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You're not going crazy, it's him!

By the power of a miracle, Super Sonic is here to finally put a stop to Eggman's schemes. He may play like regular vanilla Super Sonic, but he hardly operates the same!

Ring Drain


As if ripped straight out of Doomsday Zone, if that Ring counter hits 0 it's game over! It's important to gather as many rings as you can, which brings me to...

Ring Gain


Super Sonic has been blessed with a few new ways to keep up his ring count, which include:
- Damaging badniks will grant Super 2 rings per hit.
- Hitting a boss will grant Super 5 rings per hit.
- Picking up an Emerald Token will grant Super 25 rings instantly.
- Super has very weak ring attraction, letting him attract any rings he barely missed.

Other Features


Super Sonic comes with more than what he appears. What he has includes but isn't limited to:
- A unique animated signpost!
- A very cool continue screen animation!
- More than a handful of custom colors using super colors from vanilla (and some original ones, too!)
- A hidden power awakened from beating Black Hole Zone as Super Sonic (requires the level to be unlocked, and may require custom saves.) You can transform by pressing Custom 1 after jumping with 100+ rings, and you'll know if you can transform if there are rainbow sparkles coming from Super Sonic.
- A special surprise upon touching a Fire Flower or pressing Custom 2 with 75+ rings along with all Sol emeralds... (The latter requiring Rush Characters.)
- Netgame Support! Trying to switch to Super without all 7 emeralds will force the player onto Sonic instead (with varying ways of saying you need the emeralds.) Hitting 0 rings will warp Super back to the last starpost he hit instead of taking away a life, and ring drain is frozen upon finishing the current stage. Co-op is the only currently supported gametype, and support for others will come within eventual future updates.


Alice - Making the wonderful CSS art used for Super Sonic, and indirectly kickstarting Super's development.
LonelyFoxz - Made the lovely signpost sprites.
Frostiikin - Death/Drown frames along with Continue/Extra life icons originally used for Almost Super Sonic.
BlueBlur - Goal ring sprites, continue screen animation, and thread icon/template for ending sparkles.
SuperPhanto - Made the Super Cobalt color included with Super along with notable help with v2.
Sir Thoksalot - Original code for Hyper Form.
Golden Shine - Minor coding assistance, along with code originally made for SA-Sonic.
grindersky - Recorded the replay for the Hyper Metal Sonic race.
Marcos - Crafted the theme used for Hyper Sonic.
Bloopsdoob - General support and help with HUD related code.​
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.1a Shadowpatch

    Heya everyone, Icy here. This is what's essentially a shadowpatch due to being a fix for one...
  2. Version 2.1a

    Happy new year. - A brand new, unique Hyper theme done by the wonderful Marcos. - You can now...
  3. Version 2.1

    Heya, here's a small QOL update for you all that originally got started on for sake of mod...

Latest reviews

Man, this mod is a god send for the best reasons
also, is this just me or does Super Sonic grant all the emeralds to all the characters when playing the Encore Mod by Twins'R'Okay
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I have tried out the mod before doing it with custom save file, and i wanted to ask some things
1. Is there a way to make the hyper and metal races their own separate level, or do i just have to deal with it with other character
2. How do i unlock whatever black hole zone is? Do i have to beat the game as him first or something?
1. I may make the Super/Hyper Metal races their own levels in the future if possible, but for now yes you have to do it as other characters if the mod is loaded.
2. Black Hole Zone is an extra, 8th special stage you unlock from collecting enough emblems in the vanilla game. I know the issue of the hyper unlock stage... being an unlockable, so I may also include an alternate unlock condition in the future.
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This is one of the best mods I have ever tried. Although can you make it easier to obtain hyper sonic? I have a serious skill issue of beating Black Hole Zone. Anyways, it's amazing!
Upvote 1
This is basically the most fun mod I have ever played, but there is one thing that's making this only 4 stars.
Can you fix Hyper Sonic? I keep getting 100 rings and I don't see his enhanced trail OR the music, nor can I transform, not even at 150 rings.
You have to beat Black Hole Zone with Super added. There's nothing to "fix."
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I love the idea of supersonic having to collect rings while trying to beat the game, it makes it more intense knowing if you don't collect rings you'll die
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So, I will be honest and say that I have been burnt out on SRB2 completely since March of this year. I had forced out MCTails just so I could have it done with.

... then, you may ask, why did I play Super enough to be giving a review?
Well, you see, I wound up testing a few things for Ice, and aided with compatibility for MRCE. And, as a result, I playtested it.
Now, when I mean burnt out, I meant, I just. Didn't want to play. SRB2 was no longer fun.... but Super wound up, in a few select changes, making a whole new experience, one that I played despite that burnout.

I, after seeing a few select reviews, decided to sit down and, in call with a friend, play through the whole game with Super and give a review.

I had fun. The base moveset is accurate to the normal Super moveset, and the amount of rings was always fair as long as you went at a fast pace. I wound up going through RVZ1 somewhat quickly.

Now, the Super Metal Race is tough as nails, but, it by far wound up restoring the challenge I had 2 years ago with the Metal Sonic race, and I enjoyed trying again and again, and getting better at the harder race.

Now, Black Hole may be somewhat tough, but, as a temporary measure, it's fair. Fire Sonic is also really cool, as a SMBZ reference and general form idea. I also have enjoyed Fire Sonic's ability to stomp out of a dash quite a few times.

Whilst I wouldn't consider this among the best... that's not a fair comparison, for different mods have different visions and goals. With what you had in mind, Ice... you did a wonderful job.

For anyone wanting a mod that puts their knowledge of the game to the test, try this one out, because it really does test if you can get through stages quickly enough. Whilst I didn't struggle in this regard, a newer player easily could, and that's okay!
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The best character mod right next to Adventure Sonic. I had so much fun with this guy, it's not even funny. I do have one flaw with him that's so big, it prevents this mod from getting the 5-star rating. It involves Hyper Sonic.
The method of unlocking him is very tedious, if you call beating a single NiGHTS stage tedious. The thing is, Black Hole Zone is too hard to beat, let alone first try. I get it's temporary until the Super Emeralds can be implemented, but something I would like to point out. Fortunately, the Hyper Sonic's Directional Dash mod by Sir Thoksalot can give you the Super Emeralds by collecting 7 Emerald Tokens after collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds beforehand. Maybe that could be implemented come next update. Another thing with Hyper Sonic, you'd probably expect him to have Sonic Mania's freefly mode, as XMomentum by Frostiikin does that, but no. Maybe he can have that in the next update, too. Fire Sonic, tho. Nice reference to SMBZ, and he's pretty fun to use, too. All in all, excellent mod and would definitely recommend.
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A really great character who fortunately is not just a copy of the vanilla super sonic.
ps: the ability to turn (and stay) super reminds me of the Super Mode from the 3Ds version of Sonic 2.
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Really cool mod and now a can have all the chaos emlds on my castem save data yay
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Well, this completely eliminates my worry for the final Nights Stage. Very cool.

(techno hill gave me some worries, but i was able to survive)
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