hud replacement

  1. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Lethal Landmine - A Mine reskin V1

    Yes, that's right! Now you can experience 'Kart in a more lethal manner, by obtaining the Landmine from Lethal Company! These are definitely made by the company and are not stolen property at all. Replaces all the Mine's sprites, also makes it more paintable than before. Replaces the...
  2. GreenKnight9000

    Japanese HUD V1.0B

    Have you always wanted a bit of a multilingual flare to your game? Wanted to make your game a tiny bit weebier while remaining faithful to the game's aesthetic? Well wait no longer! Over the course of my Japanese education (thanks Duolingo!), I've wanted to put my knowledge and spriting skills...
  3. ArtoMeister

    Making FNaF in SRB2Kart for FNaF's 10th anniversary (Progress)

    Greetings, I am the Meister of Arto, and this time I'm making a thread for my next SRB2Kart addon. Ever since I joined SRB2Kart modding around 2022, I've gotten a much better understanding of how to modify kart as a whole with pk3s through my various submissions. So, I'm making my next kart...
  4. JustHenbo

    [Open Assets] Palette Wheel Lives v1.1.1

    Made for multiplayer, these icons help to show of each player's palette more-so, making it easier to identify other players on a server (besides their name). Please make sure that you load this mod AFTER any character mods! It uses assets from the Transparent Life HUD Icons mod to patch the...
  5. Dee

    The Super Mario 64 HUD

    Dee submitted a new resource: The Super Mario 64 HUD - Playing as N64 Mario has never felt so complete! (Well, MORE complete, anyway...) Read more about this resource...
  6. Dee

    The Super Mario 64 HUD 1

    "Dis is it, Luigi!" -Mario from Hotel Mario It's been.... *checks WIP forums* 2 years since I first decided to do this mod! And after all that time, it's finally, FINALLY done! This simple HUD mod allows you to partially immerse yourself into the world of Mario 64, Coin Counter and all! This...
  7. Andromeda

    Eclipse Edition Demo 0.1.1

    SRB2: Eclipse Edition features a whole new campaign with a new Story It also comes with its own, exciting HUD! This is still very early in development, so there isn't much yet. Link to the Eclipse Edition Discord:
  8. Dinomial

    [Open Assets] Dino's Custom Stage Title Dino V1 | Achii V1

    I just wanted to make something pretty, so here is my attempt at making a cool titlecard. Besides being flashier, it's got some customizability features. For Starters: By default, It's Blue in Race Maps, but it's Red in Battle Maps On Hell Maps, it's Dark Blue and Dark Red (for race and...
  9. Sourjuice

    Custom Crosshairs 1

    This is a simple mod swaps out the original in-game crosshairs to 3 different ones inspired from experience from other FPS games. In order to switch through the crosshairs, you need to go into Options and go in this order: Player 1/2 Controls > Camera Options > Display Options > Crosshair This...
  10. R

    HUD search

    What is the HUD mod used in this video And where can I find it?
  11. NedDaBom640

    Pirate Huds! v1.0

    The title explains itself. It replaces the existing hud with some joke pirate themed ones. The ring counter now shows 'Yer booty' The time now shows 'Ye 'ime' The score now shows 'Poop deck', because no-one cares about the score. With that, various other hud elements now have black flags...
  12. Pacola

    Sonic's Schoolhouse HUD v1

    Hey there! This is the Sonic's Schoolhouse HUD (with some extra features for a platforming game). So... You may be wondering, "But what does each thing on my screen mean?", and for that i have... That may be all. Thanks for probably downloading this, and go do some learning (or not)!
  13. Art4LifeGaming

    [Open Assets] Sonic Frontiers Styled Hud V 2.0

    This mod replaces some of Sonic Robo Blast 2's GUI with a Sonic Frontiers Styled HUD. The mod only applies to the GUI in normal levels as of right now though. Also, compatibility with Modern Sonic, replacing the boost gauge with 3 Frontiers styled ones, depending on which one you download...
  14. Kirb

    [Open Assets] "who cares" over score v1

    It indeed replaces score with "who cares" it works fine in all graphic modes now note that this isn't network friendly sorry i just realized i used ambient lighting here i am terribly sorry please don't kill me
  15. SporkDaDoorhinge

    [Open Assets] Spork's Trans-themed Racing Hud 4.0

    Originally made for my racing server, a trans themed hud! basically changes most of the hud to match the theme of the trans pride flag, and says "Skill Issue" instead of time over when you get a time over.
  16. TheLastKitchenGun

    AdventNEON Hud v1.1b

    A hud based on AdventNEON, if you don't know what that game is it's a beat em up/platformer, it's pretty cool (this be not a perfect recreation) (also, changed font not included, you can get that here) RushChars as a bonus, here's these icons with AdventNEON's palette working on this...
  17. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] CrossCode hud v1.1c

    if you've never heard of CrossCode, it's an rpg, a fun one too (font not included, it's this one) when playing as a character that can't go super, the icon on the left is a ring
  18. BrianFan

    Sonic Forever HUD

    Matty submitted a new resource: Sonic Forever HUD - Shaded Sonic 1 HUD anyone? Read more about this resource...
  19. BrianFan

    Sonic Forever HUD v1.0

    This is the Sonic Forever HUD! A HUD mod! This changes when you add the HUD mod: Score-Time-Rings Intermission Credits: Team Forever - Sprites from Sonic Forever (Go play it!) Screenshots and GIFs:
  20. Mattioz

    Mattioz Alternative HUD 1.0

    [Reusable due to not pretending future updates] This alternative HUD takes some huds from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Chaos (Fan Game) and inserts them into the SRB2 Kart. Alternative Font for the Title Cards, Lap Count, Timer and Speedometer: Alternative Lap Count Ball: Alternative...