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Rockets, Spikeballs and a cute lil' bowtie. Maimy is here!
NOTE: I have permission from the original artist, Z-T00N, to release this character.

Maimy comes from an old comic series created by Z-T00N that you might have heard from back in ~2017, Ponic And Fails! An alternate universe set in space, with tons of character changes both in design, species and personalities. This is pretty much the "Robot Amy" of that universe. But enough about her backstory, lets get right into the details!

MB Icon.png
Spike Buster!
MB Icon.png


Much like her counterpart, Maimy's main method of attack is with a weapon. But this ain't no hammer, this is a huge spikeball mace!
Maimy is able to use this mace in a variety of different ways, but if you've played Amy before, you'll know what to expect - but with a few key differences.


Tapping spin will let you swing the mace forwards. Unlike Amy, though, the mace is disjointed from her, allowing you to score hits from a much longer distance. When it impacts, it will also create a small shockwave that deals damage to nearby enemies, so you don't always need to precisely hit them!


Holding down spin while moving, however, will let Maimy vault over obstacles with a Mace Jump. This ability is key for your movement and will allow you to cross gaps and reach places you wouldn't be able to normally. The faster you go, the higher the jump! This ability synergizes greatly with her next ability...

MB Icon.png
Rocket Booster!
MB Icon.png


Use that jetpack on your back and reach new heights! Hold down jump to charge up the jetpack and let go to blast off! The longer you charge it up, the higher you'll go - When you hear a click, you'll know you've charged it to full! You're also able to use it immediately after a Mace Jump, and combining them will let you dominate the skies. Careful, you can only use it once in the air before landing!


MB Icon.png
MB Icon.png


Surprise! Maimy has BattleMod support! A very strong Area Denial character, with an incredibly powerful Mace Spin, she's able to hunker down and completely deny trespassers. This comes at a cost, though - her defense is pretty much null, and depends entirely on her Mace to do the work. All you have to do is find that opening, but good luck if she sees you coming!

MB Icon.png
MB Icon.png

You know 'em, you love 'em. Better to find 'em out yourself buuuut...

  • Better (tm) Dashmode, comes in vapor.​
  • Custom skincolor that reflects her appearence in the web comic!​
  • tiny lil maims​
  • hunger for hugs (custom 2)​
  • BattleMod Support! yes i finally gave in, leave me alone​
  • They say emeralds are great for robots. Wonder how your arsenal is affected by it..?​
  • many thoughts head full, slow down and wait to remember your friends​
  • She has a knack for dancing, apparently. But only with a certain crystal fox.​
  • shitalar​

MB Icon.png
Special Thanks!
MB Icon.png

As always, I couldn't have done it with the help from friends and members of the community alike. Thank you all so so much.

MB Icon.png
Z-T00N - OC Design, permission.

Hopefully you'll read this, but thank you so so much for letting me bring Maimy into a playable state. Hope I did her justice!

MB Icon.png
J2B2, Frostiikin, SMS Alfredo and Bloops - Coding, Custom Colors, BattleMod.

You guys were absolutely fantastic. J2B2, you came out of nowhere and completely nailed Maimy's mace - thank you so so much man. It was great working with ya! Frosti, the rocket booster is super fun - and the custom color is really nice. Bloops, thank you so much for the WAIT easter eggs and ease of adding icons to Maimy, you're great c: - Alfredo, thank you for the last minute help with battlemod names! Hope I didn't take too much time off your hands, haha.

MB Icon.png
Inazuma - Character balancing and BattleMod help.

I had absolutley no idea how Battle worked, and you helped a ton introducing me to it by mercilessly kicking my ass lol
Jokes aside, your feedback helped a lot into fine-tuning Maimy so she's not disgustingly broken and still very fun to play.

MB Icon.png
LightDasher, Starlight and DaJumpJump - Sprite Assistance

You guys helped out a ton!! LD, you went out of your way to not only help out with spring frames and roll frames, but even her dance! Thank you so so much. Star helped out a ton by both inspiring me to keep going, and helping out with signposts, stand edits and the such. Thanks!! And thank you Jump for the last WAIT icon we needed, he looks great!

MB Icon.png
The CSCS - Final Testing

It was a lot of fun to test Maimy with a ton of people, you know who you are. Thank you guys! See ya around!

Hope you guys enjoy Maimy as much as we did working on her. And check out the original artist, Z-T00N!
See ya!
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I'll just love this cute android

Spike Buster it's are good weapon! (Three murders already)
Rocket Booster Good analogue of flight
And... miami color

Thank you for this addon. ( U wU)
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Perfect, but I feel as though the battlemod ability should also be added to the game because *COUGH COUGH* Castle eggman act 3 and metal sonic.
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Ayo why she ourple in bruges
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we need a mod with Ponic and Fails
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there is a secret if u pair metal sonic and maimy
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This character is so cute and good.
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Maimy is absolutely glorious, and this addon was a good way to discover Ponic and Fails. I love the way her abilities work with her Dashmode so that it's easily maintained and not-so-easily lost. A wonderful product and some great swingin' fun!
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maimy my beloved. she is by far my favorite character so far, really fun to just fly over everything if you can master how she plays. i rate her cute/10 try her out as soon as you can.
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Maimy is pretty fun to play as, and was very easy for me to become decent with. She can go very fast with her max speed boost, and can jump ridiculously high; it almost feels like I'm playing an OP character such as Sonic Overdrive when she's in boost mode.
However, her being able to do infinite rocket jumps while super makes her stop being fun to play as since you basically just spam rocket jump to fly past everything,
Also, she has great spritework, except her vertical mouth in her goalpost sprite and promotional artwork looks weird, and, iirc, she uses the falling sprite as her rolling rock sprite, though I might've confused that part with another addon.
I give this addon 4/5 stars.
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This is an amazing character, first off, its height... its height... GOD! might as well never use Tails because this is leagues better! it can reach the top of GFZ at top speed, its hammer vault is an amazing addition as well, this is an amazing take on Amy, or, the definitive Amy experience. Also i know people on the message board are big brain and they probably already know, but shitalar is referring to the fail animation for XMomentum. But other than that, an AMAZING character, its moveset, spot on, its sprites, amazing, in general, the best Amy experience, even if not an Amy.
(Also it was 4 stars but it deserves a 5 star.)
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