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WARNING: This overview post is outdated and the GIFs you see here are gameplay of the original release (v1.0). It will hopefully be updated close to v1.3's release.

EDIT (24.03.2023): Extra Life will most likely not be receiving a Super form in v1.3. I have no plans whatsoever to use Fleetway Super Sonic instead of my current Super form plans for Extra Life Revived (v2). Do not ask me or complain to me about this topic. If you wish to play as Fleetway Super Sonic, please download this version of the character by TheLastKitchenGun. Thank you!

Extra Life Classic has been named as such to coincide with the upcoming release of v2 (which i may or may not occasionally call Extra Life Revived). Thanks for your patience! Progress on v2 is very slowly nearing completion.


Extra Life, Sonic's doppelganger from Fleetway Editions' "Sonic the Comic" returns, now in SRB2!

Inspired by the Sonic 3 A.I.R. mod of the same name by Vsgdv (aka Sotaknuck) and SRB2's vanilla cast, Extra Life aims to be a simple character who isn't hard to master, while still providing a solid, enjoyable experience.

However, in order to differentiate himself from other Sonics, Extra Life focuses more on verticality rather than speed.

Well, what can this devilish little hedgehog do?

Just because Extra Life is a clone of Sonic doesn't mean he's stuck with the Speed Thok.
He's got a brand new ability, the Triple Dash!


Again, inspired by Vsgdv (Sotaknuck)'s Sonic 3 A.I.R. mod (albeit working a bit differently than the original), the Triple Dash is a type of aerial spindash that can be activated 3 times before being unable to use it again. By pressing and holding Jump mid-air, you can rev up a dash, which will make you stop on a dime and slowly fall down, requiring quick reaction time.

Releasing Jump will thrust you not just forward, but also upward! This allows you to avoid falling into a bottomless pit and correct any failed jumps...


...and also skip across huge chunks of stages while styling on your friends and foes!


Can they do this type of stuff? Hmmm?

You can also use it to easily take down those Dragonbombers, if you REALLY hate them that much.


And that's all, folks! Time to move on to the credits:

Vsgdv/Sotaknuck - Inspired me with their Sonic 3 A.I.R. mod to make this character
Me - Sprite edits, coding, basically most of the mod
NARbluebear, CloneFighter - Additional help with coding
Sebo2205 - Initially offering to help me out with coding
ChucklesTheHaha - The Extra Life & Jelly Tails CSS art! You've done an incredible job, man!
Icezer - A portion of Alt/Crystal Sonic's code, which was used for Extra Life's taunt thinker! Find him right here!
SuperPhanto - The intro inspired peelout sprites which were used for the run cycle. Check it out here!

I hope you enjoy playing as this character as much as I did making him!

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Latest reviews

what happened to v2
Still a work in progress - things are just taking way longer than we intended. Please be patient! Rome wasn't built in a day, after all. You can find progress in the Ruby's Robo Blastin' Hotel thread on the official SRB2 Discord server!
Upvote 0
It's a pretty good mod the mechanics are good, and movement is smooth.
I did however run into a bug. if you have the addon activated and try and play a save file with Sonic&Tails or just Sonic, Sonic will be replaced by Extra Life for some reason wondering if you might know why. But besides that this mod is wonderful keep up the good work.
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why is the mod not a 5 star??? it is because he does not turn into fleetway when super but I guess jello tails is cool so still a 4 star
I consider Fleetway Super Sonic and Extra Life to be different characters. We've never seen Extra Life's Super form in any of the Sonic the Comic issues past his initial (also final) appearance, so for v2 I'm going to be taking a Dark Super-ish approach.

Classic is most likely not going to have a Super form for v1.3. I can't force myself to cook up more sprite edits. Please wait until v2 to get the definitive Extra Life experience!
Upvote 0
the only update you did is rename it to classic. but oh well.
The classic tag was added so that people can easily differentiate V2 from V1, since V2 is gonna have its own mod page as far as I'm aware - Vanilla
Upvote 0
10/10 Would recommend to someone
Upvote 0
Very fun to use and gets me out of tough and overwhelming situations in-game! I personally don't mind the minor sprite change, but one thing I would suggest is a more original idle/waiting animation that compliments Extra Life's personality, maybe something as simple as chuckling similar to Knuckles.
Upvote 0
Fun to use and easy to learn!
-1 star because no super form :(
Thanks for your review! We're adding a Super form in the upcoming v2 update, so make sure to look forward to that!
Upvote 0
waiting for new sprites
Upvote 1
Its fricking cool!!!! I love this recolor,(also he's ability is cool)
Upvote 0
it's a great mod and a nice callback to the old uk comics, but the reason i took a star away was because the sprites are just a simple color change for the most part, would have been cooler if they looked more comic accurate but other than that it's a blast to use this guy!
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