1. Youngod

    Taz Mode v4

    Taz Mode This mod is inspired from a few Taz games There are 3 different versions of it: TazMode has a custom save unlike TazModeNGD TazModeLite is a basic version without the Looney Tunes stuff The main thing is making scenery objects destroyable and some of them solid too "Soft" objects...
  2. A

    Is there a way to map the shield abilities to another button, and recreate the Spindash or where to find the lua code to it?

    I'm making a character that spindash without curling and use shield abilities (and Spindash) with a different button.

    UltraSonic v1.1

    Mod made by HMSREBORN, Credit Kirb the Korb It's not "GodSonic" anyone! It's ULTRASONIC now!!!
  4. L

    Time Warp Signs v1.2

    In Sonic CD, one of its main selling points was the ability to time travel. Whenever I play a map, I can't help but wonder... Wouldn't it be nice for this map to have some sort of alternate version? Then this came to mind. With that, I present to you the Time Warp signs from Sonic CD! How do...
  5. BuggieTheBug

    Team New.

    Hello, its me. You probably know Sonic New, Latest Edition and waiting for "Tails New". Well good news! He is done but isnt coming yet. Instead of releasing them separetly im gonna a team where theres a a pack of 3. But you might have noticed that knux and tails have an extra button. And because...
  6. Flame

    [Reusable] Multi-hit enemies (An enemy HP modifier) v1.0.0

    A simple script that adds more health to enemies when they spawn. Nothing else has been changed. Enemy health is modifiable too! Let's talk about mechanics! Mechanics Enemy health is multiplied on spawn adding an artificial "extra challenge" to the game. Most enemies naturally have 1 health. By...
  7. BadOmenThingy

    Sonic 1 Badniks 1

    A small badnik pack that contains badniks from Sonic 1, from Green Hill Zone to Scrap Brain Zone, these dumb automated idiots are ready to take down Sonic once again. Also includes sprite edits of some existing classic badniks and stuff, So let's get on to some of them. First of all of them is...
  8. Youngod

    Sonic 1 Spike Bug v2

    Sonic 1 Spike Bug Somebody "requested" this time ago That's it
  9. TCCodds

    Extra Character Abilities

    Basically extra abilities for the vanilla cast also this is my first mod
  10. Sls64LGamingBro

    Don't Jump or Die

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Don't Jump or Die - Don't jump for joy or else is die then! Read more about this resource...
  11. Sls64LGamingBro

    Don't Jump or Die v1.0.1

    Don't Jump or Die! ------- This addon allows it to make the player die when there in the jump animation Infact, the roll doesn't count. or the spindash ------ If you wanna challenge yourself with this or use it for when in servers Then go a head! ----- Anyways try not to jump or you'll...
  12. JABSphere94

    Hyudoro V1.0

    Hyudoro has less weaknesses then the others, but it comes at price... Jump Ability - Hover Stops Hyudoro from falling as long as Jump is held. Spin Ability 1 - Ghost Portal Press Spin when standing still to place a shadow, press Spin and Jump in the air to warp to it. The shadow placement is...
  13. Nexus_Furry

    i'm never gonna be able to make srb2 addons.

    i tried to make a srb2 wad that makes it so every level you go in turns on devmode before setting your scale to 0.1 but it doesn't work and i think i'm probally not made for text coding
  14. CloneFighter

    Pause Music v1a

    A pretty simple script to play different music while on the pause menu (with the Esc key). Does not overwrite jingles or the gameplay pause (with the P key), and works in both SP and MP. NOTICE: This add-on may not work on mobile. Included are: The default pause theme - the Character Select...
  15. RetroStation

    Anti Lap Grief 1.0

    A simple script that prevents players you lap from hitting you if they're using Grow/Invincibility. Command: alg_enabled(Default On): Makes lapped players phase through you if under the effects of Grow/Invincibility. Commissioned by Bladesinger from Karts R Us - thank you!
  16. W

    [Reusable] Wraith's Metal Tweaks 1.8

    Hi, this is my first mod! I wanted to give Metal Sonic more vertical freedom without sacrificing his gimmick of staying on the ground as possible to build up speed. Air Gauge Metal Sonic's new mechanics revolve around his Air Gauge, which refills while on the ground. It refills way faster when...
  17. Xian

    GlobalBanks: Custom Local Save File Function Library v1

    Global Banks, a mod that globalizes the luabanks save file array, making it completely accessible at all times. Normally, luabanks is limited to only being usable just once by a single file, any other files that try to use it after in the same session will simply error. GlobalBanks intends to...
  18. Mr.FondusBroMan

    [Reusable] Serpentine V1

    Serpentine (サーペンティン Sāpentin?) is a powerful mercenary who serves as a loyal General to Lord Brevon. Unable to resist Brevon's gift of robotic arms, he was infected with a virus that forever enslaved him to Brevon's will. Since then, Serpentine became a member of Brevon's army, rising through...
  19. Sls64LGamingBro

    Field Sonic

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Field Sonic - Another new Sonic hmmm? Read more about this resource...
  20. Sls64LGamingBro

    Field Sonic v1

    Release Trailer: Field Sonic is a low flow speedster version of Sonic ------------ Let's start with the brand new abilities he gotten to! ------------- Abilities: Up Thok this allows you to go up instead of doing a normal thok in the middle Dropdash (Spindash Styled)...