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Well well well, what do we have here? Honey The Cat is back! After 9 years months of development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait!

Honey the Cat is an agile character, made with a Sonic Battlemod first mindset, but that's not to say she's unplayable in vanilla game modes. Just be sure you have a key bound for Custom Button 1

Honey's Meter

I should probably get this out of the way first, Honey comes equipped with a meter mechanic, she can perfom only so many moves at a time before she
needs to wait for her meter to recharge, don't worry though, they regenerate over time rather quickly provided you've landed on the ground long enough.

-Butt Bop- (SPIN BUTTON)


She comes equipped with her iconic butt bash as her basic melee attack!
can also break bustables and spikes, even empowers springs!

-Stomp- (JUMP+ SPIN)

Mostly used for utility, Honey will stall for a brief second before crashing down to earth as fast as she can, this can break bustables, hurt enemies, and empower springs!

-Moon Kick- (CB1+JUMP)

Another move pulled straight from Fighting Vipers, used mostly for reaching jumps you can't normally make, or as an anti air against certain enemies, (or players!)
It worked very well when paired with...

-Cat Pounce- (JUMP+JUMP or CB1+SPIN (AIR OK!))


Using this move is very good to instantly gain a lot of speed, you can use it twice before you
run out of meter, if you hit an enemy, you can regain meter
If you press the spin button at any point in this move, you'll curl up, allowing you to do damage, you can even pounce out of the spin if you still have a meter left!



If you get hurt, provided you have enough wings in your meter, you can press the CB1 key to ukemi/tech in the direction you're holding, you should be careful though, you're invincible for the start-up, but not for very long, and you can't control where you're moving once inputted, be careful!

-Hyper Mode- (CB1+SPIN+JUMP)

No, sorry, not Hyper form, hyper MODE, with 20 rings, press together at the same time CB1+SPIN+JUMP to activate Hyper Mode for a few moments, it drains 20 rings in singleplayer, but all your rings and shields in PVP modes, it increases your max speed and gives you an infinite meter for roughly 10 seconds, fly kitty fly!

-Kitty Kick- (JUMP)

Honey may look like a no spin jumper at first, but if you jump near an enemy, she'll kick them away, shoo you!

-Combo Strings-


Being a fighting game character, I wanted to get a small vibe of that in honey, you can string lots of moves together, you can do simple moves like Pounce>Spin>Butt Bop, or Stomp>Pounce>Spin, there's a lot to be played with here!

-Fun commands!-
You want to know something about Honey? She's into fashion, I mean really into fashion!

You can customize your hair colour along with your dress interchangably with

H_Haircolor (h_haircolor2 for splitscreen) <any colour you want>

This will change Honey's hair and skin colour to whatever you set, if you want to create your own skins so you can customize both the hair AND skin colour, you'll need to make a custom colour using the following ramp
ramp= (lightest)hair,hair,hair,hair,hair,hair,hair,hair,hair,(darkest)hair,(lightest)skin,skin,skin,(darkest)skin​

This is an admin command, incase you don't want those pesky Honey's going full camo on your game of hide and seek.

h_candy (h_candy2 for player 2 in splitscreen)

This activates candy mode! in singleplayer you'll be given the iconic player 2 palette, and also be given a unique super form colour!


Now we all know when you go super, you enter a transformation!
...But your clothes don't!

Other mode support
Currently, Honey has Battlemod support (no BM move though), xMomentum and Milne support.

--Note to modellers, Honey's hair is seperate from her character, if you model Honey and her skin +hair seperately, you should be able to get hair colour support for your model.--​

Version History
Version 1 - Release
Version 2 - Bugfix and moveset update
Version 2.2 - Battlemod Hotfix

Version 2 Patchnotes
- Butt Bop no longer uses any wing meter
- Stomp has been moved to the spin button in the air
- Moon kick now goes slightly higher
- Moon kick now uses one wing
- Cat Pounce is now able to be used by pressing jump twice (Can still be activated using CB1+ SPIN if you are too used to that)
- Cat Pounce now only uses one wing per use
- Cat Pounce now deals damage
- Cat Pounce now functions correctly in 2D mode
- Hitting an enemy mid air will restore 1 wing
- Honey now has a battlemod ability
- Many battlemod specific bugs have been fixed (such as being able to hop around while blocking)
- Hairdye text has been tweaked slightly to be more clear
Version 1.2.2 Patchnotes
-Honey now uses SKINVARS_NOSPINSHIELD in battle which makes it so she can only use shields with tossflag. This was to let her have access to her full moveset in battle at all times. (this has no effect on single player)
-Honey has battle ability text while she's on the ground. This is to tell players they need to be in the air to use their ability but also a way to get around not being able to see her cooldown unless you're jumping
-Footstool can now be used out of most of her moves with the exception of the start up on Buttbop
-The projectiles of her Backflip will tumble her if someone parries her on the start up of the attack, acting more like a disjointed kick.

There's a lot to go through here, so let me just get the fact that I sprited alll of these and drew the CSS myself, but I wouldn't be able to have gotten this far without the help of...
frostiikin - A huge chunk of the code, thank you very much for all of your hard work you poured into Honey, you helped shape her to be something awesome
Stonecutter/Dashnevu - For helping fix a lot of bugs coming to my rescue when I asked for it, hopefully things free up for you in future
Bloops - Also another chunk of the code, and helping Frostii when she got stuck, and vice versa!
Lach - Helping bloops when he needed it!
Raze C - Thank you for the Music track you made just for this, it plays when you activate Hyper Mode, if you're a fan of Fighting Vipers you should recognize it!
LonelyFoxz - Durring the early implenetation phase, LonelyFoxz helped with a lot of Honey's offsets, to stop her floating off into deep space
Rem - For the initial Super From hair and hair overlay code, thank you very much for making Honey such a fashionista!
CyanKnight - For helping set up Honey's Battlemod priority and hitboxes
Shine - For fixing that really really rrrreeealllly annoying bug with the super form, this bug really held this back a lot
SMS Alfredo - For helping Honey get out of the door by fixing all the dumb little bugs we found in our testing, Honey would still be sitting around if it wasn't for you

Nibroc.rock - For helping me with a bunch of 3D model references durring the spriting phase
Prower - For literally recording me footage of Honey in Fighting Vipers one and two for move references and suggestions
Dr Steph, I've written you here, I can't remember why but I know you needed to be credited for something, probably helping me write up the CSS as usual
Chrispy - Spriting feedback and help early days
ZZ56nm_nil/ExpiredChocolate/Anomalo/nil - Durring the early days of Honey's code, you were the first to jump on, even though you left, some of your code still sits in Honey, thanks for your input and help

Aaaaaaand everyone on the egg cord and battlemod server for helping me with balance and finding bugs, phew! that's a lot of people
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    Sorry about the last patch that broke hair colour when going Super or using Hyper Mode, this...
  2. Battlemod Specific Balance and Fixes +Ringslinger Neo Loadout

    Still playing her in Singleplayer? No need to worry about this patch, this is Battlemod specific...
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Latest reviews

i love sonic the fighters. it's cool. honey is cool. you're cool <3
Upvote 0
Nice to see a balanced and reasonable use of custom buttons. Also nice to see a character like this getting some love. I'd probably recommend disabling the Hyper Mode button combo while she's in her super form.

I encountered a minor bug when I finished GFZ2 in Hyper Mode, then did two special stages and was stuck with either a permanently full meter or the /appearance/ of a permanently full meter when I loaded GFZ3. Also, my game data corrupted while I was working on a run with her, but that might be a coincidence.

Also, some weird shit happens with her model both in special stages and when gravity flips in ERZ.
Upvote 0
This is really good, it's a complete character with cute art and fun movement mechanics. Sprites are consistent and quality and fit in just fine.
Upvote 1
I love this character, it's one of my favourites in SRB2.
I enjoy the movement, abilities, hair colour change and I am very fond of the design of Honey The Cat.
Upvote 0
using her hyper mode in record attack corrupts level mod save data.
to the extent of it crashing the game regardless of having the character added before hand.
Upvote 0
Phenomenal mod! I'm so happy my girl's getting the love she deserves and she's incredibly fun and slick to play as.
My only gripes are that flipping gravity around causes her sprite to glitch out and leave a copy of her hair behind (and when using Jeck Jim's 3d model, her whole head gets left behind and tbh it kinda creeps me out. Please look into this and try to find a way to fix it if possible (I think the glitch has something to do with the lua error that appears when you flip gravity.) Thanks!
Upvote 0
Honey is an interesting character to play as. I'll be honest, her moves are flashy, but she's quite difficult to play as... doesn't gain the height Tails or Knuckles can and cant go as fast as Sonic, meaning she's mostly like Amy... which makes sense.

+ Interesting playstyle with a lot of moves
+ Super Honey!

/ The music when activating Hyper Mode seems... goofy and anti-climatic. Unless this is a reference to Fighting Vipers, wouldn't it make more sense to play a small remix/snippet of Everything? (The song for Super Sonic in STF)
/ After collecting the 7th Chaos Emerald and reaching Egg Rock Act 1, I noticed that she would randomly leave copies of her hair and ears behind...

- Because she has a lot of moves, it easy to accidentally use the wrong one and kill yourself, or for a new player to find her frustrating more than anything.
- Activating Hyper Mode is tricky, at least for me. Usually trying to press J+S+C1 ends up either not activating Hyper Mode or gliding to my death...

I personally wouldn't recommend Honey to anyone unless they were a fan of Sonic the Fighters.
Upvote 0
She's my favorite Sonic character, easy 5/5 stars
Upvote 0
another common light dasher W, however, may I ask how you can actually change the dress color? ive tried h_dresscolor or H_dresscolor to no avail, and the character overview didnt go over the command. other than that, thank you for all your hard work!!!
light dasher
light dasher
The same way you'd change your colour on any other character c; through the player screen
Upvote 0
I'm split on this creation of Honey The Cat. On one hand her combos are fun. One the other hand, Hyper mode requires 3 inputs at the same time.
More often than not, you'll go flying off to your death trying to trigger it.

Hyper mode is crucial to getting around, where speed and distance are required. This makes Honey The Cat unviable in certain level packs.

3 stars. She's situational at best.
Upvote 1