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Exiled from his village, kidnapped and experimented on resulting in monstrous side effects, Ryder's little brother makes his long-awaited return with 2.0! New yet familiar skills, a new look, more personality - it's everything 1.x should've been.

(The skinname is 'flarethetrex', just as a heads up)​


Flare's stronger dino legs give him a noticeable boost when jumping and getting going on the ground, though this comes at the cost of him being slipperier to control.


His curse (for lack of a better term) allows him a major benefit of being immune to fire and lava. Use this to your advantage to get to hidden areas easily.




Flare's original aerial skill makes a return, looking much fancier but bouncing him off walls he collides with like a pinball. It'll still power up any spring he manages to hit, and you might be able to take advantage of the bouncing, but that's not all...

If you land without hitting an enemy or monitor, the dino will crouch, and keeping Jump held upon landing will keep him crouched until you let go. This isn't just for cosmetic purposes, though - it gives you a second to plan when to set off again with...


While crouched, you have two options to blast off with. Hit Jump again quickly to fire off into the air with some serious force, or Spin to rocket forward on the ground in a blaze. Like the Tailspin, this move will bounce you around if you bump a wall, but you can keep it going once you land so long as you don't slow down too much. You can cancel Wheel Rush with a simple press of Spin if you want to get off.


Who needs a rollout rock, anyway? I certainly don't.
(The gif below is from before 2.0.2 and is not indicative of the tweaked speed.)



Simple and straightforward, this one: tap Spin to spit a fireball in the direction Flare's facing.
You can, however, also hold Spin down to unleash a steady stream of flames. It's got a shorter range than the singular fireballs and it slows you down a little, but you should be able to get a fair bit of use out of it...




*/ THE TEAM \*
SpinSlash165: 'project lead' of sorts, I guess? Spriter, artist and composer.
TrickyTex: 'co-lead' and Ryder creator. Co-spriter, gave ideas/suggestions.
SMS Alfredo: Programmer, gave feedback/suggestions.
DirkTheHusky: Co-spriter, custom super colour.

Dr Steph: Honestly, if it wasn't for seeing your work-in-progress gifs I wouldn't have even gotten the motivation to try a full resprite in the first place LMAO
MotorRoach, GXP3000, Flareguy: Providing sprite feedback.
TAG and the CSCS: helped test and provided support.
MysteryMiles, GhastlyGibus, le kitsune's GC: Support and excitement during the development. Believe me, I was just as excited to see each sprite develop.
Everyone who gave feedback or support/suggestions upon release of/during v1.X: Self-explanatory. Thank you.
Everyone who helped/was credited in 1.X who wasn't here: Also self-explanatory. I don't think Flare would be here without you.


And don't forget to get all those Chaos Emeralds!
Hit jump a fourth time when Wheel Rushing upwards to transform. This'll also allow you to transform back, but that's all I'll say about it...
Well, actually there's one more thing. If you prefer the base game's Super theme, you can swap back with the flare_supermusic command!
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.0.2 - Flare's tail healed, finally

    A new update is here! Sorry for the wait. FIXED: Tailspin can deal damage again! Indexing...
  2. Version 2.0.1 - Scaler For the Nintendo GameCube

    - Fixed the scaling bug when switching between Flare and another character while Super...

Latest reviews

I am inclined to agree with Entropy on this one.

Flare is, hands down, one of the coolest and most interesting character designs I have seen. He is very fun to play with moves that synergize well together to provide plenty of strategic options.

That stated, Flare may be the most unintentionally broken characters there is. His spinning jump is so high that it, alone, makes him broken. The idea that he is hard to control after spinning is negated by the option to shoot a fireball to cancel the spin. Thus, he just has a really high jump that, to me, is his bread-and-butter move. On top of that, holding the spin button as he is airborne allows Flare to glide after jumping really high. Between these two moves, Flare is perhaps twice as powerful as any of the non-modded SRB2 characters. His immunity to fire and ability to repeatedly shoot fire at enemies is just icing on a very rich cake.
Upvote 1
I love too much this mod, the sprites are beautifull
And the gameplay with him is very funny.

You can do a battlemod support for Flare?
Upvote 1
Very good mod! The movement mechanics here are incredible. If I took more time to get good at his gameplay, I could probably annihilate this entire game! My only gripe here is that CEZ3 is basically impossible with Flare - then again, there are very few modded characters that can do that fight properly. Flare's fire can't quite reach Eggman after lifting up the cage, and slamming your body into him gets you launched into a pit of spikes. I wound up skipping that fight. :p

Conversely, though, Flare is excellent for bullying Metal Sonic and Brak Eggman into submission. If you hold Spin during the initial fall into the BCZ3 arena, Flare will float down menacingly from the heavens to deliver the divine judgement of being immune to fire and being honestly kind of broken in close combat against a large, slow target. This isn't a criticism, though; there are plenty of modded characters that can plow effortlessly through Brak Eggman's health bar, and it's honestly really appreciated after the trouble he's given me on some playthroughs.

In summary: Dino goes whee and makes Black Core a joke. Very nice.
Upvote 1
This is such an awesome character to use! Cheers to yet another awesome OC mod!

Flare's moveset flows really well with each other, from being able to bounce off of enemies multiple times using the tail swipe, then land on ground and use the wheel rush, to being able to hover using the flamethrower.
The fire projectiles have great power and range, and the burst you get from using the wheel rush's up mechanic gives you even greater height.
I love the added bonus of Flare being completely immune to fire elements, unlike the Blaze mod that just makes her lose rings. Nothing about Flare's moveset feels overpowered either. Just a great character to control overall.

Where I get into problems is with his super form. Spoiler territory for anyone that hasn't played the mod already. Flare grows super tall, which admittedly looks awesome af, but then it's when you try to maneuver him is when problems start to show. With the increased hitbox, Flare can get stuck in certain parts of levels, mainly in tight spaces. Now, you could say that this is the level designers fault for having such corridors, and it could very well be that reason, but of course they didn't accommodate for characters with constantly changing hitboxes. This would suck for those that are using Vanilla SRB2 cause afaik there no key to turn off super mode. I'd recommend adding a command that allows people to change whether the hitbox grows whenever you turn super.

Also, a nitpick, but I'd also add a sprite for failing a trick using Xmod. The mod does take Xmod into consideration, but it's weird that a trick sprite wasn't added tho.

Other then the super form, again, really awesome OC mod. This is such a facelift from the older Flare. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.
You can detransform from Super the same way you activated it. Hopefully this helps a bit.
Upvote 1
Flare suffers from a problem quite a lot of modded characters do.

He's broken. He is completely, utterly busted.

He's broken in a way that isn't particularly skill based, either-- he just has a lot of very powerful options to traverse the level. His jump is higher, he's much faster than most any characters and can near instantly zoom to top speed without sacrificing much control, he has one of the most powerful vertical mobility moves I have ever seen that isn't intentionally overpowered, he is completely immune to fire based hazards, trivializing hot or lava-themed stages, he is incredibly capable in combat due to his plethora of projectiles...

Flare would really, I think, need his own stages in order to not completely remove all difficulty in whatever stage you are playing. When you're playing Flare, you're not so much *platforming* as you are *breezing.*

And yet, I keep coming back to him. Maybe I'm biased, because I've been a fan of the character for a while. Maybe his moveset, despite how powerful it is, genuinely is pretty fun to plow through levels with. Maybe the excellent spritework and animations make him feel even more powerful. Maybe it's just kind of fun to utterly break stages with large lava planes by running all over them. Maybe he's just so goshdang adorable I could look at him all day aaaaaaaaa

Flare is not a character I would play often. He's just too strong for the game to continue giving the player difficulty. But he IS looking to be a character I pull out every now and again and thoroughly enjoy myself playing, and really, that's fun in its own right.
Upvote 1
If Flare has a million fans I am one of them! If Flare has ten fans I am one of them. If Flare has only one fan and that is me. I am a die-hard fan of Flare. Flare is love, Flare is life.

But jokes aside quite honestly one of the best characters I've played in a while, probably since Kiryu. But I am getting sidetracked. Not only is his character design great, but his controls are also great. I can't wait to see speedrunners bring the most out of Flare.

The positives outweigh the negatives here. The only complaint I have like others is the super form being a bit weird. But everything else is awesome. Keep up the work!
Upvote 0
Ever wanted to be Homelander? Ever wanted to be a dinosaur? Here you go.
Upvote 0
This character is really really fun, the super form is maybe my favorite part even for how anoying it can get to move around as it. The only real problem I found is that the coins/ring skin from the Mario level are inmune to his fire.. Well, it's not really a problem, if not a bug, but yeah, it's just that detail
Upvote 0
Very fun, very fluid, and a huge improvement over the first both visually and in play, only personal gripe is that I wish there was an option to set the spindash/ superjump to spin and move the fire abilities to normalfire/fire. overall a great improvement and i'm excited to see how it will improve.
Upvote 0
Controls may take a second to get used to but yield unimaginable versatility, he's WAY faster than he looks, and most importantly he's cUTE.

All 7 emeralds collected. More than once. Go play Flare v2 like right now.
Upvote 1