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MCSonic is an old mod from my friend group that I revived once which almost became RBSonic... but now, MCSonic shall be released!

MCSonic, also known as Max Control Sonic, is basically just a Sonic but with a bunch of moves.

So, let's cover them!

Momentum Thrust - Jump Button twice.
Inspired entirely by CobaltBW's Jump Thrust (my recoding was originally caused by severe desynch issues caused by the OG Jump Thrust), and even using a bit of code from it, your mid-air jump ability boosts you forward somewhat based off your current speed, and gives you a slight height boost as well.

Dash Mode & Peelout

MCSonic has a custom-coded variant of Dash Mode that cannot be lost mid-air, can be gained easier, but it acts more akin to a momentum mod and does not protect you from damage. The Peel-Out (used by holding Custom 1 to charge, then releasing it causes a burst of speed) allows you to enter Dash Mode instantly, and gives a brief burst of invinciblity.

Drop Dash & Insta-Shield
Tap Spin mid-air without a shield to perform the Insta-Shield, which extends your hitbox and protects you from damage, like in Sonic 3. Hold Spin to perform the good old Drop Dash from Sonic Mania. However, if you charge a drop Dash into a wall, you can start charging the....

Wall Dash
Hold Spin to charge the Wall Dash, and then release to fly up walls! Keep in mind that this is by far the slowest height gain method, so using it should be done wisely. On the bright side, you can move slightly out of it if you are holding a direction when you shoot off.

Inspired by Lost World, press Custom 1 mid-air to slam into the ground and bounce back up. Stomping into an enemy also triggers a similar bounce. You have 3 bounces, each gets stronger until the 3rd, which also uncurls you. You can also use most of your aerial moves out of the bounce, and you might be able to combo stuff into it... Stomping onto springs also increases their strength.

Air Roll
Perhaps the simpliest one here. Press Spin in a non-curled state mid-air to curl up.

You also passively have no mid-air spin control lock.

You can turn Super by pressing Custom 3, but if you press Custom 3 with 100 rings whilst Super...
Hyper MCSonic
Screw around and see what you can do!

There's some extra stuff of note:
  • There's some extra cosmetic stuff included as well, try dying to certain elements! You also will find that you have a victory pose animation.
  • MCSonic also has black soles in order to be able to be told apart more easily from normal Sonic.
  • Running into a player in MP whilst you have Dashmode initates the Momentum Boost, which shoots the player forward and gives them either Speed Shoes or Dashmode based on their skin.
  • Standing right by a player in MP whilst Hyper allows you to press Custom 3 to transform ANY character into their Super form.

  • Inferno for being the original creator of the mod, basically all programming, and other miscellaneous things.​
  • BladeOfChaos and Somario for the original idea which Inferno has fully fulfilled here.​
  • CobaltBW for the base idea of the Jump Thrust, and bits and pieces of his Jump Thrust code. In addition, the Drop Dash code is a heavy modification of his original code.​
  • MotdSpork for the base Peelout code.​
  • DirkTheHusky for the Drop Dash and Insta-Shield sprites.​
  • Katmint for the base Insta-Shield code.​
  • Krabs for the Rebound Dash's thok trail which the Bounce's thok trail is based off of.​
  • Bouncy Glow for the revised version of the unused Sonic 3 theme that is used here with permission stated in the video's description.​
  • SuperPhanto for the CSS art of MCSonic, Peelout animation base code, and black sole edits.​
  • Icezer for the Ring Attraction port used.
  • Bloops for the tag-team swap code reused and altered here (since they recommended it themselves when I started on the tag-team functionality).
  • Dio-ZX for the Super color for MCAmy.
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Latest updates

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    Very small patch that updates the paper peelout to use the latest version.
  2. An important message...

    Inferno made a statement in the discussion thread, and I've already said this there, but I'll...
  3. v2.2 - Wall Dashing is no longer Stupid

    Just made the Jump portion of the Wall Dash what happens always, since it was so confusing for...

Latest reviews

very good mod i play it on android
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i just rated this to say
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ah yes, my favorite thing to do while playing as mcsonic. use the dropdash and bounce to yeet around for funnies
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At first, I thought I didn't want this one, then I found it was supported on a 3D model pack, I searched for it and found nothing. While browsing models again I found a direct link to the addon and decided to try it out. I was absolutely astonished on how great it handled, the controls felt very responsive and are really easy to get going with them! Some moves work well, while others may have not be implemented in a handier way for example tails' tail spin being a little weird at times, but overall it's a really great addon and I enjoy playing with it!!! Also I found it quite hilarious that you can jump off the barriers as Sonic.
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This is one of the best character mods I've used. They all control very well at the speed that they go. I do have a couple nitpicks though. For one, I think the old wall dash before MC Tails was released is better and much more flexible than the current wall dash were it's more like a wall jump and always sends you to the opposite direction that the wall is facing. Switching between Sonic and Tails sometimes causes sudden speed increases when already at high speeds, which would be a bigger problem if we couldn't curl after slipping off a platform, but we can so its not too harmful. Overall though, all the moves are actually useful, and makes almost every level in the base game, and contests much more dynamic as the way you view the level changes drastically. Max/10, would Control again.

Also, that JonTron voice clip is a nice Easter egg, though I don't know how I triggered it, or how to trigger it again. All I know is that I thought Sonic was mad at me for defeating Metal too fast.
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I don't know what happened but now that this pack is abandoned I thought it would be a good time to chime in and say that this mod is what got me into the SRB2 scene in the first place. After I played with Junio Sonic for a long while I thought I was done with the game, nothing could possibly be as fun as the many hours I'd spent perfecting my mastery over that character. Then I stumble across MCSonic and I realize this game can go on forever. You can just keep cramming versatility into this little hedgehog and it never gets old. The MCPack is ESSENTIAL if you've completed the base game and want to play around with the momentum and physics and really just get a good sense of speed happening. The drop dash combined with the wall climb means you never, ever have to stop moving, and little additions like the bounce and double jump keep things fluid. Every update added something unique and I'll really miss watching this character develop. There are going to be some mighty big shoes to fill around here, because MCSonic was the king. Vaya con dios
Rest assured, the pack is not abandoned. Inferno has entrusted me to continue where he left off, saying if there's anyone who can continue where this pack left off it'd be me. There will be future updates, and I'm going to do my best to make sure that the updates feel the same as they always were!
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so i like this mc pack, but i give it a Big F To Inferno as that, now. SuperPhanto made MCPack a Reusable because of that. Farewell Inferno, Nice Mod!
Actually, this pack was reusable from the start. I'd personally prefer it not be, but there's nothing that can be done about it now I suppose.
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Finally, What I have been waiting for! Max Control IN SRB2! I remember seeing those Sonic Mania Videos where all of Sonic's move are used at the same time! It's cool seeing MC Tails And Amy!
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so will you add the other characters
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Very good, but when Sonic and Tails are together with all emeralds and I switch, they don't switch colors.

why did sonic tell me he was gonna rain hellfire upon me
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