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Within a flash, Crystal Sonic is here!

He certainly doesn't play like regular Sonic, either!

Super Dash Mode


Crystal Sonic has Dash Mode minus the badnik busting, but this is where Super Dash Mode comes in. This is represented by a radical change in appearance and a unique running animation. If the player builds enough speed within Dash Mode, they will enter a state where they are not only at peak speed, but can also destroy badniks/monitors and can't be harmed.

Atom Dash


Instead of a regular thok, Crystal Sonic has the Atom Dash. The Atom Dash is basically a chargeable thok with special properties. Upon pressing and holding a double jump, the player will be suspended in the air, and will enter Atom Charge. Atom Charge has 3 levels, along with an overcharge. Each level is represented by a paraloop surrounding the player, along with a sound cue. With each level, the paraloops increase in number. You can either tap the button for a weaker dash, or hold it for a stronger one. This also changes with Dash Mode, gaining an instant level 1 charge and higher power. If held for too long however, you'll overcharge it and fall helplessly.



Replacing the Spindash there is the Spindrift, a Spindash that can be initiated anywhere on the ground. This is mainly useful for preserving Dash Mode and making sharp turns.

Miscellaneous Stuff


- If the player presses spin while in the spring state, they will enter jump state.
- Crystal's Super form has all upsides of Dash Mode/Super Dash Mode and more, breaking spikes upon contact as well as having the strongest possible Atom Dash. There is a tradeoff of having no Dash Mode, however.
- Crystal Sonic comes with his own color of Powder. He also has a custom Super Color.
- Hyper form, which can be activated by pressing custom 3 with 100+ rings while Super.
- The 'hypermusic' command, letting you pick from 7 different tracks for Hyper form.
- The 'legacymode' command, which will give Crystal Sonic a Homing Attack instead of his Atom Dash.
- The ability to team up with Rose Gold Amy.
- Some easter eggs.

I've poured over a year of passion and love into this character, and I hope it can be appreciated.

Now with everything out of the way, Enjoy.​
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Latest reviews

very good mod (;/
Upvote 0
Amazing gameplay!
Upvote 1
having super sonic be able to break spikes when he walks into them is cool.

but the fact that you can just jump on spikes and not break them
Upvote 0
Vertical and horizontal op characters, together at last! like holy hell this is great, but switching midair would be so cool
Upvote 0
Honestly? You have me sold for crystal sonic! He's just as overpowered as rose gold amy but not to the point where levels are a cakewalk! So yeah! This mod is a 5/5 for me! But only with crystal sonic. Alt just feels like crystal sonic but less cool.
Upvote 0
This is a great mod, and really is an alternative to SRB2 Sonic. His acceleration speed should be a bit slower, to compensate for the INSANE SPEEDS you can achieve with him, but he's mainly really fun to play as. Overall, a 4 out of 5. Great, but his acceleration should be toned down.
Upvote 1
Alt Sonic is such a speedy character. I love how the "legacymode" command is a thing, I love how the Atom Dash AND the Spindrift keeps your momentum, and I ADORE the dashmode! This is one of my new favorite mods. 10/10. Well done.
Upvote 2
An interesting well excecuted take on Sonic's SRB2 moveset.
Upvote 2
kinda mid to be honest, he neat in practice and is competently programmed but I guess he's just not for me.
Upvote 2
Alt. Sonic is one of the most unique base-game Sonic mods I've seen, while retaining itself to working off of the base moveset. The comet-dash is a nice replacement to the thok.
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