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MCSonic is an old mod from my friend group that I revived once which almost became RBSonic... but now, MCSonic shall be released!

MCSonic, also known as Max Control Sonic, is basically just a Sonic but with a bunch of moves.

So, let's cover them!

Momentum Thrust - Jump Button twice.
Inspired entirely by CobaltBW's Jump Thrust (my recoding was originally caused by severe desynch issues caused by the OG Jump Thrust), and even using a bit of code from it, your mid-air jump ability boosts you forward somewhat based off your current speed, and gives you a slight height boost as well.

Dash Mode & Peelout

MCSonic has a custom-coded variant of Dash Mode that cannot be lost mid-air, can be gained easier, but it acts more akin to a momentum mod and does not protect you from damage. The Peel-Out (used by holding Custom 1 to charge, then releasing it causes a burst of speed) allows you to enter Dash Mode instantly, and gives a brief burst of invinciblity.

Drop Dash & Insta-Shield
Tap Spin mid-air without a shield to perform the Insta-Shield, which extends your hitbox and protects you from damage, like in Sonic 3. Hold Spin to perform the good old Drop Dash from Sonic Mania. However, if you charge a drop Dash into a wall, you can start charging the....

Wall Dash
Hold Spin to charge the Wall Dash, and then release to fly up walls! Keep in mind that this is by far the slowest height gain method, so using it should be done wisely. On the bright side, you can move slightly out of it if you are holding a direction when you shoot off.

Inspired by Lost World, press Custom 1 mid-air to slam into the ground and bounce back up. Stomping into an enemy also triggers a similar bounce. You have 3 bounces, each gets stronger until the 3rd, which also uncurls you. You can also use most of your aerial moves out of the bounce, and you might be able to combo stuff into it... Stomping onto springs also increases their strength.

Air Roll
Perhaps the simpliest one here. Press Spin in a non-curled state mid-air to curl up.

You also passively have no mid-air spin control lock.

You can turn Super by pressing Custom 3, but if you press Custom 3 with 100 rings whilst Super...
Hyper MCSonic
Screw around and see what you can do!

There's some extra stuff of note:
  • There's some extra cosmetic stuff included as well, try dying to certain elements! You also will find that you have a victory pose animation.
  • MCSonic also has black soles in order to be able to be told apart more easily from normal Sonic.
  • Running into a player in MP whilst you have Dashmode initates the Momentum Boost, which shoots the player forward and gives them either Speed Shoes or Dashmode based on their skin.
  • Standing right by a player in MP whilst Hyper allows you to press Custom 3 to transform ANY character into their Super form.

  • BladeOfChaos and Somario for the original idea which I have fully fufillied here.​
  • CobaltBW for the base idea of the Jump Thrust, and bits and pieces of his Jump Thrust code. In addition, the Drop Dash code is a heavy modification of his original code.​
  • MotdSpork for the base Peelout code.​
  • DirkTheHusky for the Drop Dash and Insta-Shield sprites.​
  • Katmint for the base Insta-Shield code.​
  • Krabs for the Rebound Dash's thok trail which the Bounce's thok trail is based off of.​
  • Bouncy Glow for the revised version of the unused Sonic 3 theme that is used here with permission stated in the video's description.​
  • SuperPhanto for the CSS art, Peelout animation base code, and black sole edits. You really helped out, mate.​
  • Icezer for the frames reused for sprites in Super Dash. Probably gonna find a way to use them.​
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Latest updates

  1. v3 (The 2 Hedgehogs Update)/v1 of the Max Control Pack

    - Added MCAmy! From here on out, this serves as a character pack. Check the Overview for her...
  2. v2.1.4 - Ring attraction removed

    It was broken anyways, and likely responsible for the lag, so bye-bye.
  3. v2.1.3

    This should hopefully fix all remaining actual bugs. - Rebound Dash trails actually have the...

Latest reviews

the mod is awesome but a few things. after the wall climb you shouldn't be able to recurl and do it again I feel like its too OP. next I'm not sure if I'm missing something or shield abilities don't work. finally if you can recurl from a spring you should be able to uncurl form rolling. I know addons can fix this but it would be nice to have is in the mod itself. other than that I love the mod! 9/10
1. It felt *too* underpowered without that ability.
2. You have to be holding Jump when using shield abilities with MCSonic.
3. Ehhh. Fair, but not sure of it.
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Amazing! max control sonic is cool
Upvote 0
I've been playing with this mod for quite a bit and I have to say its one of the most fun mods I've played in while! I had it sitting in my addons folder for a while cause I thought the moveset would be too overwhelming and bloated to play, but when a finally decided to play it I was floored with how much fun it was!

The double jump is absolutely amazing, I would go as far to say its better than the original with how it actually gives you a boost of extra height instead of just shooting you straight forward like a bullet. And moves such as the drop dash feel right at home with the game. While moves such as that spin dash wall climb thing can save you from a lot of deaths I honestly see nothing wrong with it! When you're trying to zoom past everything and just wanna get back into the action it makes that move super fun to pull off when it saves you from countless spikes and bottomless pits, people could argue that its too overpowered but honestly I feel like its a fair trade off from how long it takes you to actually get back to where you fell off, also its super fun to make cool combos with! OOoooh and the bounce move is super fun aswell, perfect for saving yourself from hitting a wall and losing all your momentum if you didn't get your timing right on that first jump. And the fact all the moves are only set to four buttons is the best part in my opinion!

The developer did an amazing job simplifying it enough to where all the moves feel natural and fun to pull off! It kind of reminds me how Mario Odysseys' controls work, where Mario has a huge moveset but you only need the joystick, jump, and action button to pull them off.

I think this moveset for Sonic is honestly perfect with how fun every single move is in its own right. I'd be here all day talking about how fun each and every move is. I hope the developer is proud of themself cause they really outdid themselves with this badass mod!
I think it goes without saying this is my new favorite mod.
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im gonna be honest here, i don't really like this, sonic was made to be faster than the others yet not able to go up high, this mod just, makes it an objectplace and sonic mix, it makes no sense how you can just climb on the sky and just basically turns the level into a sonic forces-level difficulty, a wall jump that slowly looses vertical momentum may be better, and the spampeelout isn't that great honestly.
MC amy plays good, never were a fan of complex movesets, in fact the long jump is unecessary but i love the hammer jump, but WHY the dashmode!? Are you gonna make even fang have a dashmode or what?
Im not pooping on your, presumebly, hard work, i still see the effort , in the reusable copypasta stuff obviously, and im just showing my opinion in here, that's what reviews are for
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the bottom review doesnt happen to me
yes great mod
I assume the review below yours?
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When i had the ver 2.2.9 of SRB2 the mod was good, but now in the ver 2.2.10 when i turn on the mod the game crashed and closes, but open an error tab that says: Unknown skin: MCSONIC, please fix the mod, that was my favorite mod.
Other people have confirmed it works fine in v2.2.10. Redownload.
Upvote 0
MC Sonic is amazing. RB Sonic was amazing. To know that more characters are to be added to the pack is pure effort. I love this and that is why I rate it 5 stars
Upvote 3
MCAmy looks great!
Upvote 0
Awesome mod the character is really cool to play but i'm wondering you will do a max control full power tails or knukcles? i really will like to have teh other characters like this but i but i would understand if you don't want to do this character looks like it's taking a lot of your time
Upvote 0
Love the new update but, it feels like he need a homing thok for maximum control imo
Upvote 2