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Something i decided to make, was originally just a lua that messes with vanilla tails, until i decided to add squash and stretch

  • Flight
    Press and hold jump in mid-air to fly, press spin to cancel
    View attachment srb20148.gif
  • Recurl
    Press spin in mid-air in a not spinning state to spin
    View attachment srb20149.gif
  • Stomp
    Press spin in mid-air to perform a stomp, this will launch Jelly Tails to the ground, making him bounce up
    View attachment srb20154.gif
  • Bounce
    Jelly Tails can bounce off of walls, floors, monitor and even other players!
    You can toggle whether or not Jelly Tails can bounce off of other players with the jt_playerbounce command (admin only)
    View attachment srb20152.gif
  • Hyper Form
    Jelly Tails can turn Hyper if you jump and press Custom 1 with 100 or more rings while super, this increases his speed and jump height even more, and makes his bounce damage nearby enemies. Rings will drain twice as fast, however
    View attachment srb20156.gif
Other stuff:
jt_hyperflash on/off To turn on/off flashing when Jelly Tails is hyper
jt_stronk to toggle whether or not Jelly Tails can move any object (admin only)
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Latest reviews

Cute idea with interesting gameplay, I must say I did not expect to have so much fun playing with this character, and it did not disappoint me at all. Only flaw I must admit is that it is not fully usable with addons that allow you to switch characters on the go (like BuddyEx), causing J.T.'s sprite to appear unusually in the air without touching the ground.
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Very interesting and fun mod, I love the different abilities this Tails has
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This Tails is pretty fun and overpowered but im really dissapointed that he does not bounce from the ceiling :(((((
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the character is so AWERPOWERED

but to explore big levels is so fantastic
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Thi's is the recolor's domination
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Honestly dude? You have me sold! This is the weirdest tails mod I have ever seen and I laughed my butt off!
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Fun little reimagining of Tails, especially like how it feels so familar yet so different in a sense.
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Have to admit this peaked my interest. I'm usually not a fan of how flyers play, but this guy is a lot faster than he looks. He also flies in a way that's somewhat distinct from your average flying fox or jetpack-equipped egg human. The bouncing mechanic seemed like it would be rather annoying, but I quickly started to love how effectively you can use it to your advantage. Dash mode also works wonders for him since it can be kept in the air similarly to Crystal Sonic's.

All emeralds collected. Simple, unique, and fun. Go play him.
Upvote 3
Nice work, but it would be even cooler if Jelly Tails teamed up with Crystal Sonic, but no big deal
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I've always Dreamed of a Bouncy Character, And this Concept here fits the BoUncE
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