Gemma the Tarsier-Cat

Gemma the Tarsier-Cat v2.0.4

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Gemma (pronounced "JEM-ah") is a 14-15 year old ½ Tarsier-½ Cat hybrid and an aspiring adventurer born with geokinesis, a kind of power the lets the user control and manipulate earth at their own will.

She was living a rather mundane life... until she witnessed Dr. Eggman's vandalization of Greenflower mountain next to her and Mom's house, and heard news about his plans of conquest of the mysterious Black Rock, which recently returned to the planet's orbit. Noticing the famous Sonic the Hedgehog and his gang hopping into action, She eventually follows them to see for herself what is going on.



Double jump to drop downwards with enough force to break the floor beneath your feet and ride it upwards. You can jump or spindash off this newly created platform at anytime.

Tip: Hitting an enemy or hazard with the rock platform will allow you to perform the move again. Chain multiple together to gain maximum height!

Gemma is also Co-op friendly. You can use this ability to take your friends to a lift.

Otherwise, she pretty much plays like your traditional Sonic character, Classic Spin Jump, Spindash and all.

You can configure how Gemma's ability controls using the "gemmastyle" command. I/O support is included.

Hold (gemmastyle 1): Let go of jump while riding the platform to hop off of it.

Triple Jump (gemmastyle 2): Press jump while riding the platform to hop off it.
Fun Fact: Style 2 (Triple Jump) was the initial intent of how it was supposed to work.

Other Features

Bonus skincolor: Mahogany. Based on Gemma's colors in non-SRB2 styled artwork.
A fully-sprited Super form. Go get those Chaos Emeralds first, though.
TeamKinetic compatibility (Both Frozen and Surf sprites).
HorizonChars Compatibility (Kazotsky Kick)
"Trick fail" sprites for Frostiikin's CrossMomentum mod.
Freedom Planet references in some of Gemma's poses and animations. Don't ask why I added 'em.
Hug. (Custom 1)

RingSlinger NEO


Gemma also sports her own weapon loadout in RingSlinger NEO.

Main weapon:
Stone Ring
Offhand weapon:
Scatter Ring

BattleMod Abilities


Earth Wall:
Costing 10 Rings, Hold fire while grounded. A wireframe wall appears in front of you that determines if you can place the wall or not. Release Fire to pull a wall of earth from the ground to protect yourself from attacks in front of you. You are still vulnerable to attacks from behind, though. Will break if it's hit by opponents 3 times or by player's choice by pressing Fire again.

Rock Wave:
Costing 10 Rings again, Hold Fire while midair to charge up her move. Release to strike downward to emit a wave of earth, with it's strength depending on how long you have held the Fire button down.


It will cancel on its own if held for too long. To manually cancel however, press either Toss Flag, Fire Normal or Spin. Pressing spin to cancel will have you perform a thok-like dash, good for getting back into a platform when you accidentally perform the move on a pit.


- [Battle] Another "ring bug" situation happened, this time with Gemma's Rock Wave particles. This only happened when you load BattleMod v9.3 before the previous version of Gemma. This is now fixed; now you no longer have a mod load order to be aware of again.

- Fixed Super variants of Gemma's push state sprites not being in fullbright.
- Previously "unused" super variants of Gemma's wind state sprites now properly show up.

- [Battle] Fixed wall intangibility somehow seeping into solo modes.

- The obvious: Gemma's sprites has been partially redrawn and cleaned up to fit my current style + another redrawn CSS art
- Chaos has re-enlightened the young Iwaflor... (Gemma's Super form is now fully-sprited. Get all those Chaos Emeralds to see it for yourself.)
- Straight from Team Kinetic, Extra animations! Gemma now has unique animations for pushing things and getting whisked away by ACZ's tornadoes. (Special thanks to DirkTheHusky for letting me use the script!)
- Added a bonus skincolor: Mahogany, Based around Gemma's colors from non-SRB2 style artwork I usually create.
- Her BattleMod kit has been completely revamped, thanks to reverbal (metal pipe#9136)!
- Rock Wave now functions similarly to Metal Sonic's charge attack, the range now depending on how long you hold the fire button.
- The Rock Wave is also now cancellable, either by Toss Flag or Spin while charging. However, using spin to cancel will make her perform a thok-like dash, good for getting back into a platform when you accidentally perform the move on a pit.
- Placing Earth Walls also now functions differently. You now have to hold the Fire button, and a visual cue whether the wall can be placed in a certain area or not is added in a form of a ghost wireframe wall. If the wireframe is green, you can release fire to place the wall. If the wireframe turns red, however, that means there's objects/players getting in the way and you have to move elsewhere, otherwise the wall cannot be placed. You cannot jump while holding fire.
- The Earth Wall is now (partially) intangible to Teammates. The top of the wall is still tangible, though.
- Moved Hug button to Custom 1.
- Gemma v2 is also futureproofed for Uncapped, should that end up being added in a future SRB2 patch update. This is so that you won't get a "P_TeleportMove is deprecated" warning spewed out to you. (Shoutouts to Lach for helping out on that)

- [Battle] Fixed Gemma getting stuck in THZ goop when you perform Rock Wave

- Replaced Grenade Ring with Stone Ring as her main weapon. (RS NEO)

- Fixed Stand animation issue
- New Super color

- Gemma now had a defined RS NEO loadout: Main Hand: Grenade, Offhand: Scatter. Ammo is set to 40.

- Forgot to properly implement Dirk Surf and Milne Dance (files were present in it) so it's implemented now.

- Most, if not, all of Gemma's sprites have been overhauled.
- Battle Mod support. Check the "Updates" tab for more info.

Sprite Refinements & Reworks!
- Refined various sprites, such as the Continue & Life sprites
- Refined Walk animations, including a Remade A1 Walk
- Remade Edge/Balancing sprites
- Removed Surf sprites cause they kinda suck

v1.2.2c & v1.2.3
- Changed the color of Gemma's Shorts.
- Fixed a long unfixed oversight that is the offsets of FALLA5 & B5

v1.2.2b & v1.2.3PR1
- Revamped Rock Platform Sprites. (Special Thanks to Biggy-π#4819)
- Also fixed a typo in the CSS Description lol
- v1.2.3PR1 only: Replaced the "Hole" Graphic again. Use this version for the v2.2.9 pre-releases.

- Revamped CSS art

- Added Hugs support because bored

- Added a new "Hole" graphic when you perform the Tera-riser.

- Removed "Mixed" (gemmastyle 0) playstyle.
- Gemma no longer performs the Tera-Riser if you land with the drill without holding jump. The small shockwave of rocks that you emit after landing with the drill now destroys enemies.
- You can now Spin-Dash while riding the rock platform.

- Fixed a lua conflict with characters like Skip and Yoshi losing stomp damage.

- added "Trick fail" sprites for Frostiikin's CrossMomentum mod.

- Most Sprites had been touched up.

- minor offset tweaks with RIDE sprites

- initial release


- Main Spriter and Character Owner -
RalphJeremy65 (me lol)

- Spriting Assistance -
Biggy-π#4819 (Rock Platform Sprite Revamp)

- Programming -
SMS Alfredo

SMS Alfredo

Push & Wind Animations by DirkTheHusky (Used with permission)
Icezer - Push & Wind Animation fixes

- Reusable Content -
Hugs by Tatsuru
Base texture for Earth Wall by Dave Lite from BST's cancelled SRB1 Remake, Touchups by RalphJeremy65.

- Beta Testers -
The Adventurer's Guild
BattleMod Community

I hope you enjoy playing as Gemma!
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Latest reviews

This is SUCH an amazing character! I love ones that make me check for terrain features that I've never had a reason to look for before, like stuff WAY below me so Gemma can boost off of it to bounce all the way back up, or slight slopes to get huge horizontal rock jumps. I like when I need to *earn* the mobility instead of getting it all for free, especially when it re-contextualizes all the existing levels and makes me see them with fresh eyes.

It's amazing that a character with *one new move* can be so deep and satisfying! Cause it's a heckin good move :D
Upvote 0
Fun concept, Love the mod.
Upvote 0
Really good sprites, simple but good abilities. Overall fun mod
Upvote 0
Despite utilizing ground element abilities, Gemma is one of the more fun aerial characters to play as. You can easily jump great horizontal distances rivaling knuckles glide while still having a great vertical sudo double jump, this character has amazing options when it comes to traversing levels.
Of course, all this requires momentum and practice with the Tera-riser to reap all the rewards.
An amazing addition to your game if you're looking for well-designed and balanced characters!
Upvote 0
easily one of my favorite character mods, its simple but so effective and fun to play with
Upvote 0
Good stuff. The sprite reworks are great and the newest update has pushed gemma up for me from really good to top tier. Her skills might be few, but they have a learning curve that makes playing her fun for a long time.

I like her clothing choices, the light and dark duality. Something we don't see enough. Keep up the good work.
Upvote 0
Gemma feels very intuitive with her unique ability, and the level of detail in her animations prove to me that there was a lot of love and care put into her creation. Great job!!
Upvote 1
I don't usually have fun with characters that mostly fit in with the vanilla cast.

I had fun, because the Jump ability (Tera-riser) allows you to do so much, and is just fun to play with.

The fact that I could play through the whole game with a character designed around standard (based off vanilla with Spindash) 2-button gameplay is a miracle in it's own right currently only really reached by 3 characters, 1 of which currently has not released.

Good job.
Upvote 1
Gemma is just really fun. her abilities are fun, her design is adorable, she's just a great character, and i hope to see more content from you.
Upvote 1
oohohohoho, this is a good one. gemma is an extremely fun and capable character in srb2, allowing for stupidly large extra height, maneuverability, enemy killing and even busting floors. she, for better or for worse, fits right in with the main cast, even if it means shoving in a spindash for her spin move. that may be slightly underwhelming, but because the mod is so fun with just the jump ability, it's barely an issue to begin with.

i 100% recommend this, such a fun character mod. among all of the alternate universe gemmas ralph has created, this is the best one.
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