StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update!

StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update! v2.1

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StephChars OC title.png

MB Skip.png
MB Jana.png

A Backpack full of fun and high speed action, Skip & Jana join SRB2!

Welcome to StephChars! An OC pack created by yours truly focused on the Crystal Crash Team! I'll be updating this thread from now on when a new character or update is released. Without further ado, let's get this show started!

Stephchars OC Skip.png

A Fennec Fox with his trusty Backpack with anything he could ever need! Provided, he has enough resources to craft them. Skip brings Platformer action inspired by A Hat in Time!


Skip is all about using every tool at your disposal to deal with any situation. His Double Jump combined with his Dives can help him reach higher up places and cross large distances without breaking a sweat! Should you need to fit through tight spaces, you can slide on the ground to pick up speed on slopes in style!
And when all that fails, Skip can grab onto most ledges to help himself up a platform he almost missed. Careful though, diving into walls will stun you and fling you back!


But that's not all, folks! By tapping Jump while Crouching, Skip will reach into his backpack to craft any shield in the game, including most modded ones too! By spending Scrap he gains from badniks, bosses and ring monitors, Skip is prepared for any situation!
These aren't your run of the mill shields, however! Almost every shield give Skip's Dive a unique active ability alongside its passive. From wall jumps to powerful electric dashes, there's a lot to experiment with. Just be mindful with your spending!


Too lazy to test what each ability does? Here's a quick list!​
  • Wind Dive (Whirlwind): Get a large vertical boost for your first dive!​
  • Homing Dive (Electric): Well, does what it says on the tin.​
  • Rebound Dive (Force): Stun begone! Diving into a wall will make you safely jump off it.​
  • Meteor Dive (Elemental): Fly into the ground with massive force. Leave a fire trail while sliding!​
  • Atomic Dive (Armageddon): Charge up a dive and blast away! Overcharging will blow it up!​
  • Bounce Dive (Bubble): Plummet to the ground and bounce back up!​
  • Burst Dive (Fire): Gives your dives a stronger boost forwards, excellent for speed!​
  • Wire Dive (Lightning): Dash forwards in a straight line at blinding speeds​
Level Shown: Lucid Landscape by Othius from the OLDC 2021 Round 2

Stephchars OC Jana.png

A deadly, agile Fox with Crystal Bracelets capable of generating an energy blade sharp enough to cut down anything! Well, almost anything at least. Paired with dashing and wall jumping, she's a force to be reckoned with! Jana brings high speed action inspired by Megaman Zero!


Jana excels at both combat and speeding through levels. Her sword is capable of slashing through any obstacle in front of her, unleashing quick combos and shooting short range projectiles. By holding down Spin, you'll be able to charge a powerful strike that pierces enemies and travels double distance to use whenever you like to.


Tired of dealing with enemies? Dash away at any time! By pressing C1 or double tapping any Direction (can be toggled), Jana will gain a powerful burst of speed that she can keep by jumping in the air. While in this dash state, your air control is improved, allowing you to take sharper turns and keeping your speed.

But that's not all! Jump into any wall to latch onto it and slide down it! You can now jump away and string together wall jumps to blast through levels! And as a nice little bonus, wall jumps don't reset your dash state!


And as you might have noticed, Jana has one last trick up her sleeve - The Rekkohua! Triple jumping will cause Jana to plummet down to the ground. Should she fall for long enough, energy pillars will spiral around her, dealing tons of damage! Be very careful though, while in this state she cannot latch onto walls!​

Level Shown: Falcon Emissary by InferNOr from the OLDC 2021 Round 1

StephChars OC Secrets.png


Y'all know me. I like to hide plenty of easter eggs and extra features to my mods and I highly encourage you go out and find 'em all yourself! Although if you rather have a checklist of things to do and have fun with, I won't stop ya from reading this!​


  • Diving into walls make you spin around violently (funny)
  • Running dust clouds + lil footsteps sounds because cute
  • Afraid of the dark? Press C1 to use your trusty flashlight!
  • Victory pose! You can also trigger it by pressing Toss Flag while crouching!
  • Press C2 near anyone to give 'em a big hug!
  • No one's around to help, but you don't need to prove yourself to anyone. [Press Toss Flag]
  • Chaos Emeralds bring about the power of the mighty Steam Sale, cutting crafting prices by 25%!
  • Skip learned some new dance moves thanks to his crystal fox friend.
  • Straight out of his racing adventures, hop aboard the Red Rock by summoning it through a nautical token!
  • The village of Sinopa tells the legend of a Hero's Crest, gifted by the combination of chaotic crystals and supercharged crafted creations.

  • Press Toss Flag on the ground to jam out!
  • Rock on with other Jana players and make a concert!
  • Megaman Zero references in her poses, abilities and sounds! Can you find em all?
  • Sword slashes actually cut enemies in half, with a script that lets you add your own cut enemies!
  • Customizable controls + I/O
  • Although embarrassed, she will join in the kicking dance party... Or well, she'll try.
  • She really stretches the definition of a "boat", but she can summon her own Ride Chaser with a certain nautical token.
  • An actual Super Form! (Hold down jump and press spin!)
    Obtain the Ultimate Power (Toss Flag + C2)
StephChars OC ty.png

Finally... I section dedicated to well, everyone who has helped out in making my OCs a reality. I genuinely owe each of you so much and I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have been able to work with you lot. Love ya all 💕

  • Skip Coding - SMS Alfredo, Bloops, Shine & MotdSpork
Alfredo you pulled out all the stops for Skip and I can't thank you enough for all the work you've put in, I owe you big time. Bloops, thank you so much for the early versions of Skip that laid the groundwork. Shine and Spork, thank you so so much for the extra help on smoothing out Skip's abilities and all the bug fixing. Yall are great c:
  • Jana Coding - Frostiikin & Lach, ft. MotdSpork, rumia1 and SMSAlfredo
You two are a dream team. Frostii you made Jana's mobility so damn fun right out of the gate, and made an immense effort with all of her abilities and it really shows! And Lach, your work with Jana's sword attacks was outstanding!! Thank you so so much for offering to help out c:
And of course, thank you Spork, Rumia and Alfredo for stomping all the bugs you found while Frostii and Lach were busy!
  • Balance and Suggestions - Inazuma
You've been an immense help on every project I work on. Your insight on balance and fun gameplay loops is really something I love to discuss with you, and it helps me out a ton when developing these guys. I hope you continue to help out when I need a hand designing my next project, pal :P
  • Playtesting, Feedback, and Netgame Insanity - The CSCS & The Adventurer's Guild
Frankly there's way too many people to mention, but you lot know who you are. I've had the best time playtesting my characters with you guys and your suggestions and bug reporting helped my OCs get a smoother release overall. I can't thank you guys enough, so allow me to express my thoughts on you with gif:

And of course, you, the player!
Hope you enjoy StephChars as much as we did making em'!
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Latest reviews

they became real, epic.
Upvote 0
Best Update Ever, i liked the part where Skip said "It's Skipping Time" and he ended up Skipping all over the place, ten out of ten best addon update.
Upvote 0
Great mod but, when i try to use they’re controls it doesnt work is there a way to fix that?
Upvote 1
its perfect
its just perfect
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Bien gracias a Dios y tú cómo estás
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Very nice! Both of these characters translate the mechanics of their source games beautifully and integrate flawlessly into the levels of base SRB2.

Skip's moveset works a lot better in a Sonic game than I thought it would when I first downloaded this addon! Having a fairly basic midair dive is really useful in a lot of situations, and the various shields make it even better. I'm sure I would've especially appreciated it back when I first started playing SRB2, where I constantly tried to use Sonic's Speed Thok to course-correct my jumps onto small platforms, with predictable results. :p

I also enjoyed using his crafting system to overprepare myself for certain levels. DSZ is surprisingly fun for a Sonic water level in the base game, but it's even better when you can come into it with a bubble shield and not have to stop for air! Walking across the ball sections in RVZ is also fairly gratifying.

I also found myself whiffing against bosses quite a bit using his dive, which I actually kind of like? It feels like I'm missing because I just didn't aim right, rather than doing the same thing while trying to use Sonic's speed thok and sending yourself flying into the abyss, which is far more frustrating.

However, the last part of Skip's moveset is by far the most powerful. If you bind the dance key to something easy to access (I already had it on E due to another mod I use), you can press it twice in quick succession for a maneuver I like to call the Microgroove. This Microgroove cures all frustration from the player in an instant. Waiting for an air bubble in DSZ? Microgroove. Getting mildly bored while cheesing ACZ's boss by hiding behind a crate? Hit 'em with a Microgroove. Finally reached the escape pod at the end after trying and failing upwards of 10 times to beat the final boss? I'd say you've earned a last-second Microgroove. Those first two notes of synth bass can immediately cure any ailment.

I know this is rapidly turning into an essay, but punctuality has never been my specialty. Time for another 3+ paragraphs explaining my thoughts on Jana!

I'll admit I've never played Mega Man Zero, and I've only played about half of Mega Man X1, but having the dash from those games put into a game I'm already fairly good at probably helps me experience the joy of dash-jumping around at breakneck speeds without having to actually get good at the Mega Man games, since I've heard MMZ is pretty tough! I managed to completely fumble my way through the first big room of BCZ1, and by the end not only catch back up with Metal Sonic but actually leave him in the dust. Broken? Probably. But fun? Absolutely.

Her sword is also plenty of fun to use against some bosses. Using her in BCZ2 unlocks levels of Metal Sonic bullying that would make Fang jealous. Did you know that he can be hit 4 times before getting out a single attack? I sure do now! BCZ3 is also significantly easier when you don't have to slam your entire body into him to do damage. The only boss I found harder with her was CEZ3, because her projectiles just barely can't reach him once he removes enough of the floor, and you have to start blindly dashing through him to do anything, which tends to get you skewered more often than not in my experience.

This might also not be super relevant, but I love both of their character designs, particularly Jana's. She's definitely cool, but she's also kind of adorable at the same time! A lot of the canon characters that are designed to be imposing or cool seem to forget that they're still cartoon animals with the proportions to match, particularly with the classic Sonic style, but Jana embraces it while still being badass in the process. And, of course, Skip is about one cute mannerism away from reducing my vocabulary to that of the average Twitter pet account, which probably makes the Microgroove all the more more effective.

TL;DR if I ever played netgames, these two would probably turn me into a toxic mess instantly in completely different ways, but by Chaos I'd have fun doing it. (/positive)

Again, sorry for the essay, I just had a lot to say! I tried to spoiler it a few times, but it doesn't look like BBCode works in reviews. Oh well!

This is probably my favorite character addon I've played so far. In fact, wanting to write this review was the deciding factor for me to make an SRB2MB account in the first place!
Upvote 2
OC characters it's funny.

I especially like jana.

Just i'll like mega man X Series
Even though it says here
(inspired by Megaman Zero!)

Good addon for your favorite shooter game
Upvote 0

Seriously bro I ADORE Skip and Jana, The way they play is just so smooth and I feel invincible, Keep up the great work!
Upvote 0
peak mod on god
Upvote 0
4 words: Best. Character. Mod. Ever.
I love playing as Jana because you can cheese almost every platforming section.
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