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You're not going crazy, it's him!

By the power of a miracle, Super Sonic is here to finally put a stop to Eggman's schemes. He may play like regular vanilla Super Sonic, but he hardly operates the same!

Ring Drain


As if ripped straight out of Doomsday Zone, if that Ring counter hits 0 it's game over! It's important to gather as many rings as you can, which brings me to...

Ring Gain


Super Sonic has been blessed with a few new ways to keep up his ring count, which include:
- Damaging badniks will grant Super 2 rings per hit.
- Hitting a boss will grant Super 5 rings per hit (except Metal Sonic, he's special and gives 10.)
- Picking up an Emerald Token will grant Super 25 rings instantly.
- Super has very weak ring attraction, letting him attract any rings he barely missed.

Other Features


Super Sonic comes with more than what he appears. What he has includes but isn't limited to:
- A unique animated signpost!
- A very cool continue screen animation!
- More than a handful of custom colors using super colors from vanilla (and some original ones, too!)
- Netgame Support! Trying to switch to Super without all 7 emeralds will force the player onto Sonic instead (with varying ways of saying you need the emeralds.) Hitting 0 rings will warp Super back to the last starpost he hit instead of taking away a life, and ring drain is frozen upon finishing the current stage. Co-op is the only currently supported gametype, and support for others will come within future updates.


Alice - Making the wonderful CSS art used for Super Sonic, and indirectly kickstarting Super's development.
LonelyFoxz - Made the lovely signpost sprites.
Frostiikin - Death/Drown frames along with Continue/Extra life icons originally used for Almost Super Sonic.
BlueBlur - Continue screen animation and thread icon/template for ending sparkles.
SuperPhanto - Made the Super Cobalt color included with Super.
Icezer (me) - Roughly 98% of the coding.​
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Latest reviews

This is truly the SUPER experience!

Even since I started playing SRB2 in 2014 I've always wanted Super Sonic as a seperated character! And thus.. My dream came true!

Why do I love it!

It's not just Super Sonic. It has so much potential than just being a playable Super Sonic. It has limitations such as Ring Drain. Ring Gain and more!

Seeing that you can change Super Sonic's colors are cool! Since right now you can take full advantage of it!.

I love this mod! Icezer, sure has made another quite Legendary mod again!
Upvote 1
This is a really good mod! Having Super Sonic as a separate character seems like an instant win button, but I'm happy with how he's been balanced! It slightly changes the way you play a Sonic game.
Enemies are now things you actively try to hit instead of avoid, you move twice as fast which means you can clear levels faster but you're also hard to control, and losing a life when you run out of rings instead of losing your super form. It all blends together to give Super Sonic a unique feel when playing as him!
I dig the added sound effects too, nice touch to add a bit more satisfaction to hitting enemies!
Upvote 0
This is a great mod I haven't experienced in awhile. My only downgrades of this mod are the sound effects when you kill an enemy and hit a boss, at first find it cool but it starts to get annoying. Though, keep the token sound effect. You don't hear them often making it less annoying. I also think you should make BCZ1 more multiplayer possible as there are barely enough rings if a lot of people would want to be super sonic. This wouldn't be a problem if the door did not close after some time. Other than that, I can tell how much effort was in here, awesome work! If you try to pull a super in match with this character like in 2.1 for ringslinger though... this will be an instant 1 star lol.
Upvote 0
i loved it this is a really fun challenge like WOW
Upvote 0
He. is. HERE! (best Sonic Ever, cant wait for hyper sonic or your take on STC's Super Sonic, if you can make them that is)
Upvote 0
this is one of the most barebones concepts and simplest executions for any mod i've ever seen.

so why the HELL do i like it so much?????

seriously! srb2 turns into a completely different experience now that super sonic has been turned from a "fun bonus" to "run fast super hedgehog that death clock is ticking". i found a lot of super fun and interesting strategy to think about when i started playing, like deciding which route to travel on for maximum ring gain, strategically dying to grind for 1ups (admit it, it's clever!), strategically dying to regain rings, of all things, and deciding on the fly whether it's a good idea to make a break for it or go and grind for more rings.

i do have a few criticisms though, i think first and foremost the enemy ring gain should be raised to 3 at the least. most of the time when i go out of my way to defeat an enemy, i end up with a net loss of rings, which can definitely make a difference. secondly...i'm sure it wouldn't hurt to get close range ring attraction, would it? i found myself constantly missing rings just barely, which is more of an annoyance than a problem, but it would definitely help if you could attract rings if you were extremely close to them. maybe about half of sonic's diameter away would do.

otherwise jesus fuck i love the new gameplay experience this provides ok bye
Upvote 2
This is fine but im disappointed missed potential
Upvote 0
It's wonderful to see Super Sonic back as a playable character. It took me back to when I first learned how to load addons in SRB2 Final Demo, and going nuts when I saw the first ever Super Sonic in action, really nostalgic feeling to me.

That aside, fantastic job at making him unique from just infinite super form. While it still retains its busted invincibility (Something I think you're planning on nerfing with boss attacks stunning you), you're on the clock for your life, and I've had tons of close calls due to my own greed haha. It's a pretty cool challenge and the extra support for netgames and even unique colors is a big plus in my book.

Looking forwards to future updates, this shines brighter than any emerald can.
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This is honestly everything I've ever wanted out of a "Super Sonic" Custom Character. ever since SonicFreak94's Super Sonic character from back in the 1.09.4 days, I've wanted a Super Sonic Custom Character that played exactly like this.

It might've taken over a decade, but damn was it worth the wait! This is so much fun to play through and adds a challenge to the game - this honestly feels like an official unlockable to the game as it's not an OC, and it adds for so much more replayability!

Stellar job done there! Also finally seeing official SRB2 artwork of Super Sonic was an absolute blessing to my eyes, so that's an added bonus there!
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This is a great idea, with good execution. I have completed a full campaign with him and I think he's a bit strict. He should be given 50 rings at the start of the level (ala Doomsday Zone / Egg Reverie Zone) to give players more leeway especially on longer levels.
You're given the tools to play perfectly, but you can't just expect people to play perfectly. A good example of having to play perfectly is Metal Sonic and Egg Colliseum, where you directly are not in control of how long the boss takes... or rather you're forced to wait to be able to hit the boss... in a mod that punishes you for waiting, both of these bosses leave you with very little rings to spare. I feel this is the hardest character mod ive played, not the hardest character mod, but the ring drain does make this mod quite challenging. Challenge is a good thing, I just think it should be less strict.
I also think that hitting a checkpoint should give you some rings. Probably something like 10.

I was hoping that he would be able to collect emerald tokens to get a super form (Hyper Sonic), but he can't. Special Stages are a good way to get lives and continues, so I think such an important part of normal SRB2 shouldn't be left out.

Hyper should have normal ring drain, (so that you would actually WANT to transform into him), his screen nuke would be good for getting rings, and his airdodge would help with platforming. (Alot of times, one mistake as Super Sonic can spell out your doom, so this would be very helpful.)
I dunno if you plan on adding him but if you were these were my ideas.

Bosses in general feel a bit odd how you just walk into them to deal damage to them, especially with Brak how you just walk into him and then stay inside him to defeat him the quickest. It makes sense because you're invincible and a hitbox at the same time, but I have an idea for how this could be solved.

I was thinking Super Sonic could have a Dash ability, like in Sonic Advance's super sonic fights. He will take damage while not in the Dash state, but getting hit will only take away 5 rings, just like in NiGHTS. The Dash ability would function how it did in Sonic Advance, but it can be compared to the Drill mechanic seen in the special stage, as it allows you to deal damage. I think this mechanic could POSSIBLY make playing as him more fun.
Thank you for the feedback! I definitely seek to make Super challenging to play, but being TOO hard is what I'm actually trying to avoid. Adding extra layers to how bosses operate is planned, and hopefully CEZ3/BCZ2 can be changed for the better in the process. I may also look into adding Hyper form, along with more ways the player can earn rings (such as hitting starposts.)
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