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Willo The Cat blasts off into SRB2!

Willo has two dashes. One goes up, and the other goes down.
(He's also accompanied by his wisp companion cheering him on, Nebby!)

The first dash can be cancelled into the second, giving you the option to turn it into a stomp move.

That's not all what the second dash can do though! Holding spin while falling to the ground can activate a rolling spindash!

By doing the same button combination on walls, you can rebound off walls and get the spindash!

Together, these options may open up ways for creative strategies!


Spritework: me lmao
Sprite Assistance: Iceberg, Saneko, DrStephen (you especially helped make the ghost design, thank you)
Coding: SMS Alfredo, Frostiikin
Orchid Skincolor: Saneko
Moveset Tweaks: SMS Alfredo, Inazuma (single-handedly made this mod more based, couldn't thank you enough deer)
Original CSS Art Sketch: Alice
Special Thanks: HattyBoyo, Dajumpjump, Machturne/SwitchKaze, LilacChips, Bendedede


Now, I think it's time for Willo to get to bed. The lad's had a long day.​
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  1. Phasedash nerf

    .... this is self explanatory. Apologies for taking so long, but Willo has been nerfed quite a...

Latest reviews

I really love the design and the ability, and it's pretty neat how the running state in ghost form is low enough to the ground that you can go under spin gaps without spinning. The jump ability is super neat and really simple, I adore it. I don't personally find it especially overpowered, no moreso than say, Shadow's Snap. Hell, Shadow has more control and can go much higher AND faster than Willo, yet nobody complains- or rather if they do, I've not seen it.
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I love this character! I honestly don't get the complaint that Willo is "too overpowered". The abilities are so simple and yet you can use them to quickly blast through zones. The inclusion of the rolling spindash makes the moveset less derivative than it could've been. I also love the way Willo's sprites look, so props for that as well.
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This community consistently surprises me with how many different and uniquely amazing characters it can make. A simple but effective moveset that melds perfectly with the engine.
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i feel like he should be able to use the different shields as other wisps
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Wilo the Pillow is super fun to play as. You can get up to speed in no time with the ability plus its pretty simple to learn.

But this pillow isnt soft and comfy, nUh UH!

Pillow the will has a nack for speedrunning too which i have seen a plethora of.
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Heh, finally, a mod that utilizes a Wisp better than the mainline Sonic games do. With pretty cool moves and visuals as well!
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Nice to play but his jump move really strong in terms of vertical mobility. His running animation feels as though it should damage enemies or put him into dashmode but it doesn't, maybe it can be implemented in the future to further ramp up the OP-ness or something IDK. Otherwise he's still a good character to play around with.
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One of my favorite SRB2 mods, along with Mario! The visuals are great and the abilities are fun! Thought that it will be harder to master, though it didn't turn out to be that. Not complaining about that, just saying.
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Visually, I love this character, Willo The Cat looks amazing. But this character was created to show "look my OC is cool". The ability of this character is unbalanced, no mechanics, he easily flies through the levels in seconds. I think you need to work on the character's abilities.
We will DEFINITELY work on his abilities, but the thing that annoys me the most about these 3 stars

.....is how you guys barely elaborate on how powerful he is
we weren't even trying to make him look cool in the first place, plus knuckles and tails LITERALLY do the same thing. If you can, send a gif showing the problems you have and going into further detail about it.
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Willo is a well-made and well-drawn character, but I don't like his ability. No, his ability is good and works without errors, but he's just too powerful. I was able to complite ACZ1 in just a minute. Do I need to say that I didn't give my best?

Willo is very easy to learn to play and you just fly through the levels, like SMS, although I was hoping it would be a balanced character (like mario, silver etc).
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