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Super Mario Bros. Jump into Sonic Robo Blast 2!

Hey, I got a question for you. Do you remember the time where I first joined the forums and showcased some Mario progress in a project called "Project Mario Robo Blast 2 (Now With less Somari)"?


No? You don't? Well, let me break it down to you. It was a project that seek some people's interest at the time where I was making progress. Since I abandoned this project years ago, I got people asking when I'll return to this project. Since more third-party characters like Samus, Kirby, and Yoshi getting into vanilla, It made me think that I was missing out. So, I decide to do something that I should've done 4 - 5 years ago. Super Mario and Luigi for SRB2 has jumped back into action with some alternative gameplay for you to experience!


Mario and Luigi aren't just your average character addon. No really, they're a huge game changer when you play as both of them in single player. Mainly combining both move sets that they had from their 3d games, and SRB2's Mario mode seen in Pipe Towers Zone. Rings replaced with coins, Shields replaced with power-ups from the Mario games with a bit of some twists.


Mario: The standard and ideal choice for those who haven't experienced 3D Mario games. Mario is slower than the main cast, but he has faster acceleration than anyone else. He has a huge move set that can help him get almost anywhere. By jumping, Crouching, Using the hammer, or power ups that lie inside monitors, you can play the levels in any way you like!

Luigi: Plays just like mario, but slightly different by comparison. He can jump higher but can't run faster like he does in the games. He's also more slippery to take caution if you're in a platforming segment. Luigi also has extra moves in his move set. If you have played Mario and got some skills in, give him a go!

Jump actions (Mapped to jump by default)

As said in the name jump man, Mario and Luigi has a lot of moves involving the jump button.

Double/Triple Jump: Time your jump inputs when you touch the ground to jump higher!

Scuttle Jump: As Luigi, hold down jump to scuttle in the air. This will slow down your fall.

Tip: Use the jump moves to help you reach to high places. Some special moves will even give you a boost along your way

Crouch actions (Mapped to spin by default)

Use the spin button to help you in various situations when a jump isn't enough.

Crouch/Crawl: Press "spin" while standing to crouch. Move while crouching to crawl

Backflip: Press jump after crouching for a brief moment to do a backflip. If you're Luigi, you will perform a spin twirl when you peak max height.

Tip: Use the spin moves to break through passages and fit through gaps

Attack actions (Mapped to Custom 1 by default)

Melee moves are your alternatives to defeat your enemies aside from jumping of them (Action is set to Custom 1 by default)

Hammer: Press the melee button without directional inputs to use your hammer. You can destroy multiple enemies and break bustable floors!

Dive: Press the melee button with directional input to perform a dive. This can alternatively be used by pressing spin while circling for a ground pound.

Tip: You may run into difficult foes that may be hard to damage with jumping. Use your melee moves to settle the score.

Spin actions (Mapped to Fire Normal by default)
This one is just a single move. You can use the twirl move in both on ground or in the air. Alternatively, you can also perform the spin by rotation the control stick (If playing with a control pad) or press the direction keys either clockwise or counterclockwise. You'll ignore gravity with a jump and bounce of sharp hazards.

Power ups (Mapped to Fire by default)

Shields have been replaced with many power ups from the Mario series, they'll give you a boost in battle. Use them by pressing the Fire button!

Ring monitors: Replaces rings with coins, which spill out when opened

Force shield: Fire Flower. Press the fire button to show fireballs.

Elemental shield: Metal Cap. Become metal and ignore damage from hazards and drowning. You can also bump into enemies to damage them but do note that you're not completely invulnerable.

Attraction shield: Mini mushroom. Be small and jump higher, fall slower, and run on water. But one hit and you're gone.

Whirlwind shield: Cape feather. Soar into the skies by jumping after running for a brief moment. Use the forward and backward keys to glide!

Armageddon shield: P-Balloon. Be a balloon and fly high and bounce off any surface. Hold down the attack button to explode and kill enemies in a radius!

Flame shield: Kuribo's shoe. Get in a boot and hop across the floor. The shoe will protect you from damaging surfaces.

Lightning shield: Golden flower. Same as the metal cap, but you're golden (Or silver if you're Luigi)! Shoot golden fireballs to damage enemies while turning them into gold and receive coins!

Bubble shield: Ice flower. Throw ice balls to freeze enemies. You can push the blocks around to make them slide!

Pity shield: Ball flower. Become game-boy palette and throw balls that will bounce everywhere. You'll even hear different music!

Eggman monitors: Poison mushroom. This mushroom with follow you everywhere. Don't grab it or else you'll take damage!

1-up monitors: 1-up mushroom. Grab it to get an extra life!

Speed sneakers: Mega Mushroom. Become gigantic and flow through enemies. You'll get extra lives if you destroyed enough enemies.

Invincibility: Starman. Grab this and become a super star! Run faster, jump higher, and take down anything in sight!

Chaos emeralds: Crystal Stars: The 7 crystal stars are here as well?! You can't let Eggman get a hold of them too! Collect them all by getting into the special stages with the power of the red star! Once you have them all, crouch, jump and press spin!

Health Points

Mario and Luigi have a different HP system compared to the others. Instead of collecting rings to stay alive, you have a HP meter with 3 hit points at max. Taking damage will drop it by one. When your health reaches zero, you'll lose a life. Collect coins to help replenish your health!

Custom Options

By typing "mariomenu" in the console, you'll access a menu where you can toggle on and off different miscellaneous options for Mario and Luigi

Options tab: Main menu for Mario and Luigi's configurations

- Voice clips: On by default, it will play mario's voice clips through many actions.

- Force hammer: Toggle this to use your hammer at anytime. Even if you got power-ups

- Death jingle: On by default, plays the death jingle from the mario game.

- Spin on stick: On by default, allows players to spin when they spin around in a tight circle (Controllers are recommended for this).

Secondcolor tab: Set your overall color to your liking. We even got new skincolors!

Controls tab: Set your button inputs to whatever button suits you!

We even got more commands that will help you adjust your game. Whenever you're playing alone with your friends in netgames!

Mariocoins: Switches to either Mario's coins or Sonic's rings. This doesn't adjust your health system.
Mariopowerup: Toggles whenever mario can receive his own power-ups or the usual shields. He still can't use the shield's abilities other than the passives.
Mariodive: Enables and disables Mario's ability to dive when using the attack button.


Mario and Luigi aren't just made for Co-op. They're also made for other gametypes as well!
Ringslinger: getting scores from coins or power-ups are disabled. Mario and Luigi also loses weapons and the flag if they have them in possession.
Battle: While support isn't added (And mostly like never will), they are compatible with some changes. Highly recommended to disable mario's power ups if they're too much to fight against.
Persona: Mario and Luigi are also supported for SRB2P. With unique moves based around the Mario and Luigi, Paper Mario, and many spinoffs!


Of course, this project wouldn't be possible with some help from the talented people. Shout outs to them!

DirkTheHusky (myself lol): Head leader of the project. Whole lot of frames, effort, and patience into Mario's spritework and I'm glad that I finally manage to finish his sprites for real.
Kaching: Main spriter for Luigi. It was a pleasure to collab with you with this.
MotorRoach: Main A2A8. Thank you so much for allowing me to use the sprite to make many other sprites. You're awesome!
SMS Alfredo: Main coder of the project, and mega mushroom music. Wonderful to collab with you through on out. So many stuff that I thought wouldn't be possible with SRB2's coding!
BendyTheDesignr: Character Select Art assistance. Thank you for your talented work and fixing Mario's CSS. Great work from you.
AaronKasarion: Death sprite assistance. Thank you for your contribution fixes. Really helps me improve the hands.
Team Blue Spring: Many sprites and stuff used in MKB Revamped. So much work was referenced was based of the work from that mod. Go play it if you haven't already. You'll enjoy it.
Frostiikin: Crystal Star coding. Thank you for your quick lua contribution after the idea we had.
Icezer: Crystal star sparkle coding. Thank you for your lua efforts for the crystal stars as well.
Rumia1: Music composing. Thanks for your musical talents!
Booscaster: From the spriters resource, ripped the SM64 hud used in the Mario Menu. Thank you very much.
toaster: Lua scripting for the death jump pauser. Thank you for making this back in 2017 and allowing us to reuse it for this project!
Inazuma: Special thanks to you for suggesting ideas that would make Mario fun to play. Also for your contribution for the life HUD.
And many others on discord: For supporting this project till the very end. Quite a journey this project and I'm very grateful for you guys for sticking around!

Hope you all enjoy this project as much as I did making it!
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Latest reviews

Really good mod! There's a lot of interesting stuff here, too, like the hammer sound effect and explosion being a reference to Superstar Saga, lol. Also, my favorite move HAS to be the dive, you can literally speedrun with it. 10/10.
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Used to grew up with Mario, and now that he's here is awesome. And later on you added Luigi as well! I have very high hopes for more in the future! 10/10!
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Really good mod 10/10. But this mod should've had the blue shell power up from new super mario bros ds, which alllowed you to spin your way to victory.
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Gosh, I forgot to leave a review, huh?

Mario handles like a dream in SRB2, and he fits like a glove if you're at all familiar with his 3D outings. He's got triple jumps, wall jumps, long jumps, spin jumps--the list goes on, and that's before his arsenal of power-ups and trusty hammer come into play. There's a lot of novelty and nuance to this character, and I can't get enough of it.

Though he's easy to pick up, Mario has an impressively high skill ceiling. Knowing how to make the most of each tool in your kit will let you finagle your way past almost any obstacle in your path. Even challenges designed for characters like Knuckles or Fang aren't enough to stop Mario, and overcoming those just makes you feel unstoppable. This might be the first mod that has made me genuinely consider attempting a speedrun.

All of this holds especially true when you take Luigi into account. Not only does he play like his usual, floaty self, but even some of his acrobatics and power-ups have their own special flourish. Luigi's scuttle jumps and wavy, green fireballs helps him stand out from his brother in a big way, but not so much that you can't pick him up right from the get-go. The man in green got a lot of love, and it shows.

On top of everything else, Mario series veterans will appreciate how elements from all across his storied history come together in one complete, faithful package. This ranges from broad strokes like his impressive power-up variety (including Gold Mario from the oft-overlooked New Super Mario Bros. 2), all the way down to the minutiae of things like coins and unique sound effects. Special kudos for custom colors like Mondo and Groovy, for that wonderfully classic feel.

All of which is to say... a lot of love and care were put into these characters. Everything about it exudes quality, accessibility, and attention to detail, and I'm wonderfully excited to see what else is in store. If you haven't tried the bros. out yet, know that they have my glowing recommendation.
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IT'S AMAZING all the hard work You, SMS Alfredo and the other amazing people did on Mario and Luigi! I Am SOOO In love with this mod. Thank you for bringing Mario to life into the game!
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This is a great mod and i have had a lot of fun with it,
i was also the guy who found the "Mama luigi" and "You look ridiculous" within the first hour.
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small bug with luigi - if luigi crawls his normal sprites are faster than the custom overalls color
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You can now play as Luigi.

(Green Mario is really fun, this is based.)
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Honestly still one of the greatest mods ever and I was just talking about if Luigi was in the mod yesterday. Played both of them and they feel amazing with their own little twists. So full of Nostolgia. I just wish that I could use a bot for Luigi so I can have both of the bros playing. But due to Luigi's acceleration. Fox bot tends to break it. But right now, I'm going to test the bot ignore so that way he doesn't get hurt by NOT jumping on the badniks lol. Still a great mod. 5 Stars all the way.
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Luigi included, 93830583059580348589058534098503485/10 (Okay but seriously though, This mod is VERY high quality. Mario even has voice lines and It has SRB2 PERSONA support and Luigi is included. This may be the most high quality mario mod IN GENERAL. Nothing can top this. 5/5
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