Other than the familiar Dash Mode from the previous iteration, his gameplay has been redesigned a tad since the 2.1 version, in order to stand out a bit more, and feel closer to TrippleJaz's Sonic Freedom fangame. Much like said game, he's able to curl mid-air during a fall in order to feel more versatile, along with the following abilities:


Bullet Dash
Double jump to charge an air dash, and angle it to any direction before releasing it. If you manage to land a hit on anything with the Bullet Dash, you'll be granted another mid-air shot.
In case the default Y axis doesn't feel right with you, you can invert it with the console command "dashinvert 1".


While standing, hold spin to charge the peelout in order to get a running start, and activate the dash mode at full charge. While charging it, you can turn it into a spindash by pressing jump.​
Sprites drawn by TrippleJaz
Indexed, cleaned up, and imported by MotorRoach

Original programming by Lach and HellHawkX
Bullet Dash prototype by Tatsuru
Further programmed and finalized by MotdSpork

Sound effects ripped and edited TrippleJaz
  • Fixed a bug were Bullet Dash aiming affected all players in netgames
  • Fixed Bullet Dash aiming in 2D
  • No longer lose dashmode while charging the Bullet Dash
  • Fixed a bug where you didnt switch to falling frames while in peelout animation
  • You now gradually lose speed while beginning to charge a Bullet Dash
  • Fixed a bug where polyobjects could kill you while charging Bullet Dash
  • Now switch to spring frame instead of falling frame if moving upwards off the ground
  • Renamed Toei Sonic to Junio Sonic
  • Added Command "freeaim" allowing you to freely aim the Bullet Dash. Perfect for mouse aiming
  • Enabled dashmode for Super
  • Added Super flying frames
By TrippleJaz's request, he asked me to release a sprite sheet of all the frames we worked on, in case anyone out there has an use for them. Courtesy of TrickyTex, for compiling the sprites into a sheet.
Raw sprite sheet
Default color variant

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Latest updates

  1. 1.3 update

    From v2.2.10 to v2.2.11, something broke and it made the visuals for the Bullet Dash completely...

Latest reviews

This is perfection on a platinum plater, I've loved this ever since I first saw in 2.1 on youtube all those years ago- since i like giving reviews with substance lets actually talk about it

[Sprites]: Do I need to say anything? Junio is already one of my Fav' designs so I mean he's got that to begin with, the sprites- despite not being withing the "2.2/SRB2 style" I honest to God think he benefits from such, allowing him to stand out and truly expressive what it means to be "Junio", the sprites themselves were expertly crafted, each frame doing a good job on representing on what it needs to do and I think they all do a fantastic job! my only and i mean ONLY complaint (which can be seen as a nit-pick) is that i feel like just a bit more energy could be poured into some of the sprites, just that extra kick to fully capture the essence that junio brings to the table.

[Playstyle]: I LOVE how he plays its like it was made for me, and a lot of other people- the peel-out is a great way to get speed instantly and helps a decent bit by the "momentum cut problem"..... spindash kinda sucks though, ngl i would be fine if it was cut in favor of the bullet dash being able to break breakable walls and the peelout being able to activate the spindash powered.. thing? in DSZ2- i wouldn't mind it being removed. As for the Bullet dash, well I love it i think it grants a lot of freedom, I know it kinda kills the mod a bit for some since it really does kill your speed a bit but at this point it barely affects me, 2 things though- 1. I feel like the power of which you hold the Bullet Dash could be increased, the lower levels are sorely weak at times, 2. I feel like the moveset could do with one more move to round this this off and maybe address the stop-and go issue.. maybe from sonic freedom? the guy who did the sprites and made the bullet dash's concept already worked on this so why not? (this feels more like a suggestion then a complaint tbh)

Overall this is my #1 mod and thats never changing, despite its status of a earlier 2.2 mod in my opinion it aged the best it could have and its PERFECT for me and a lot of others, honestly a shame this hasn't gotten a "major" update yet- i really wish that this could be expanded despite how much i love it... (maybe 2.3?) other than that nothing else to say- thank you for reading!

(TL:DR for those who don't wanna read all that, Junio Sonic is Peak and forever be so.)
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The mod is very good and iconic for srb2 but i think that super sprites can be more unique and not just a recolor of the non super one, other please change the super peel out in like one of the c1,2,3 bottons it can be confusing at some points
Upvote 0
Amazing mod, you can use the bullet dash so creativly, im not a fan of having it nerfed in water tho, glad that triplejaz made the sprites cuz if you don't know him well he's junio sonic number 1 fan.
Upvote 0
its so good but either, you cant go super or im just dumb, i def need a super sonic but still an amazing mod
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My favorite SRB2 mod. Fast and and slick, really nice control and good animations. The bullet dash is fun and i love the peelout!
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ONE OF THE BEST MODS!!!!!! Also i have to say for ppl who dont know.. SPIN+JUMP IS SPINDASH GUYS! Anyway great mod!
Upvote 0
An AMAZING Mod! Though, I have a few suggestions, to make this mod even Better!
• Maybe a button placement, Basically, press C1 (custom one) To Do a peel out, And SPIN to do a Spindash, Simple!
• Also, There should be a homing attack Command, Y'know like Homing Attack off or on.
That's all my suggestions!
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The sprite looks great, the animation feel smooth and the gameplay has just the right amount of speed and mobility i personally like.

the only small gripes i have whit Junio are:

1. A bullet dash charge meter or indicator of some sort that players could turn on and off would be nice.

2. sometimes during dash mode it wont let me spindash directly as i land from a jump but other times it will, which was kinda annoying when i need to roll into an enemy before they hurt me, but the barebone dropdash addon got that fixed for me.

3. it mentions super in the changelog but i cant seem to be able to transform, not that i mind much since i dont often go for the emeralds.

Otherwise the character feels Outstanding!
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This is a fun mod and all but idk if its my laptop or not or just my game but the bullet dash doesn't work I keep pressing the jump button again but it freezes me in the air and doesn't propel me forward.
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This mod was one of the only reasons i downloaded srb2
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