Surge the Tenrec!

Surge the Tenrec! 1.3

Surge The Tenrec


Surge the Tenrec is bolting in from the Sonic IDW comics straight into SRB2!

Surge is rather skilled with her powers of Electricity, allowing her to charge herself up to enhance herself and her moves to clear zones faster and/or easier.
Be mindful of water though, that'll weaken your abilities.

So how do you build charge to enhance yourself? There are a few ways, but the most common you'll come accross are destroying badniks, or fulling charging a spindash!

(You can only have one charge on at a time, you cannot stack these)
(Keep in mind that you can lose your charge should you take damage or come in contact with water.)​
(use the command surgequakes to disable screenshaking caused by surge)​

So now that you have this charge, what can you do with it? Lets take a look at her abilities, and we'll get into that.

Double Jump / Volt Jump (Jump+Jump)

Without a charge, you have a relatively simple double jump, similar to the Electric Shield.

With a charge, however, your double jump is replaced with Volt Jump, much quicker and higher reaching double jump, it also has a small damaging aoe burst when you activate it.
Any time you gain a charge, your double jump is refreshed, so should you chain any moves together, you'll always have a double jump each charge gained.

Homing Attack / Volt Dash (Jump+Spin)

Pressing spin in the air will allow you to home in on enemies, similarly to the Magnet Shield.

With a charge, however, your homing attack is replaced with the Volt Dash, allowing you to get a big burst of speed capable of breaking bustables and spikes, like a super thok, you can also double jump after using it.

"But I want to chain homing attacks, but I'll just keep flying off, wont I?"

True, you would, but you can hold down Custom Button 1 to remove a charge for whatever reason you'd want, maybe you want a small double jump instead of the volt jump? Regardless, it's there if you want it, but Surge is perfectly playable without custom buttons set up.

"Why would I even want to keep charge anyway? I can just zip off and be done with it!"

You could, but keeping ahold of your charge instead of using it gives you a small buff, when you have a charge, you gain a small jump height increase, speed boost and water running! You'll even leave a lingering damaging trail behind you.

(Yes, this speed buff can stack with speed shoes)

"Other Surge players keep destroying all the badniks! I can't get charge enough!"


Not to worry, Surge can gain charge from almost any electric attack in the game, this includes her trail, simply make contact with it and you'll be granted a charge.

Speaking of sharing charge...

There are many other places you can gain charge, electric and magnet shields for starters will give you a charge on collection, and you'll be granted a charge every few seconds. Remember you can press or hold CB1 to ignore this charge.

Surge also has xmomentum, Kirby & Milne Dance support, I hope you have fun with her!

And credits, we can't forget these!

Lightdasher (myself) - Spritework
Shine - Coding, vfx
Logan8r - Coding
Steph/MotdSpork - For allowing me to use Modern Sonic's jump/spin sprite as a base
SMS Alfredo - tweaks to Surge's trail
Many other friends for helping test <3​
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Latest reviews

One of the best mods ever made! Surge is so fun to play with, it has a great set of abilities that opens up brand new possibilities in every level. It's perfect!
Upvote 1
One of my favorite characters in the game. Doesn't make things too easy, but makes levels a blast to zip through. Also just a great utility for the more annoying ring collection emblem. One of those characters I never wanna play without!
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Honestly one of my favourite character mods, it's just really well done!
Sprites, the gameplay, it's just S tier

S standing for Superb, not Surge silly ^c ^
Upvote 0
10/10, no words just a 10/10.
Upvote 1
all we need is a kit mod and then srb2 would be perfect
Upvote 1
Surge is really fun to play as, she's become my new favourite character in SRB2! Finding new ways to chain charges and keep the flow going is so much fun and has made me revisit a lot of levels which is always fun. Every part of this mod is made with so much love & care, it's incredible and I feel that everyone should give this a try!
Upvote 1
This is just too good. her moves contrasting sonic was done well. your not even good enough to be my fake. FAKER!!!
Upvote 0
There's a lot of things that I could say here that others have said, like how fun this character is, or making comparisons. But honestly, the thing that sticks out the most to me about Surge is that she just feels satisfying to play as. It's not just the abilities or how she handles, but the culmination of mechanics, visuals, and audio that just...feels GOOD. I know that's saying a lot without saying anything, but hopefully the point comes across.

That being said, I do have one criticism that a lot of people have also mentioned. I like the ability to stay decharged to use a regular double jump or a homing attack, but...holding custom 1 down is just awkward feeling. I feel like giving an option to make it a toggle instead could probably go a long way in helping with that.
Upvote 1
Excellent spritework, and her charge mechanic is excellent. I think giving her a double jump at base was a mistake, though; gaining and expending charge would be much more satisfying if it was her only way to gain extra height.
Upvote 0
Credit when credit's due: This character is actually pretty fun for me to use, essentially being a mix of the Lightning Shield and the Attraction Shield (two of my favorite ones to use). One thing I would suggest, however, is to maybe slow her down a bit when she's fully charged because when she goes super fast, it makes her kinda unwieldy.
Upvote 1