srb2 v2.2.x

  1. JonBaxter

    Food v1.0

    This small mod allows map creators to place food items in their maps! These items can optionally respawn and award rings to the players that collect them. All item settings can be found within custom thing 4020: Food in Zone Builder: Food sprite: Used to decide the kind of food item to...
  2. ModSomeFun

    Continue State Switcher 1.1

    This script allows the player to use their character's respective Continue animation whenever they press the Ring Toss/Fire Normal button. (By default, that's Right-Click on the mouse or the Left Trigger on a gamepad.) This was just a fun idea I had that would make online interactions a tad...
  3. dish soap

    [Open Assets] Dish's obvious custom palette v1.1

    Hi uh yeah this mod just makes the game look greenish and kinda yellow. (Or maybe desaturated i guess?) How the custom palette looks like:
  4. wat_newby3

    Sonic Forces (Lost Valley Demo) V1.0

    Green Hills lookin' a lot more like sand hill right now Hey wait, where are you going? Hey gang, its me, gamerboy8000 showing you Sonic Forces (With better level design (Not that i had a problem with it (I dont have good opinions) ) ) Uhhhh yeah probably not going to do much with this, might...
  5. SonicjrFan

    How to make it so in act 1 your sonic then in act 2 your tails?

    i am trying to make a mod that makes you sonic in act 1 then tails in act 2 and i dont know how does Anyone know
  6. SonicjrFan

    Sonic world Demo 1.1

    Its my first map so its might have bugs SONIC JAM Screenshots : Have fun
  7. SomeSRB2modder

    XLR some things

    so i was wanted to do a SA sonic mod but not like Dreamcast sonic and adventure sonic this sonic from ONLY 1 GAME that is SA1 so here some NEW and OLD sprites 1679256303 slow progress
  8. Sls64LGamingBro

    Mostly Colors

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Mostly Colors - Just a kindish colors Read more about this resource...
  9. Sls64LGamingBro

    Mostly Colors v1

    Welcome to Mostly Colors This is a "mostly colors" to atleast try to do sonic games's colors, that's really it. I will add more, sorry if this is kinda short colors. But I will add in more in the future, anyways, have fun with some colors!
  10. R

    Modern Sonic Be Like

    Mods used: for the rail grinding because actual Modern Sonic will never have rail grinding outside of arid canyon. for the modern sonic...
  11. Sls64LGamingBro

    Old Castle Zone

    Welcome to Old Castle Zone "Discussion" of course, but as it stands out. Please also talk about topic things, cuz I feel like mods in discussions need more love than not careing about whatever you wanna say. The Latest Version is currently: v1.0 as it stands out, There is also pause music...
  12. Sls64LGamingBro

    Old Castle Zone v1

    This is Old Castle Zone! A stage was going to be in a ULDC submission thing, also OCZ2 and 3 don't have thumbnail in them. Only OCZ1 has one, Another thing to this is also has some reference to the past of cez in demo 4 to v1.09.4! Here is some screenshots and some gifs of this stages...
  13. BuggieTheBug

    Pizza TV (Pizza Tower TV thingy)

    I make a silly little thing that is not a character, no idea if it will come out but i have some good progress. Stuff i made: Some simple sprites for the TV. Some crops of player sprites to put in the TV. Background changing color based on the level (Boss and which zone, but can differ on acts)...
  14. ToeiSamurai

    A dish of Toei Coni Soap Buildrits Juicy Colors! 1

    Me and my friends, dish'soapian, Conipurple and buildrit developed new colors for online use! Version 1 contains 6 colors. Lovely Colors These colors are, Zoisite, Rose Quartz, Blue Steel, Kyanite, Rusty gold and Rhodolite! Its pretty self-explanatory. I am hoping to release v1.5 to just add...
  15. Shanon

    Pterabyte V1.5

    ------ V.1 Hi, Finally the boy is Here for help him friends. Note: First, I leave a little note for prevent some things. --- --- Important: -Jump Sign:(While On Floor, Hurt, doors or traitors that sign tells you how to begins the character Flying or move again). Now The Skills : -Fly up and...
  16. SonicjrFan

    Generations Classic Sonic (WIP)

    Abilities : Generations Spin dash like the spam dash but you still can roll Roll : like in srb2 Homing attack : maybe a option to use it? If you have ideas for abilities you can send it
  17. R

    Srb2 Glitch mod

    How do I make and SRB2 Glitch mod similar to Sonic 06 or Sonic Boom? (and what are your thoughts on the idea?)
  18. temor

    Is it possible to make a level that can lead you to either the previous or the next one?

    (No idea how to post a question related to SRB2Builder so here I am) I'm trying to make a map that has 2 exit points that leads you to two different maps/levels. One exit to return to previous level, and one to head to the next level. But then I've only been tinkering and playing around with...
  19. Canned-Confusion

    Is there a way to disable the special stage timer?

    I'm playing a broken version of a 2.1 level port and some of the levels have become impossible because they are now counted as special stages and have the timer which is way shorter than is possible to beat the stages
  20. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf (V4.0) V4.0

    Well...You've waited. In general, this is the last mod. Although I want to add what I wanted. Even nerf sometimes. Just one of them is added. But in general. Welcome to the abort my new mod in the YouTube movie studio and so on. So also in some site which there draw....These are the art...