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Tyson Hesse Sonic v2.0

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Tyson Hesse Sonic makes his debut in Sonic Robo Blast 2!

Levi Dash
Hold Jump in the air to charge up a mid-air Spindash that slowly hovers down and skips across water.

While standing, hold Custom 1 to charge the peelout in order to get a running start, and you can even activate the dash mode at full charge.

Mach Speed Mode
Run around for a while to activate Boost Mode. Running for a while longer will force you a second, stronger form of Boost Mode. You can even run through badniks on the second boost!


Drop dash
Press Jump and hold spin to charge! (unlike every other dropdash, this is more based on how much time you spend in the air.) and it even comes with shield abilities!




Spritework: Me
Dropdash sprites: By, Dirk The Husky
Coding: Mr.FondusBroMan, RubyTheMii, & SuperPhanto
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Latest updates

  1. v2.0

    Changelog - Hesse Sonic has the same acceleration stats as the vanilla cast, which makes his...
  2. V1.2

    -Added the running sprites from version 1 -added new frames for the back walk angle.
  3. V1.1

    Re-added Flags "SF_SUPER"

Latest reviews

just needs super but that'd be a lot of work
Upvote 0
Absolutely PERFECT!! This character has a very good learning curve and it plays like i'm actually sonic from the mania/origins cutscenes!
Upvote 0
all thats really left to add is a super form and spindash sprites. looking good!
Upvote 0
OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH NOW! i love that u added that one sound effect i forgor where it's from but i love the sound u play when u reach full speed, it's just so satisfyingly. and i love that u changed the player color as well, it used to look kinda boring tbh but DAMN i love it now. the only thing i would fix is the drop dash sprites, there isn't anything wrong with how they look but more on how it doesn't fit the rest of the sprites style. i'm actually currently playing it rn and i'm writing this review a but too fast for a full review, and there might be some things i haven't checked out yet, but this is just near perfection so far
Upvote 0
i love it but could you make the spindash look more like the jumpball
Upvote 0
I really like the sprites and abilities, but I would like the dropdash to have more movement when you jump after performing it and more speed for the levi dash.
Upvote 0
While some of the sprites are okay, the character seems unfinished. There's a lack of polish for the running sprites, back sprites, etc, I can see blatant edits of the original sprites which makes this resemble Gamebanana addons.

What really proves this needed more time before public release is the fact that you get no real reward when you collect the chaos emeralds. You are not allowed to turn super, and even if you were to, there'd be a lack of proper sprites.

I can see the potential of this, but as I said this really needs more polish and time for it to be considered really good.
I am working on an update that could fix these issues.
Upvote 0
Honestly a good character in my opinion, however I would give it 5 stars if the Levi dash had a little bit higher jump height. Still though this is a very good character.
Upvote 0
i love it the only problem is he doesnt have a super sprite even tho he can turn super
Upvote 0
I would totally say that's great to see it be here, but there is a far share of issues in this character at all times. Oh well, I am ok with this being released at this submission. I will give this addon character 4 stars, atleast...
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