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[Reusable] Golden Metal Sonic (GMS) v1.5

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Golden Metal Sonic
Cool GMS art by Samups. Metal Sonic art by Alice of course

Main Developers:
Terionic (me!): did most of the mod
ashi: helped coding the hud and the gms_propellernoise command (yes that command took way more effort than it needed)
Samups: drew the character select art
reused content:
Sz: SSNMighty (breakable floor code, reusable)
Icezer: Super Sonic (ring attraction code, reusable)
yfyfyfyfyfy: Animated Skincolors (color scroll code, reusable)
CrystallineGazer: HorizonChars (Metal Sonic dance sprites, got perms)
Testers: ZharRDy, Maxisuperpoke, Silus, Samups

Character Select.png


GMS can attract rings a bit easier than normal characters.


Ability code from Icezer's Super Sonic addon.

When you have no rings, your only jump ability available (aside from shields) will be the Slow Fall.


It's a weaker version of Metal Sonic's hover, not being able to maintain GMS' weight.

As to prevent accidental ring consumption, GMS allows you to toggle your ring consumption with the Custom 1 button.


The little ring next to your ring count will be darkened when Ring Charge is off, and will start spinning when it's on.

This also allows you to use shields and "Super" (Overdrive) normally. Otherwise, you can hold the Jump key from the ground while it's on to prevent GMS' spin abilities from happening and use them anyways.

While Ring Charge is on, you will be able to enter the Ring Boost state. It doesn't require as much running around as Metal Sonic's Boost Mode, and it's faster in a way.


This ability can also break spikes and walls (including Knuckles' walls), allowing GMS to take cool shortcuts!



However, compared to Metal Sonic's Boost Mode, GMS' Ring Boost will not provide protection against enemies.


This ability will consume a ring per second, similar to Super Forms.

If you press Spin mid-air (while not holding Jump) you will perform a Ring Crush.


This ability will destroy nearby enemies, as well as break floors/spikes and power springs! This will allow GMS to access paths only other certain characters can.




Floor breaking code from Sz's SSNMighty.

This ability will consume 5 rings on use.

GMS can use the Ring Propeller by holding the Jump key! This ability will keep you suspended in the air, however it will consume one ring per second.


You can also use the Ring Dash by pressing Spin while hovering. It consumes 10 rings, but provides you with a big vertical and horizontal thrust that can help you reach high places or travel long distances really quickly!


As a bonus, you can carry other players by letting them grab onto you while using the Ring Propeller! Have fun tossing your friends around.

Ring Propeller Co-Op.gif

Golden Metal Sonic can enter Overdrive Mode with the seven Chaos Emeralds and 50 rings, by pressing Spin (while holding Jump if Ring Charge is on). This is pretty much GMS' Super Form.


While in this state, you will consume rings every second, but all of your abilities will be slightly buffed and free of charge! Feel free to spam those Ring Dashes.


The color's scroll effect was made with yfyfyfyfyfy's Animated Skincolors script.

*Milne dance support (sprites from the HorizonChars mod itself)
*XMomentum support (kinda, haven't tested)
*gms_propellernoise: This command allows you to toggle the noise the Ring Propeller produces locally. Turn this off if it annoys you! (huge thanks to ashi for helping me make this work at all)
*gms_help: lists all commands
*gms_bounstomp: allows you to toggle beta Ring Crush behavior, making the rebound higher but also costing more rings to use
*gms_betahud: toggles the placeholder HUD used before the current graphic HUD was coded in. completely pointless
*gms_credits: pretty self explainatory, if you really don't get it use it and find out
*open this up in SLADE :D

If you want to add model support to this character, it's quite simple.

GMS' animations and followitem are the same as Metal Sonic, he only has a couple (two literally) exclusive animations, SPR2_GSSQ and SPR2_GSST. GSSQ is the startup animation for the Ring Crush (squashing ball sprite, 5 frames), GSST is a single frame of the stretched ball frame.

The reason I added this is because models don't support spritexscale and spriteyscale. now you know why there's 6 copies of the ball sprite lol

I hope you enjoy playing as this character! Even as simple as it seems, this addon's been in development for a good while (mostly because I was busy).

also metal anyone v2.5 wasnt finished because i was lazy i SWEAR ill do it soon
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Latest updates

  1. v1.5 - Command Patch (took too long)

    - Added I/O support! Now all GMS commands will save in your luafiles/client folder, allowing for...

Latest reviews

he's so cool :D
i even made a redesign
idk how to send it to you though :T
you can send it to my Discord: Terionic#2440
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Bruh this character is broken because there are too many rings in every stage (still use the abilities that cost 5-10 rings wisely). That's what I love about this mod.
I'm not trying to break rule 15, but I wanna see if you can make him compatible with XMomentum.
I believe the abilities are just right, I didn't want to make them too costful to not have you use them like twice per level, but also still have you need to manage your rings properly.
Also I'm pretty sure he already supports XMomentum in a way? If you have any suggestions you can DM me on Discord: Terionic#2440 (since you can't reply to my reply on the reviews section lmao)
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I enjoyed this mod greatly, It's a very good way of using rings to unlock abilities.
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Really fun character! The ring mechanics fit right into the flow of gameplay. I especially like how the ring consuming abilities don't require the full amount, and instead just take what you have if you can't pay the cost. The ring drain reaches a nice middle ground where its something you need to keep in mind, but rarely forces you to stop in your tracks to gather more if you're managing it properly.

The lack of original sprites kind of make this a hard sell, though. You don't even have to make a full new sheet; a few accessories and adjustments here and there to solidify the ring theming would do wonders to make this character stand out more.

All in all, GMS may just be a new favorite of mine. I'm definitely loading him up next time I play a level wad.
Thank you! I would have definitely added something to the sprites but I was just kinda too lazy lol
In fact, the sprites were recolored with SLADE's Color Remap. took about... 10 seconds?
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Rings-as-cost is usually a tricky thing to get right, because you risk making your character too weak without rings, or being stuck grabbing everything to get basic moves out. I feel this mod does a good job at not being too taxing on your ring costs, and his natural magnetism makes collecting rings in groups much easier. He may be weaker without rings, but slow fall is a decent enough ability on its own, so you're not left in too bad of a state when dry.

I also like just how cranked he gets when you turn on your rung consumption, as it feels like a real gear shift. You have incredible power at that cost, and you are in full control of it. And with Overdrive on, you can just splurge on your moves, it feels pretty darn good! My only real issue is that your ring consuming flight uses the BASH flight sound, which is SO obnoxious to listen to for this long. There's a reason why the normal Metal Sonic's hover is silent. If you can't find something less loud to use, I'd rather it be silent too.

While I think the mod is good, it doesn't go much higher than that for me. It takes a lot to use a character mod that's an alt form of an existing character with recolored sprites, and this one is not really something I can find myself going back to. But I still had fun with it!
you do know i added a command specifically to disable the sound
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