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Tyson Hesse Sonic v5.1

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Tyson Hesse Sonic makes his debut in Sonic Robo Blast 2!

Levi Dash
Hold Jump in the air to charge up a mid-air Spindash that slowly hovers down and skips across water.

While standing, hold Custom 1 to charge the peelout in order to get a running start, and you can even activate the dash mode at full charge.

Mach Speed Mode
Run around for a while to activate Boost Mode. Running for a while longer will force you a second, stronger form of Boost Mode. You can even run through badniks on the second boost!

Drop dash
Press Jump and hold spin to charge! (unlike every other dropdash, this is more based on how much time you spend in the air.) and it even comes with shield abilities!

He even comes with shield abilities, but you'll have to find that out yourself!
Spritework: Me
Coding: Mr.FondusBroMan, RubyTheMii, & SuperPhanto
Junio sonic's jump ball sprites that were done by tripplejaz.

NeonSRB2 for the squash and scretch
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Latest updates

  1. V5.1

    - fixed a few offesets.
  2. V5

    - Complete overhaul on sprites - made it so that during the peelout animation is an actual...
  3. V4.1.1

    Changelog: - Fixed bugs

Latest reviews

This is a good mod, cool effects, nice sprites and very fast gameplay, now about the reason that I gave this only 4 stars is because there's no way to continue your speed after getting on to a spring other then doing a precise jump immediately when you get onto the ground and doing a Levi Dive and it always kills all my speed when I miss it, I recommend adding a Curl ability which you can do when uncurled by either pressing jump or spin and after an uncurl you can use a Levi Dive or Dropdash, anyway, good mod but that's my only flaw about it.
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I love how the sprites are pretty accurate to t.y sonic
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This Sonic's kit is pretty solid. It maintains Sonic's identity in SRB2 without the tunnel vision effect that comes from his Vanilla ability.

However, his presence causes some SIGNIFICANT performance drops in levels with a lot of enemies he can interact with due to some weak Lua scripting. It's bad enough that I'd tell people to skip over this character for netgames.

His Air-spindash is also using an incredibly grating sound to hear over and over again. Please.... pick anything else. I'd suggest Sonic's spindash sounds from Sonic Adventure or Sonic Spinball.
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Got used to the hand-drawn look after the update and honestly, this is a really nice looking mod. the more animated style in contrast with the normal SRB2 sprites kind of remind me of spiderverse where each character has their own style corresponding with their own universe
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From what I've played, this mod is okay. I passed on this mod for awhile but the recent update finally got me interested enough to download it. I like the current sprites way more than the old ones, but the moveset is a bit of a mixed back. Personally I just always hated dash mode, it's so hard to control when going at such speeds, the peel-out is just a no-brainer even if I never use it, and the levi-dash is a cool idea. However, the levi-dash is really weird to use. It feels useless to charge it. I feel much faster and it feels like I cover way more ground if I press it rather than hold it. Plus, the extra air you get just from a button press feels a lot more useful.

Overall, even in it's current state, it's fun, but certain things could be improved about it. I don't see myself playing this too much in it's current state.
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I'm Never going to understand double boost functions.
it just makes playing it feel messy.
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the sprites before this looked a bit off for me but this version is much better
the moveset is really good!!!
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Like i said before, the pixel art was better for this mod, many people says that the sprites are good, but here are some of my points and opinions about them after i checked them in detail:
The mid-front walk and run sprites looks weird, but when is super, this doesn't happen, it's just a bug or something else?
The lack of shading makes him very lifeless and look like Junio for some reason.
Some of his sprites aren't very fluid, in my opinion this makes the mod bad, because isn't fluid like the pixel art one, it made Hesse Sonic look more faster and dynamic ,(if you see the Sonic Mania animation, its more fluid there). Also the old running sprite was better than the new one.
My final thought about this is that the handdrawn style fits MORE better OVA Sonic, it's faithful to the original and makes a difference between the srb2 style. Using the pixel art on Hesse fits very well on him, (like i said) it makes him more fluid and better. I'm not saying the handdrawn style is bad, i've seen many characters using this style and it worked very well, but on Hesse feels weird and not very good like the pixel art.
I here you loud and clear and I will try to better improve this mods quality. V4's sprites were so heavily complained about which is why i went for this approach instead.
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He's so adorable but still maintaining his edgyness , he reminds me of Paper Mario but in a hedgehog style , definitely the best sonic-kid to play with!
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The new style compared to the V4 style is amazing, although it looks more like mania sonic than Hesse sonic.
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