srb2 v2.2.x

  1. TheLastKitchenGun

    Super Whenever v1

    Allows anyone (few exceptions, blaze, marine, samus, super mystic sonic can't) to turn super by pressing Custom3 with any amount of rings (except for zero, and you still need the chaos emeralds) if you're blaze or marine this uses the sol emeralds, if your character isn't blaze or marine but...
  2. Katmint

    [Reusable] rphys 1

    NOTE FOR JUDGES: This exe uses MODID 62. The master server does not support it at the moment; I'll pester someone to whitelist it once the mod is released. This is rphys, a custom build containing a total overhaul of the game physics. The changes are essentially: Momentum is preserved...
  3. DirkTheHusky

    SRB2 Battle Announcer v1.0.0

    This small addon does what the title says. It adds in an announcer that will do its job whenever you and your friends play some battles. This addon only supports CobaltBW's SRB2 Battle mod and that mod alone. List of actions that you will hear: - Countdowns for pre-rounds and pinches - Says...
  4. Zoraxua

    The Almighty Eighth V1

    The Hyper Emerald, aka the Almighy Eighth is a basic LUA that - By default - Spawns the Ultimate 8th Powerstone at some point in a ringslinger game. On map load, the addon selects a random ring to use as the spawnpoint. Then after a random (or preset) amount of time, the area will start...
  5. SpectrumUK

    [Reusable] BCZ2 Multiplayer Softlock fix (L_BCZ2MPSoftlockFix-v1.lua) v1

    This Lua checks playersforexit, and teleports everyone else to the end of BCZ2 when that many players are at the end. If you add Hurry Up, then it also checks hurry_players and teleports players based on that. (I previously didn't realise Hurry Up was on the MB)
  6. jayflamestar

    Better Lives v1.4

    Have you ever thought that the life icons in your HUD just seem a bit too bland? Do you wish they had a bit more of a flair? Do you have an irrational hatred towards those little black bars at the top and bottom of all of them? Then look no further than the Better Lives addon! This addon aims...
  7. Kirb

    [Reusable] Thokko v1 - initial release

    The thok is cool, why not making a character out of it? Introducing: Thokko abilities: midjump + jump = thok/homing thok the thok and homing thok you know and love, with a twist, it keeps momentum once on ground, so you can use it to gain speed easily by just thokking midjump + spin =...
  8. Fairon

    Fairon The Heghehog V1.4

    New hero in studios Fairon The Heghehog Character from speedfaster ringer. Abilities: 1. Ability: Electric Thok - It's just Thok. But stronger than Sonic's and it has Electric Particles. 2. Ability Teleport Thok - 3. Ability DashMode - 4. Ability Homing Teleporthk - This is...
  9. Fyrid19

    Ring Attack V1

    Just a very simple gametype that drains your rings as you go through the levels. I expected to be coding this for a lot longer. Yet it took 2 hours. In hardcore, there is another way to get rings. Destroying enemies will grant you 2 more rings. (I only added this because the timer in hardcore...
  10. Blur

    [Reusable] RacePlus 1.02.3

    Pretty decent race additions for the race mode REPLAY MODE When you set a record, your replay is recorded for others to beat! A version of uncapped plus is used in GIF. Notice: the "best time" replay file is located in luafiles/RaceReplay/{map number}
  11. jayflamestar

    Jay's Colors v1

    Hi! I decided to make some skincolors for fun, and I thought I'd publish them for some people to have if they like them! This pack has 21 normal skincolors, 3 animated skincolors, and 1 special skincolor, totaling up to 25 new skincolors! Credits: SkinColor Effects by Rem - Used as a base...
  12. Othius

    [v1.4] Unofficial Level Design Collab: Spring 2022 [v1.4]

    Logo by @SpinSlash165 Join the Discord Server Welcome back, everybody, to the return of the Unofficial Level Design Collab. This edition, Spring 2022, included 18 New Levels for you to play. The largest ULDC yet! Let's go through them all: mario maze act 1 zone, Act 1 by @Entropy...
  13. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] Customizeable Hud v2.1

    allows you to change the hud using commands Commands: customhud_hudnamecolor, changes the color of the name near the life icon customhud_hudname, changes the name near the life icon to your player name, or both the character name and player name customhud_lifeicon, changes the life icon...
  14. Harald SRB2

    Why, when i press the RB button on the XBOX ONE X/S controller, the caracter jumps, but doesn't with A?

    realy: it's REALY anoyng and it feels like it shouln't be like that. please help. 1651601784 please help (should this bee in Discord? lol)
  15. Blur

    [Reusable] RailAI 1.01

    The meadow match map was peaceful. Until I submitted this havoc. Supports Yes/No Tag No Team Match Yes Match Yes Hide N Seek No CTF No Ringslinger Neo Yes This is subject to change really soon.
  16. Kirb

    [Reusable] Kirb's cool colors v1

    this isn't a big skincolor pack, but it's unique for its special colors, i will surely add a skincolor if you ask for it, since i have no originality i used the chaotix crescent hud in these gifs
  17. SuperPhanto

    [Reusable] Mouse Move Overhaul 1

    I basically made a small script that allows the player to toggle an overhaul of the base game's "Mouse Move" option, that is toggled by typing the command "mousemoveoverhaul" into the console. Typing the command a second time will disable it. This variation of Mouse Move allows you to strafe...
  18. BuggieTheBug

    [Reusable] TF2 Voice menu v1

    TF2. Voice commands. A simple mod that is very heavy. Type "voicemenu" in concole and it will open a menu that will say a line from TF2 if the character has one. By pressing weapon buttons you choose the command. Theres also an admin command "voicespam" that turns off spam(default if off). If...
  19. BuggieTheBug

    Tails... The Engineer? v1.0.1

    Hello! Another mod, i hope it`s a good one. It`s basically TF2 Engineer but adapted to SRB2. I do think i posted this too early for some reason. Anyway the abilities and cool stuff. Fly Dash: Press and hold jump to fly for a very limited time. (if you just press it will not be that high)...
  20. Dust Sans

    [Reusable] TobyFox V1

    Toby Fox is here... Toby Fox The Annoying Dog History It's an interesting coincidence. This dog appeared in the game srb2((Sonic Robo Blast 2) Or more precisely the world of Sonic Robo Blast 2) he somehow got into the Deep Sea. As a result, he found the Magic Red Ruby. Which gives him...