1. Gouldron

    [Open Assets] Auto-Jump 1.0

    this is a simple script that enables repeated jumping just by holding down space. this makes some movement tricks much easier to perform, especially combined with sonic's thok: the auto-jump can also be enabled and disabled at any time using the autojump console command, and it also been...
  2. Bluetorch

    Stage Gates 1.1

    This Mod is supposed to be used with UDMF!!!! Binary still works, but you are missing out on features. Stage Gates for SRB2 are Here! Color Changing in Action Also MAP01 is the test map. Finally, I can Hub World inside SRB2. Credits TehRealSalt for Custom Hud Lib...
  3. Pupsik228

    Stefan-the-Fox 1.2

    Hello! This mod add a character with custom abilities, which you can combine with each other according to your taste) Real color of character is "Magenta" Console command for menu: stefanmenu (type second time to close the menu) Controls (menu): w -- right s -- left jump -- accept (+1) spindash...
  4. XtremeXavier

    [Open Assets] Rhinotank v1.1

    Mornin' lads, longtime player finally making a foray into modding. Here's a new badnik: the Rhinotank from Sonic Adventure 1. An ill-tempered bloke who keeps an eye out for intruders, then rams into them horn-first! Big thanks to Logan8r for coding his behaviour in! Footage captured by...
  5. Craynomic

    How To Make A Skin Colour V.1

    First thing you have to do to do this is download Slade this is the link . Open the file saying Lua and open Base Change the word BASECOLOUR to whatever you want to call the colour make sure to use caps as it will not work without them But...
  6. L

    Item API (Items.pk3 v2)

    If you already know Items.pk3, Item API is essentially going to be a remake of it. If you don't, well... you will know eventually, thanks to this thread. I will start with this: 1707561107 1707585078 Very rough inventory UI...
  7. Fyrid19

    [Open Assets] Fyrid's XCell v1.2

    Welcome to the XCell! I've taken the opportunity to remake this mod (Fyromentum) from the ground up, some new abilities and remade visuals. Mod Features Sonic Agility Thok Double jumping will give you a normal thok, though triple jumping will trigger a thok with more upward momentum Holding...
  8. AlanGab2009

    Enemies Drop Rings 1.0

    I made a LUA script that remakes a feature from Sonic Megamix. If you kill an enemy, a ring will come out of it. If you don't want your custom enemy to drop a ring when killed, put this in your enemy's script: if not EDR_BanList rawset(_G, "EDR_BanList", {}) end table.insert(EDR_BanList...
  9. LionOte

    [Open Assets] Chronotron v1.1

    * Requires SRB2 2.2.13 or higher. * Probably also requires good memory/RAM on your PC The Chronotron is a majestic device of ambiguous appearance. It can do a lot of things, but its defining feature is the ability to record all of your past attempts and play them back in the present...
  10. Mint the AmyDroid

    Chat Voice Effects 1.0

    Chat Voice Effects (CVE) allows custom voice clips using the chat in multiplayer. Here's a list of all of the currently implemented voice clips: "oooooooooo" (Mario) ":O" (A gasp) "XD" (Mutahar laugh) "HA HA!" (The Simpsons) "Are you sure about that?" (John Cena) "EZ" (idk where this is from...
  11. luigi budd

    Really Cool Speedometer

    luigi budd submitted a new resource: Really Cool Speedometer - Accurate and cool lookin' speedometer! Read more about this resource...
  12. luigi budd

    Really Cool Speedometer v1

    a really cool speedometer that can display your speed up to 3 decimal places. to toggle: reallycoolspeedometer true/false in console each black tic mark is 20 units of speed the red line is your normalspeed, or the max speed your character can run the needle is your speed the number is also...
  13. RubyTheMii


    RubyTheMii submitted a new resource: S4esque - The mod fans have waited 12 years for is finally here! Read more about this resource...
  14. RubyTheMii

    S4esque v1.0.1

    The current icon serves as a placeholder if nothing else. If anyone would be willing to create an icon for this page I would greatly appreciate it. This mod is incompatible with custom ability mods for Sonic and momentum mods. I am not responsible for any frustration or broken objects caused...
  15. Noob2461

    Lua help (button wise)

    (No idea if this is in the right place or not but here goes) Is there a way to make a button press instead of a hold? for example, the tutorial for changing Sonic's colour to red, you have to hold custom 1, but is it possible to make it just a button press? if so, what's the input?
  16. P

    First Person Sniper v1.2

    Credit to @clairebun for the Fang Popgun Modifications addon this was based on. Credit @Dry_Ny for the hand sprites. Have you ever been playing as Fang and noticed that the auto-aim was a bit off? That it couldn't seem to hit anything moving with significant speed? Have you ever wanted to...
  17. RetroStation

    [Open Assets] Late Join v1.0

    Late Join allows players to join past the normal 20-second cutoff time, mitigating those moments where you join a server just as the cutoff time is reached... provided someone hasn't reached Lap 2. Commands: lj_enabled (Default On): Enables Late Join functionality lj_joinwindow (Default 60...
  18. Tempmarrow

    Can I use almost all Lua from reusable assets.

    What it says on the tin. Would it be possible if I only just sprite and use Re-usable assets?
  19. RitzyJuice885

    [Open Assets] Lose Your Mind v1

    Credit to AceStandard for inspiring this mod: Lose Your Mind adds a Sanity meter to the game! Your Sanity will slowly drain as time goes on, but you can replenish it by collecting Rings! Your screen will start to shake as your sanity reaches critical levels; don't let it get in the red...
  20. Wumbo

    [Open Assets] Steve v2.04