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(Check out the trailer here!)

The Dimension Duo finally make a comeback, ready for adventure!

Frank, a humanish (an organism similar to a human but with many differing qualities), is full of energy, and knows how to get around. Hopefully being here will help pay off some bills back home..
Flight Burst - By double jumping in the air, Frank will spin his arms around and burst upward. If you hold the jump button down while he's flying, he'll slowly hover until you let go.

Ground Bounce - Both a ground pound and a bounce in one! Jump and press spin in the air to dive down, then, once you hit the ground, not only will you bounce back up, but you'll also deal a tiny AOA (Area of Attack) to anything nearby.

While diving, you'll be able to destroy bustable floors and boost springs! Keep this in mind when exploring!

Spindash - Yeah, just your average spindash. Try using this in succession with his Flight Burst!
Dance - Become king of the dance floor! While all the other characters have only one dance, Frank has up to six! Press Tossflag and show 'em who's boss! Style all over 'em!

Use the command "frankdance" if you wanna select one of the dances he can do. [Default: random]
Oh, and if you're making too much noise, you can turn off the sfx using "frankdancesfx". [Default: on]

Sleep - If you aren't doing anything for a solid minute, Frank will get tired of your shenanigans, and quite literally.

You can toggle the music that plays when sleeping by using the command "franksleepmusic", in case you don't like hearing it over and over. [Default: on]

A testing dummy brought to life, Dummie has some tricks up his sleeve! Despite not being the talkative type, this little bean wants to explore, and see what there is to see! Do note that Dummie can't damage enemies while jumping, except if he lands on top of them!!
Triple Jump - Dummie can jump three times. However, you can jump at almost any time! Walking off a ledge, after a spring bounce, and (probably) more! Each jump will get shorter than the last, so plan accordingly!

Roll/Recurl/Uncurl - While Dummie can't spindash, he can roll around on the ground by pressing, well, the spin button. While rolling, you can press spin again to uncurl, and start running again.

What Dummie can also do, is recurl in the air. This is beneficial when it comes to enemies you can't jump on. Likewise, you can also uncurl from this. You can also use one of your remaining jumps to uncurl from rolling in the air.
Dance - As expected, pressing Tossflag will make Dummie groove. Not much else to say on that.

No Lungs - One benefit to being a testing dummy is that you don't need to worry about breathing! Dummie will not be able to drown whatsoever.

When playing as both Frank and Dummie, you can press Custom 2 to swap between the two instantly! Use both of their abilities to your advantage!
Frank and Dummie can't use some shields normally. Instead, each shield will affect their main abilities, and offer something new.
Frank and Dummie use custom super and CrossMomentum Hyper music. you can toggle this by using the command "fadmusic" [Default: on]

- Battle mode (uses built in attacks, will disable dancing when loaded)
- SRB2P (and whatever "Bionis" is)
- PSO2 Symbol Art (whenever THOSE get fixed lmao)
- Cross Momentum (boosts both Flight Bursts and Dummie's jumps depending on speed. NOTE: DUMMIE CANNOT PERFORM TRICKS)
- Dirk (Frozen & Surf sprites)
- Milne (Kazotsky Kick)
- Kirby

Shield abilities get a little funky with battlemod. That's all so far.

Frostiikin - HUGE Help with partner swapping
SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use some snippets of code he made before
The CSCS - For motivation, testing, feedback, and helping me be less indecisive about ideas
Dummie - For being a good boy

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Latest reviews

We can always use more characters with fun abilities, great sprite work, and a ton of personality. The only bad thing I can think of about this mod is effectively a nitpick (see the discussions).
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Oh look it's that dancing guy from New Years Collab!
Jokes, they are pretty good characters to play as, though something i would suggest is making so Frank can Ground Bounce while Flight Bursting for some interesting interactions.
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Square guy and Round guy are now an epic team :]
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Love the characters, I like the charm, and I already heard an easter egg

I like
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the funny duo are finally out
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I had a lot of fun with this pair! They got some personality to 'em, and traits to their movements and animations to make 'em stand out. I also appreciate that the duo mode actually lets you switch between both very easily. Good stuff all around!
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