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Flame the Dragon!


A warrior and champion of dragons, she guards her people with fiery determination, stubbornness, and her fists.

A collab between me, my sister and our friends, to remake our first character mod to be much higher quality, we hope you enjoy!


Flame Crash!


Press jump again to quickly dive downwards, this creates a shock wave upon landing, or can be used for badnik bouncing.


Diving from a high enough height will curl you and let you aim a relaunch, press spin to launch forward or jump to launch upwards.

Rocket Burst and Hover Spark!

Pressing spin while grounded will do a rocket jump, launching you upwards and curling you, pressing spin while mid air will do a hover spark, letting you extend you air time, hover sparks can only be done 3 time before you have to touch the ground again, if a hover spark is done near a wall or solid object it will instead be a rocket wall jump!

In coop the rocket burst can also propel teammates and restore their thoks or other jump abilities!
She is also fire proof.

Battle Mode CE Support
Xmom Support
Dirk Support
Sorry no spindash
Cool Superform
Also available for kart: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/raphs-character-pack.2157/

My sister for making most of the sprites
RalphJeremy for helping with a few sprites and making the CSS art
Inazuma for helping come up with the original moveset idea
Frostiikin for coding the dive
SMS Alfredo for teaching me how to make lua
Cobalt, Krabs, and CyanKnight with figuring out and helping code the battle mod stuff
Some fire particle code from Legacy Hinote [Reusable]
Smooth speed trail from MRCE [Reusable]
Sound effects ripped from Svetlograd
Special thanks to all the beta tester across all of the servers! except you Joe!

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.3.3

    Just a hotfix for Battle mode. - Fixed grounded bursts taking away your burst ammo in Battle mode.
  2. Version 1.3.2

    Emergency update to fix a major glitch that has presumably been hiding in her since the first...
  3. Version 1.3.1

    Small update with some bugfixes and a Ringslinger Neo loadout (Flame/Burst) - Fixed Battle...

Latest reviews

One of my more favorite mods, offering a challenging move-set that rewards you for learning the ins and outs of it. The character design is also really well done, it reminds me of the old Archie comics.
If you want a balanced and fun addition to your game, Flame is the way to go!
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ey with lilac still a sprite someones gotta be the speedy dragon
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I liked the original already, and this one is a HUGE improvement over that one. So yeah, 5 stars, I don't even need to say anything here.
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Quite the improvement on the older one!
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Oh man, that's a character I always wanted to try out before, now it is the time !

By the way, what is the HUD used in the second screenshot ? Thank you in advance !
The HUD and level in the second screenshot are from Mystic Realm: Community Edition.
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This character is really fun but how would you defeat bosses?
Dive into them, or rocket jump to curl up.
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i never played much of legacy flame, i don't even remember her moveset, that's how little i've played of her. i doubt i'll be forgetting much of flame 2.2 anytime soon, though. she's just a solid, well made, and most importantly fun character. criminally underrated and absolutely deserves the praise, even if i did find myself preferring to use the spin button over the jump button on almost every occasion.
great work, you guys!
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It's a thing of beauty when someone makes an OC that was so-so to start with and then revitalize them into something more fleshed out and unique.

I do find them to be on this ongoing trend of "Has difficulty on ECZ3". I mean it's do-able though you might need to expect getting hit in one place or another.

Still that's just one boss out of so many other levels where Flame shows her qualities well. Lovin' the glow up!
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I Really Liked It But I Think There Should Be A Better Attack On Enemies In Front Of You
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Excellent mod, glad that I could test her. She is by far one of my favorite characters of SRB2 now, it's so fun to speedrun with Flame and the mod is so clean, thank you and the people who helped with Flame for making the character!
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