srb2 v2.2.x

  1. CryoGX

    [Reusable] Neon & Maxed Neon (Advent NEON) 1

    Hey everyone! I play SRB2Kart with my friends pretty regularly, and decided to make a mod of my own character! I've been playing it personally for a while, but I figured I'd go ahead and release it publicly too, along with this new art I made for the occasion. If you've never heard of them...
  2. Icezer

    [Reusable] Icezer's Miscellaneous Stuff 1

    Hey there! This mod mostly consists of miscellaneous coding I made but didn't have anywhere specific to put it. Starting off, there's an inherent change to how Emerald Tokens work; if you touch one while all 7 emeralds have been collected, you'll receive 50 rings instead of a continue (or 1up...
  3. JABSphere94

    Lock On Toggle V1.0

    Lock On Toggle Press custom 2 to lock on to a target press it again to lock off. You can tilt your aim horizontally to the left or right of the target. You can also lock on to other Players depending on the game type/game settings. Should work with simple controls. Works best with...
  4. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Reusable] Run on Water

    Pyrakid Wolfo submitted a new resource: Run on Water - Run on water... S3K style! Read more about this resource...
  5. Pyrakid Wolfo

    [Reusable] Run on Water v1

    You remember how in Sonic 3 you could run on top of water in Hydrocity as long as you were running fast enough? Well, now you can do that in SRB2! Along with a S3K styled running on water effect. All you need to do is have a speed equal to or higher than 50, speed shoes or momentum recommended...
  6. Mari0shi06

    Custom Plushie Mod 1.2

    Bored and want to do something low-effort yet fun? Using this mod, you can create your very own Plushie Skin! Each plushie is stored in one skin, and can be changes using the plushie command. Example Link: L_SonicPlush-v1.wad Some Notes: The main PK3 file for this mod is not reusable, load...
  7. FAVman33

    FaDChars - Frank & Dummie 1.2

    (Check out the trailer here!) The Dimension Duo finally make a comeback, ready for adventure! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Credits Frostiikin - HUGE Help with partner swapping SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use some snippets of code he made before The CSCS - For motivation...
  8. antonretrojr

    [Reusable] Spin Damage v1.1

    Basically what it says on the tin - you take damage after rolling for a while. ...Okay I may need to go more in-depth on that. Rolling around or charging a Spin Dash decreases your SpinDamage% - a percentage that determines your rolling fate. If it reaches 0, say bye to your Rings. ...or Life...
  9. Hedgemods_

    Sketch-Hog for SRB2! (Finished) V1.1

    Okay... I am done with this project! Say hello to the sketch-hog from the sonic mania announcement trailer! I originally worked on this in 2020 but got rejected, blah blah blah and stuff like that but hey! I fixed it! His peelout is by MotdSpork and Drop dash by CobaltBW! Big thanks to D00D64...
  10. Well Tell

    Remastered Sonic.exe

    This is Ability to Battle Mode
  11. ZackNAttack

    Charmy Bee

    I have everything except the sprites (since I can't sprite (though I have a signpost sprite by my sister)). Can fly for 16 seconds and flies faster than others but can't spindash. Can land on enemies or floors to damage or break them, respectively. Can walk through spindash gaps. Upon contact...
  12. ffoxD

    [Reusable] SRB2 Color Splash v1

    Welcome to Sonic Robo Blast 2: Color Splash. This mod is capable of colouring absolutely everything in a level. It might get your eyes dizzy, so I made multiple different versions! SRB2 Color Splash only colors everything once. If a new object is spawned it will also be colored. Thok Color...
  13. The Real Inferno

    [Reusable] Demo Quest Zone v1.0b

    Pushing SRB2 to it's very limits, Demo Quest Zone ensures a uniquely torturous experience for all that play it. Originally started because a member of the SRB2 Official Server, FrostedGeulleisia, tried and failed to cram all of Beta Quest into a singular map, this has expanded to be a test of...
  14. CW1931

    Im making a mod called sonic cx

    I wanted to do this for a while and now I'm doing it so here are the levels that I plan to put in: Sunset Beach Zone Flower Garden Zone Daylight Wood Zone Deck Mountain Zone Frosted Factory Zone Battle Bay Zone Eternal Egg Zone so yeah ill give lil peaks on the srb2 discord there and here too...
  15. DoodlesYT

    [Reusable] Emerald Glade Zone 2.0 1.0

    This is it! The level pack you've been waiting for... Emerald Glade Zone! Originally being a single act for the SRB2 Official Level Design Contest, now being a full-on release as a full 3-act zone! Experience Emerald Glade with the first act being the classic emerald hunt stage, act 2 being an...
  16. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] Paintbrush v1

    Paintbrush. Green ink: It`s solid and that means you can use it as a platform. Red ink: Kills enemies but doesnt let you use it as a platform Yellow ink: Use it in multiplayer to show where to go to new players. (Only in multiplayer) Hold Attack button to paint. Press Next weapon to...
  17. Cman!

    What's in store for Cman Version 4.0?!

    Development has been going on for Cman! Cman has to be the biggest projects I'm working on for SRB2! And I am very excited to show you content for Cman 4.0! With these small sneek peaks! And also great work with @SupaCustardbro for coding! And of course @Latius and more for helping with the...
  18. Marcos

    [Reusable] Faraway Fields Zone 1.0

    After a year or so in development hell with myself, I am but proud to share with you Faraway Fields Zone. A reimagination of a certain level. This is by all means the right and best way to experience it. Features: A new (definitely not pointless) collectible scattered all around the map...
  19. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] Personal default skin color 1

    Adds a command "setdefaultskincolor". Help is provided in-game by calling it without arguments. It can be used to set a color that one will automatically switch to upon changing to specific skins. For example, "setdefaultskincolor sonic tails red" will make it so that upon switching to Sonic or...
  20. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] FangLaff 1

    Allows Fang to laugh with a press of Custom 1! (Note: Does not work with models, instead a sped-up idle animation will play)