srb2 v2.2.x

  1. Zarosguth

    Jet Metal Sonic v1.2

    Jet Metal Sonic (JMS) is my first SRB2 addon and has been a ton of fun to work on. I hope people will enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed making it. FEATURES: JMS's main feature is the Charge Abilities, moves that are charged up to improve their effects. You can read the details here...
  2. RepeatedKibbles

    Mine Maze Remake 2.2 port 2022-09-23

    "Introducing Mine Maze, A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Featuring Platforms moving Vertically and a bunch of Slopes (Act 2), and a Boss Battle, Originally submitted for SUGOI. Plot: After Defeating Eggman and his Plans at Arid Canyon He escaped to a Dark Mine nearby, you decided to Follow...
  3. MasterDisaster64

    [Reusable] Air Options 1.0

    Quality-of-life improvements to the aerial controls, backported from the Sonic Adventure games. No more "roll jump"! Jumping out of a roll results in a regular jump, enabling tight turns. Rolling off a ledge or ramp also puts you in the jump state, meaning tighter turns and access to jump...
  4. C

    Sonic the Hedgehog MVD: releasing in fall '23!

    we are proud to present our newest entry to the Message Board and as a tribute to Sonic CD's 30th anniversary (coming soon in fall '23), developed and yet to be published by Cosmix Productions – a 14-member devteam, and 3 years of developing, conceptualizing, and executing... Sonic the Hedgehog...
  5. Tempmarrow

    How to print a text using a state

    So basically I'm wondering how to print a text WITHOUT it constantly spamming it. 1663756692 So... no response
  6. Mr.FondusBroMan

    TD Forest (REMAKE! Official) V1

    Original Used:
  7. {BG}Tails(S1)

    [Reusable] Tails's Remixed 2.2 Models V1.0.5

    "It's about time!" Finally after months of work the "Azure and Drippy" pack has been given a fresh coat of paint and has been renamed to Remixed. Many of the things you remember has been given some form of an upgrade. [ most of them.. R.I.P m.t.o.v you will forever be missed. till you get added...
  8. Shanon

    [Reusable] Ritsu's Drums Is Here! V.1.2(Fixed stuff)

    V.1.2 Tag Character for sample--->:threat: (For use in other character Change the tag character name in the file). Hi, i made a little lua. 1.What is this? -Simple is a portable drums in srb2. 2.Why this? -I Love rhythm games and i just wanted some rhythm in srb2. 3.Thats a Refence of K-On...
  9. A'Dilla

    A'Dillaz Hat Shop v1.0.1

    Note: These hats support the Cosmetics mod. This is required for them to pop up Welcome to the Hat Shop! Enjoy yourself while we play 24/7 LoFi, and a certain someone's huge playlist of banger music. We don't have too much, but I hope there's a good amount for you to enjoy a few. Lets see...
  10. TheLastKitchenGun

    STC Super Sonic (Fleetway) v1

    so sonic the comic super sonic/fleetway abilities: press c1 to fire a laser Hover/Float Hold Spin and you'll start floating upwards for a second, then you'll start hovering Thok/MultiThok It's a thok. wow. if you have 30+ rings you gain multiability and a small stat boost the color also...
  11. T

    Ann the Slicer 0.85

    Once started as a joke about making the badniks of Metropolis Zone playable, after years of development hell because of mental health issues, the 0.85 version of the character is finally here. The slicer is here. The abilities Slide Dash is your key movement tool, available through Custom...
  12. SquiddyBoi

    Form Auras

    Ok So I Thought Super Forms Might Look Cooler If It Had An Aura That Could Have It's Size Or Style Changed Within The Console And It Would Match The Super Color Your Character Is Using. Idk How To Code Or Make Sprites So Just An Idea For Now.
  13. Speccy

    Speccy the Kitsune v1.3 (with model now)

    So you might remember a previous add-on of mine, it had RPG mechanics, was quite buggy, and overall wasn't fun to play as. What if we just, take that, remove the RPG mechanics, and make it play normally? Here's the result: (CSS Portrait by Totally Lerf (aka Heromi)) Speccy got herself a...
  14. Kirb

    Cirno Fumo Versione one

    this character is designed to play levels like you're not supposed to, basically skipping over entire sections and destroying enemies by just landing Abilities dahs: Press spin to thrust forwards, works better in air bounc: hit your head to the wall like an absolute idiot to bounce...
  15. Mr Heck!

    MechaChars 1.6.1 Beta

    This mod is a beta and I don't know whether to continue or not, the lua still needs to be polished and the sprites finished but so far it's very playable and it can give you another experience playing with silver sonic game gear since mecha sonic is kind of rough and he silver sonic can be...
  16. NordVPN

    NordChars(WIP) 1.3_Beta

    These are NordChars, momentum based characters! (Movesets are not final!) Most of the midis in this Char-pack are my works, please ask me before using any of them! Credits PRBlaster Sapphire Tails SonicFan214 TeriosSonic Kirb the Korb Star SMSAlfredo Frostiikin
  17. TheLastKitchenGun

    FusionHA (port) v2.1

    Addon originally made by Golden Shine 2.1 Post using the fusionha command nearby someone that's willing to fuse (if nobody is around to, you'll be ready to fuse) after a few seconds, you'll switch control using the command again defuses you in splitscreen, an emblem will appear to so you can...
  18. Shanon

    [Reusable] Penguinator want to give you a gift!Colors! V1

    Hi, today i want to give you a great gift. by Penguinator While i was working on penguinator in my mind was if i try copy the original color for the little guy and....oH My God i hope you all liked this gifts colors from the little penguin:wonderful:(is not 100% accurate the blue one but i tried...
  19. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf v2.5.9

    Hello. Yes I am the one in the discord server Srb2 Community and I am the creator of the mod Scarf The Wolf/TD Forest and Sonic.exe in youtube. But now when I was banned. I decided to do an update and completely removed everything with non-reusable content, for adding a reusable content. And I'm...
  20. InnocentDalek785

    [Reusable] InnocentDalek785's Custom Palette 1.1 - Various Color Touch Ups

    This is my custom palette for SRB2. The colors are more vibrant, without excessive over-saturation, nor drastic lightness/darkness contrast changes. Since I'm not skilled and experienced enough to make mods from scratch, I used another mod as a base (PVPalette, created by PencilVoid). The...