or a nonstandard startcolor
- Fixed multiple issues with some ability behaviors when dying to a pit or solid death plane
- Fixed an animation issue that occurred when Pointy acquired speed shoes while super
- Fixed multiple animation issues that occurred when switching skins while in ChrispyChars-specific states
- Fixed gravity not being restored when switching skins while floating as Super Pointy
- Fixed the scale of SF_HIRES characters in the menu
- Fixed a Lua warning that occurred when spectating while using the emote wheel
- Scripts are properly versioned now, if the script has v1.1 in the header comment then it was updated during this patch, and if it has v1 then it was not—this is relevant for anyone who might be using the CC_ modules in their own characters

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