hud replacement

  1. Mattioz

    Mattioz Alternative HUD 1.0

    This alternative HUD takes some huds from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Chaos (Fan Game) and inserts them into the SRB2 Kart. Alternative Font for the Title Cards, Lap Count, Timer and Speedometer: Alternative Lap Count Ball: Alternative Finish Text: And for Battle Mode the HUD changes with...
  2. jayflamestar

    Better Lives v1.8

    Have you ever thought that the life icons in your HUD just seem a bit too bland? Do you wish they had a bit more of a flair? Do you have an irrational hatred towards those little black bars at the top and bottom of all of them? Then look no further than the Better Lives addon! This addon aims...
  3. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] Customizeable Hud v2.2

    allows you to change the hud using commands Commands: customhud_hudnamecolor, changes the color of the name near the life icon customhud_hudname, changes the name near the life icon to your player name, or both the character name and player name customhud_lifeicon, changes the life icon...
  4. ~Smokey~

    Smokey's (JOKE) HUD v1

    april fools joke hud funny its april please funny (mod edit: parts of hud from the reusable SonicX8000's huds, please remember to credit reusable resources next time)
  5. Kirb

    Sonic 1 titlecard and HUD 2.0 - titlecard based on character color

    INFO: i accidentally swapped this hud (the end of act graphics only) ( ) and the one i was actually supposed to add in, and it wouldn't make sense just replacing the files after months of release a mod that replicates...

    Windows 98 hud v1.0

    A basic client side mod that I made for fun, meant to look like the explorer windows from win 98. Bottom left hud changes color depending on your palette in battle mode ----------------------------------------- Please keep note that this hud is meant to be more for vanilla battles and racing...
  7. Dee

    Super Mario 64 Styled Hud (WIP)

    Okay, so to go with the Mario mod that came out (and I loved it so MUCH), I'm currently working on a SM64 styled HUD. I've currently completed: Big Zone Font (but not big numbers) Ring and Time Bonuses Numbers for Rings/Time/Score Game Over Graphics I want to know what you guys think! I have...
  8. J

    [Reusable] KindHUD - A hud made for fun. v1.51

    This is a HUD that I made mainly for a friend's server, but I ended up realizing that I could release it to the public. This is a (kind of) minimalistic HUD, with small details for some people who like these types of mods. I hope you like this mod, as I have done doing it!
  9. Sebo2205

    [Reusable] Sebo2205's Luan't HUD v1.0

    Another hud mod i decided to make Features: Added slight gradients to the level title card font, HUD number font, intermission screen bonuses, standard and tiny fonts Uses no Lua or SOC, making it netgame friendly Replaces the time, rings, and score text with icons
  10. Mr-SUGOI (STF)

    [Reusable] Sonic 3 HUD 2021-09-22

    Sonic 3 HUD (different from Sonic 1) I don't know if anyone did this, but here it is
  11. Peppermint

    [Reusable] Not So Simple Sonic Worlds HUD v2.4

    The NSSSW HUD! It's pretty simple, the HUD from most Sonic fangames with the engine, an edited Knuckles' Chaotix HUD. Advice Load any supported mod character BEFORE applying the hud.
  12. Aria アーク ✨

    [Reusable] Chaotix Nexus HUDs v2.1

    CHAOTIX NEXUS HUDs This HUD mod aims to remake the HUD of Knuckles Chaotix in a brand new code of paint and draws inspiration from many different sources to make it look consistent. There are 2 HUDs and Types: - Deluxe HUDs - Has all the features and add-on compatibility but doesn't work in...
  13. Ashley The Fox

    [Reusable] Final Demo HUD 1.0.7

    Final Demo HUD gives you the final SRB2 original HUD before 2.0's release, but instead, the 1.09.4 hud is remade for 2.2.x! The main reason why I decided to make this is because sometimes I "select" SRB2 versions, but instead of doing it, I took a decision which wouldn't need older SRB2...
  14. Lianvee

    [Reusable] Lianvee's HUD graphics v1

    Going off of SonicX8000's HUDs & Fonts - from shiny HUD specifically out of the bunch - as the foundation and earning inspiration from Plume's 'Yet Another HUD Mod' for what style to go for and the charm to add, gave life to this HUD which has a name that is not stylish nor charming at all...
  15. Lianvee

    [Reusable] MinHUD 2.1a

    With months under the hood working on this, it'd seem about time to release. Eh? MinHUD, as the short for Minimal Heads Up Display which ain't even a fancy name but besides the point, is a simple-yet-robust HUD that can be used over the vanilla one if you so wish. Pulling from the game's source...
  16. Sebo2205

    [Reusable] Sebo2205's custom HUD thing v2.0.1

    (obligatory "this is my first mod") A custom HUD i made with only Lua Features: A speedometer (+ a tails flight meter if you're playing as tails), which can be turned on/off with hud_speedometer On/Off c o l o r r a m p s Full screenshot: And yes, it's based on Sonic Forces HUD Also...
  17. Cobaltn't

    [Reusable] LowerCasedHud v1

    probably one of the dumbest things I've ever put """effort""" into :worry: this makes the hud all lowercased... why? because i saw this and decided to make it a srb2 hud mod i hope you at least laugh at how bad the art is or that its lowercased
  18. Kirb

    [Reusable] Night mode 2.1 - lua convert and areial garden

    2.0 update - i completely changed the mod to work in 2.2.10 and removed the hud recolor garbage. this mod changes the main levels of srb2 to be in night time
  19. wired-aunt

    [Reusable] Multiplayer nameplates 1

    A small mod idea I've been playing around with for multiplayer games: MMO style nameplates that display players' names over their heads along with the last chat message they sent. Optionally it can also show players' ringcounts. Players can choose what colour their name is. It displays on the...
  20. CloneFighter

    [Reusable] Rank/Scores HUD concept v1

    While holding Tab (or whatever your Scoreboard button is), acquired Chaos Emeralds and Tokens (in form of the wireframe Chaos Emerald in the next Chaos Emerald's place) now orbit the player. The Token count is still shown on the bottom. Also works in Special Stages. If you're able to turn...