srb2 v2.2.x

  1. Dr. Error

    Expardon you?

    It says SDL_RWclose could not be located in the dynamic link library, and I can't open SRB2 anymore. All I did was download SRB2K since there's more mods than SRB2 itself 1638497015 Someone help me 1638497522 I checked the trash bin and nothing popped up except for old versions of Werehog and...
  2. AurumMighty

    [Reusable] AurumPal v1.0

    The more the colors pop, the better! - AurumMighty (2021) AurumPal takes the palette of SRB2 and cranks up the vibrancy up to 11 with saturation boosts and additional hue shading. One of the more noticeable changes are the more vibrant grays; they now have a blue tint to them. This added tint...
  3. JanYT5!

    [Reusable] Alt SSN Sonic 1.0

    SSN Sonic is back in SRB2! This time he has new things up his sleeve. Jump Boost Just after your regular thok, hold jump and then you'll be charging the jump boost! Release jump to also release the jump boost. Be careful however, you can overcharge it! Stop-Dash Press spin anytime on the...
  4. Obspogon

    How do downloads work?

    Want to save space so: Does the game look for files in the addons folder when connecting to a netgame, or just the downloads folder? When looking in the downloads folder, can the game detect subfolders? Do Kart or Persona work any different?
  5. Cutedy

    Best Snake records

    Ever since a 2.2 update, you can play Snake in SRB2! But only if you're downloading a file. What's the best (or one of the best if you don't remember) record you got in it? Mine is... uh, I don't remember. IIRC 35 or 40? Dunno. May edit this thread to include this, once I get one record that I...
  6. antonretrojr

    Slinger Speed 1

    Have y'all ever heard of Jungle Speed? Slinger Speed is a recreation ofthe card game Jungle Speed in Sonic Robo Blast 2, packed up neatly for your enjoyment. This should hopefully liven up the custom gametype sub-forum. Have fun ripping the Totem out of your friends' hands!
  7. Starlight

    Willo The Cat v1

    Willo The Cat blasts off into SRB2! CREDITS Spritework: me lmao Sprite Assistance: Iceberg, Saneko, DrStephen (you especially helped make the ghost design, thank you) Coding: SMS Alfredo, Frostiikin Orchid Skincolor: Saneko Moveset Tweaks: SMS Alfredo, Inazuma (single-handedly made this mod...
  8. BuggieTheBug

    Angled Fang, What?

    He has died and he is ascending, but before he does that. He wanna pay eggman that he made him fight with sonic(and then lose) This is Fang, but he died... For now i made the Flying(7 times) and i need some ideas. And i will post progress. First small addition. Also i made a small little...
  9. BuggieTheBug

    Magic Metal Sonic v1.0.1

    The Magic Metal Sonic is here! *insert high quality recolored metal sonic CSS art here* He has a weird moveset so i recommend reading this spoiler. I hope you enjoy the mod!
  10. lnferno

    [Reusable] Super Whirlwind Jump! v1

    In older versions of SRB2, when you got all 7 Match Emeralds, Tails could turn Super and gain a new ability: The Super Whirlwind Jump! This has since been removed, but over half a year ago, I was considering a custom Tails Super ability when it came to me... Press Spin mid-air whilst Super (I...
  11. Klines

    [Reusable] Compacted - Port Of 2.1 LMS or Match Pack V1

    Compacted - Port Of 2.1 LevelPack Created by MK.EXE For Gametype LMS, but Support Match And TAG Gametype. All Maps created in Mini Style. Original Thread: Credits: MK.EXE - Original Author
  12. CG64

    [Reusable] [CTF] Icy Fortress Zone 1.2

    Icy Fortress is a CTF map whose theme is ice which consists of being a simple map but better and a little more detailed than previous maps made so far. Although there are certain texture issues, the map is 100% playable and you can enjoy it without any problems. Well, I hope you like it...
  13. Othius

    [v1.3] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Autumn 2021 1.3

    After two delays and nearly three whole months of development, I finally present to you... (Logo by @SpinSlash165) The Unofficial Level Design Collab: Autumn 2021 Just in time for spooky season! After 2 months of mapping: Let's reveal the level lineup! FIfteen new stages from various authors...
  14. Sebo2205

    [Reusable] Jelly Tails v1.1.3

    Something i decided to make, was originally just a lua that messes with vanilla tails, until i decided to add squash and stretch Abilities: Flight Press and hold jump in mid-air to fly, press spin to cancel Recurl Press spin in mid-air in a not spinning state to spin Stomp Press spin in...
  15. BuggieTheBug

    Rimuru Slime v1.0.1

    This is not exactly Rimuru i think. Anyway the Slimy boi is here. Credits: BuggieTheBug(Sprites, Lua) I hope you enjoy this mod!
  16. Nesmanx

    [Reusable] The Special Minigames V1.2

    Tired of those boring, outdated multiplayer special stages? Want to add some spice into your co-op server? Or do you just want some new special stages to challenge yourself? Well do I have the mod for you! Introducing the Special Minigames, a small pack of 3 maps with a whole new take on the...
  17. EAJS

    [Reusable] EAJS Inverted Vanilla Levels (Level Pack) 1

    EAJS Inverted Levels Bringing a new way to play the most popular stages of SRB2, this time inverted, what will be the challenges? FEATURES: All singleplayer Co-op maps are inverted! Exit and start are inverted! The order of the zones was also reversed! 1-up and Eggman monitors were swapped...


    some fancy colors i made! ( edgy ) flying orange punching red thokking blue piko pink ( recommended to me on the discord ) ss1 yellow OW THE EDGE
  19. Nightwolf

    [Reusable] XRNG v1

    XRNG XRNG is a seedable 32-bit RNG library with multiple instance support. It's an SRB2 Lua implementation of xoshiro128++ PRNG. Created instances should be seeded with a number or a string, otherwise the generated number sequences will always be the same after initialization. To add the library...
  20. Klines

    [Reusable] Fake Colormap 1.0

    Fake Colormap - Mod allows you to make a fake colormap anywhere Example: