Pac-Man 1.2.3

Pac-Man hungers for a new adventure!

After being in development for almost a year in secret (mainly because of procrastination and being busy on my part) me and Mr. McScrewup are proud to finally get this out for you all to enjoy!
Jump Ability: Butt Bounce


Press Jump in midair to perform a bounce that can be done as many times in succession as you want! It will increase in height until the third bounce, where it will stay consistent!
Air Spin Ability: Flip Kick


Press Spin in midair to preform the Flip Kick, which is useful for hitting enemies that you can't harm with a simple jump on the head!
Grounded Spin Ability: Rev-Roll


Hold spin at any point while on the ground to start charging a Rev-Roll, which functions similarly to the Spindash!
Super Form


Other than the normal perks, Super Pac-man get's a powered-up Butt Bounce that goes higher and causes a quake where he lands!
Everything Else!

  • Pac-man has a health system that can be turned on and off with the command pachealth!
  • Pac-man also comes packaged with a 3D model that you can use at your leisure!


Mr. McScrewup - For the Sprites, the model, CSS Art, and for the whole idea in general
"Lat", CobaltBW, MotdSpork, Demnyx Onyxfu, Katmint, Icezer - Reusable code found in Pacman
SuperPhanto - For tweaking some of said reusable code, to be more accurate to the source material​
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Latest reviews

good, but wheres the model?
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Good but could be better like combat forms Pac Man world 3
And and light dash not actully light speed) forms Pac Man world 2
And also chomping sprites for when Pac collect a ring and also turno rings inti pellets and invincibility into a power pellets and maybe even turno the enemies into ghosts and chomping animations for the ring dash
(I know this sounds like alot but can u do It i know u can)
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Honestly, amazing mod! I know you probably heard this a million times, but the moves do truly do justice! And the fact he can F I N A L L Y break bustable floors is awesome! One tiny nitpick:please make him rotate when he does the flipkick next update, if you can. Other than that, this may be one of the best mods I've ever seen!
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The mod is really great and awesome! Now I have a question,what models is pac-man compatible?
Upvote 3
The Pac is back
Ghosts chomping at his feet
Pac's our hero
Pac just can't be beat, yeah!

Pac-Man yellow, Pac extreme
He's a chowing down machine
Ghosts, monsters, ghouls, and only one can stop them
Pac-man rules!

The Pac is back
Ghosts chomping at his feet
Pac's our hero
Pac just can't be beat

The Pac is back!
Upvote 2
Surprised I didn't find this sooner; the Pac really IS back.

I guess it's accurate to the Pac-Man World games with the Butt Bounce and Flip Kick. However I guess for what it is, it somehow feels basic? You only really get three moves (the Butt Bounce, Flip Kick and Rev-Roll which is kinda just a spindash with a coat of paint) and while that's fine, that's all Pac has which ultimately only covers one small part of his history. I understand that of course he's not going to have a massive moveset; the only reason someone like Mario does is because of how many 3D games he's had and even just platformers in general (since Mario is a platformer series after all).
However I expected something reaching to most aspects of Pac-Man like the classic Arcades or that whole Ghostly Adventures thing; hell, not even his moveset needs to be changed: rings could be replaced by pellets when Pac-Man's played as, and the Invincibility monitors could be replaced by Power Pellets that play the iconic jingle (and makes enemies tinted blue). Just extra little things.

What I will say is that with the Butt Bounce, Pac-Man seems to have been given a Momentum mod built into the move as if you use it on a slope he zooms across. It's honestly really fun to just zip past. The optional health system and included model are also really nice inclusions and tie the character together.

TLDR: 4/5. Simple to get the hang of, fun once you know how to control him. Advice: Try to take more from different areas of his home series. Great mod either way and all around. Get all those Chaos Emeralds!
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YES it is cool as ever and the super butt bounce and butt bounce wasn't needed to be added with the custom sound add-on
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Finally i can kick things without trading hits
amazing addon
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This is a pretty solid Pac-Man! Because of how much of the original games I played, I feel right at home playing him with his this move set. The Rev-roll being usable at any point while grounded is such a handy thing too!

The only problems I have is that you tend to hurt yourself too often if you try to kick an enemy while going too fast, or that your Butt-bounce continues to slam into the floor if you hit an enemy with it. Otherwise, It was an absolute blast playing him and grabbing all the emeralds! I highly recommend him.
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The waka boi is back and better than ever
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