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Pierre the Peacock 1.4

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Commemorative Download Celebrations


Two Thousand Downloads!

I The image is a little over due, but a while ago Pierre hit over two-thousand downloads! We are already halfway to three-thousand at my time of posting this, and I am continually humbled and delighted. To those of you who have been playing as Pierre, hosting him on your servers, and just enjoying him overall, thank you all so much. I am truly grateful <3



One Thousand Downloads for Pierre!

I am so incredibly grateful for Pierre having accepted so fondly by this community. All of the hard work and passion I put into him, and all the affection I have for this bird has truly paid off, and I couldn't be more thankful. Having read every review, having watched that download counter tick up and up. And here we finally are, at quadruple digits!
Thank you everybody who's supported Pierre thus far, and I hope for your continued support
I am so entirely humbled, thank you all <3


Pierre the Peacock


Say hello to Pierre, the acrobatic air-twirling peacock. My first custom character for SRB2!

Now that the Message Board has re-opened for posting, I am ready to share months of work with everybody!
I am incredibly proud, and incredibly excited to let everybody get theirs hands on my Addon.


Current Version: 1.3

Major Changes:
-Full graphical update for Pierre



Special Moves

Now on with the demonstration! Pierre comes with a few simple, yet incredibly helpful moves that help him traverse each Zone
You can read about them from his Character Selection shown below, as well as Gif files I have provided.


Air Twirl


An Air Twirl is Pierre's main attraction. Activated by pressing the Spin button midair, it allows him to stall in the air, while retaining his momentum. This allows him to cover incredible distances! Performing an Air Twirl also puts Pierre in a more vulnerable falling state, where he can still bounce off of monitors and Badniks if your positioning and air control is careful.

There is a brief cooldown attached to this move.

Twirl Thok


The Twirl Thok is the second special move available to Pierre. By pressing the Jump button midair, Pierre is given a short burst of speed in the direction being faced. Similarly to the Air Twirl, this places him in a vulnerable falling state.

Additionally, the Twirl Thok can be used at any point while in the air after performing a Jump. This means you can use an Air Twirl at time, and Twirl Thok at any point before hitting the ground. This is especially true inversely. Using a Twirl Thok followed by repeated Air Twirls is a fantastic method Pierre can use to cover a large distance in a short amount of time.

The Twirl Thok does not share the same cooldown as an Air Twirl, and can only be refreshed by landing.


Special Traits

In addition to his Special Moves, Pierre comes with a couple of notable special traits that set him apart.

High Jump


Pierre's ability to leap and reach high ledges is nothing to sneeze at! He can preform tall, nimble leaps with ease. It's a talent that will come in handy for any sort of player!

Ring Loss


Being something of a lightweight, Pierre has a harder time keeping a hold of all of his Rings whenever he is hit. His rings fly farther and faster, much more so than most other characters. Be careful around enemies and bosses!



This project has been in the making for a couple months now as of posting this. And on numerous occasions, I have been more than flattered by kind words from the community. And I have been helped more than I can give thanks for by them as well

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support that I, this Addon, and Pierre have received over the months. And I hope you have a wonderful time playing with them <3

That's all for now!
Thank you for reading <3


Version 1.0 - Submitted first version
Version 1.1 - Fixed an issue that caused Pierre's special moves to not function properly in Multiplayer
Version 1.2 - Made Pierre perform differently underwater, added Kirby support, and other changes
Version 1.3 - Pierre is one year older! Major graphical update​
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Latest reviews

happy birthday pierre, and congratulations for the 3.500 downloads
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'bout a year late here, but whatever LOL

The best part about this mod is definitely the character's design. It feels distinctly "sonicy", while also totally being it's own thing with a completely unique feel to him. I get a much more... relaxed vibe from him then you do with the typical sonic crew. His sprites, while a little unpolished in some areas, are also far from terrible, though the offsets can be a little janky, and I 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 you may not have do a2/a4 roll frames(?), though that's fairly understandable as roll is one of the hardest animations to sprite.

In terms of his moveset, this is where I have the most issues. It's not that I dislike the concept, far from it, he just feels very... underpowered. The twirl is quite difficult to time properly, and even if you manage to get it down perfectly, I still don't think it's powerful enough to warrant needing to learn the timing of when you need to hit spin again if you don't want your input to be dropped. Personally, i'd simply allow you to hold down spin to keep automatically twirling instead of needing to time it perfectly to maintain the most possible height. The twirl thok also doesn't really feel like it particularly compliments the twirl if i'm being honest, a character that appears to be very verticality focused having a move that simply propels him forward seems a little counter-intuitive to me. Personally, i'd go with something more along the lines of yoshi's flutter jump if I was to design a new kit for him, it'd definitely help accentuate the whole "floaty" vibe you was going for with him. Being able to get up decently high with a combination of his naturally high jump & a verticality focused doublejump ability would help make his whole playstyle feel a lot more cohesive imo.

Overall, this is really good for your first mod!! It's got it's issues, but it's clear you put a lot of love into this little guy. Can't wait to see what you create in the future!
Thank you for the feedback! <3
I have some questions but i'll come to you directly about that :p
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Its a nice mod! The abilities are fun, his jump height and twirl makes him more of a aerial type, though i got some problems. There isn't lateral front rolling frames, and it looks a bit weird. Some of the offsets are weird too but that won't change my rating cause offsets are difficult to use. I also think the abilities should be more unique, instead of the jump ability basically being the thok, it should be a more aerial type ability or something. Other than that Pierre is great.
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Lovely character, the design is really nice.
I really like the approach of making him slower, yet floatier, the twirling move is really unique, same with the thok.
However, I do think that the thok should give a bit more of momentum, as I don't really find myself using it a lot, although I do like that you're able to twirl after thokking, still, I think the thok could use an improvement somehow.
That aside, really great job on this character! Nice to see that bird oc's are getting around.
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I like the design, pretty simplistic a nice design.

In term of ability, i think it could be a little bit more original i like the idea of a sort of side-grade to Sonic even though there's plenty of them, the mid air twirl isn't that useful unless you use the thok or do a spindash which is fine it compliments these ability which i think is a nice thing, i like how when using it you lose all upward momentum and just start to fall it contrasts well with his jump height but it feels only useful if you start spamming it which a situation like that is pretty rare.

For the thok i don't really like it much it feels just like a nerfed thok, i kinda wish it affected momentum differently so you can properly use it on spinning chains without losing height and do more unique thing with it but that can be hard to do so i don't really mind it anyway it was just a thought i had to make it a little bit more unique.

Something else i don't like is how after doing a thok Pierre uses his falling sprite even though he still have an hitbox and it really messes with my brain.

Another thing i don't like is his underwater physics, unlike Sonic his thok doesn't get nerfed meaning that he becomes just a better Sonic with his faster thok and his ability to jump even higher underwater, it makes stages like Deep Sea and Azure Temple a breeze and it's kinda weird that a bird is the fastest character underwater.

Well that's it i hope you can use these criticisms to make better character in the future and i'am exited to see what else you will make.

Stay Safe.
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Counting that it has some errors but I still want it but you lack some parts in your shoes that you forgot to be
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Congrats with the release, Dakota! Glad I could help with the code.

Pierre looks and feels like he could fit right into SRB2, as an unlockable character. His simple moveset is really nice to play around with, and flying through the stages with his jump feels somewhat natural for a peacock.

The midair twirl feels like it was taken from New Super Mario Bros., just how I remember it. Easy to grasp, and really helpful in some places.

The Twirl Thok is also quite nice to have. The whole "Get some XY-plane momentum and halt your Z momentum" thing really fits here.

The only drawback is that he doesn't have support for some other mods (such as XMom), but he plays good even without them.
Your kind words are so very much appreciated<3

As for other mod support, how do I do something like that? I recognize XMom is a popular one, what can I do to support it with Pierre?
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This one completely took me by surprise today, and what a welcome surprise it was! Pierre might not have a rather complicated moveset akin to the likes of Dirk or Gemma, but sometimes simplicity is best and Pierre demonstrates that very well. OCs are always some of my favorite characters to play around as in SRB2 and I can see myself getting a lot of mileage out of his moveset which encourages grandiose leaps with his high jump height and NSMB style twirl. Excellent job and I look forward to seeing what you put out in the future.
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I love it. His simple move set is good perfect to single player stages, when he jumps it feels like you're flying.

Anyway i was wondering if he gonna have some addons support like persona, battle mode or kirby. I'd like to know how he could support those mods XD.

I'm excited to see more updates or maybe some new character of you.
I do plan on bringing him to Kart and Persona later, I just need to get some voicelines together for him xP
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Finishing an OC and first full sprite of this quality is a feat in and of itself. it's a bit rough around the edges, with some jagged lines and a few odd shapes. But it all comes together rather nicely.

His abilities are simple, yet surprisingly effective. The Twirl Thok works quite nicely in tandem with the higher jump. Also is that THE TWIRL FROM FUCKING NEW SUPER MARIO BROS? I love this so much how has nobody done anything like that until now. My inner mario skills have a w o k e n . Goes to show you don't NEED super fancy lua to still have a fun character.

I especially enjoy the slower speed and higher jump in stages based less on speed (i.e. Gate Garden from Autumn OLDC). I enjoy a lot of slower characters in general as if they still have a flow to them they allow me to progress a stage less erratically.

A few odd things, The tail followobject (at least I think it's a followobject) seems to be misaligned on the A2A7, being a bit too far too the left or right respectively.

I also think he kicks into his run animation a bit too late, so you could probably lower the runspeed variable a tad bit
Incredibly appreciated feedback!!~ <3

If you can point me towards what sprites have some of the odd shapes and jagged lines let me know, I can keep them in mind to be fixed later. This applies to A2A7 as well, in terms of what I want to fix later that is. The tail isn't actually a follow object, it's directly connected to each sprite. I don't feel I know enough about LUA yet to make the most of a follow object

I'm also tickled that the ability of a simple twirl is compelling, I am incredibly pleased with how Pierre has turned out with this special ability in mind!

Pierre has taken me a while but just thinking about him makes me incredibly happy. I'm very proud of him, and I am pleased you like him too <3
I'm incredibly flattered, having what he accomplishes a feat in itself. Thank you so much~
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