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Check out Frank and Dummie's backstory here! The gameplay might be a bit outdated, so ignore that part.
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The Dimension Duo finally make a comeback, ready for adventure!

Frank, a humanish (an organism similar to a human but with many differing qualities), is full of energy, and knows how to get around. Hopefully being here will help pay off some bills back home..

Propeller Burst - By double jumping in the air, Frank will spin his arms around and start to fly. He won't be able to hover for long though, as he'll get tired and fall down after a bit. You can also hold spin to float down if you need to.

However, his old Flight Burst isn't gone! Press and hold jump again while hovering to burst toward any direction you hold. If you aren't holding a direction, Frank will burst in the direction you're facing.
It works the same as before, hold to keep hovering down, and let go to start falling.

You can even perform the next ability Frank can pull off after doing a burst,

Ground Bounce - Both a ground pound and a bounce in one! Jump and press spin in the air to dive down, then, once you hit the ground, not only will you bounce back up, but you'll also deal a tiny AOA (Area of Attack) to anything nearby. You'll also be doing some sick poses too!

While diving, you'll be able to destroy bustable floors and boost springs! Keep this in mind when exploring!

Spindash - Yeah, just your average spindash. Try using this in succession with his Propeller Burst!

A testing dummy brought to life, Dummie has some tricks up his sleeve! And it's spelt DUMMIE, not DUMMY. Despite not being the talkative type, this little bean wants to explore, and see what there is to see! Do note that Dummie can't damage enemies while jumping, except if he lands on top of them!!

Triple Jump - Dummie can jump three times. However, you can jump at almost any time! Walking off a ledge, after a spring bounce, and (probably) more! Each jump will get shorter than the last, so plan accordingly!

Crouch/Super Jump - By pressing spin while on the ground, and not running, Dummie will crouch down, which lowers his actual height. Good for avoiding crushers or sneaking in somewhere.
However, if you jump while crouching, you'll do a super jump! You won't be able to use your three extra jumps, so be careful.

Air Dash - What once was a way to recurl in the air, has now become a spindash in the air! Hold spin to start spindashing anytime you're airborn, and let to to dash forward! Mind you, you can't do it for long, otherwise you'll fall right down. While rolling, you can use one of your jumps to uncurl yourself, too.

Roll/Uncurl - When running, you can start a roll by pushing spin. If you're still rolling on the ground, you can uncurl by pushing spin again. Simple, no?

No Lungs - One benefit to being a testing dummy is that you don't need to worry about breathing! Dummie will not be able to drown whatsoever.

Also, one quick thing: Dummie can instantly activate those annoying DSZ2 spindash panels by stepping on them. yw lol

Press the dance button [Default: Tossflag] to bust a move, and become kings of the many dance floors! :D

Partner Swap
When playing as both Frank and Dummie, you can press Custom 2 to swap between the two instantly! Use both of their abilities to your advantage!
And, as of version 1.5, you can use their abilities anytime when airborn! Get crazy with combining their movesets into one!

Shield Abilities
Frank and Dummie can't use some shields normally. Instead, each shield will affect their main abilities, and offer something new. Try each one out, and see what happens!

Battlemod Abilities
Frank: Super Ground Bounce
COST: 12 Rings
Frank jumps up high into the air and comes slamming back down, creating rubble around him that can hurt others. He can also bounce on top of others while trying to land.

You can also use the ability in the air to try and get that extra oomph, or if you slipped off a ledge.

Dummie: Tackle
COST: 5 Rings
Basically, imagine Combat Roll but it doesn't actually suck. Dummie's tackle allows him to dash forward based on where you're looking, and damage foes head on. Only downside is that once he goes for the tackle, he's locked into it until he either gets hurt or lands.

Tackling will also boost your speed, which can make it a good way to get around the stage!

- Battle mode (Check Extra Stuff!)
- Cross Momentum (boosts both Flight Bursts and Dummie's jumps depending on speed. NOTE: DUMMIE CANNOT PERFORM TRICKS)
- Dirk (Frozen & Surf sprites)
- Milne (Kazotsky Kick)
- Kirby
- Cosmetics Offsets

Frank and Dummie also have SRB2P support, along with a new status effect: Grooving. Anybody attacked while grooving will recieve x1.25 the usual damage. Dancing can finally pay off!

Command Name​
Frank can do several dances, which can even be selected. Type in the command in the console to see the list of dances, or, use "random" (default option) to randomly select a dance from the list.​
If the sound is getting too annoying when dancing/taunting as frank, use this to turn the sound on and off.​
After a minute, Frank will fall asleep, and music will play. Use this command to turn it on or off.​
Frank and Dummie have custom super and CrossMomentum Hyper music. Use this command to turn it on or off.
Super music - Botanik [NSF (VRC6)]
Hyper music - Garten (2A03 PURITANS) [NSF (Classical)]​
This command will allow you to re-assign the button you need to press in order to dance. You can switch it to either tossflag, custom button 1, or custom button 3. You can even turn it off, if you really hate to bust a move... [Default: Tossflag]​

Frostiikin - HUGE Help with partner swapping
SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use some snippets of code he made before
The CSCS - For motivation, testing, feedback, and helping me be less indecisive about ideas
Zoraxua Dragon - For helping out with SRB2P related stuff
Dummie - For being a good boy
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Latest reviews

Oh my god.
It's literally the best thing ever! Keep it up!
I had fun with this one. Frank is sorta like Tails but you can't spam jump to fly, and honestly that's great. Dummie can't spin-dash on the ground, but he can in the air. Also he can multi-jump. All-in-all, this addon is the best.
Upvote 0
Well, I can play.

good gameplay.

Easter eggs.


Result: Good car
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Frank and Dummie are a good duo. I'm going to rate them separately.

Frank: His new move is very fitting, and his ground bounce is cool to mess with too. He finally has a nice battle move to! The Super ground
bounce will be more helpful then the dodge roll for sure! Nothing much to really say about him. 4/5 he gets!

Dummie: Dummie is basically that oc that feels forgotten. It's perfectly fine that he didn't come back with new moves... but he literally feels untouched, other than the extra abilities for the shields. His recurl is very awkward to use and time, and does not fit too well with the triple jump. His battle move isn't very fitting either, I would give him a 1/5 alone. I would love to see a more controllable recurl in the air if you can!
Upvote 0
We can always use more characters with fun abilities, great sprite work, and a ton of personality. The only bad thing I can think of about this mod is effectively a nitpick (see the discussions).
Upvote 0
Oh look it's that dancing guy from New Years Collab!
Jokes, they are pretty good characters to play as, though something i would suggest is making so Frank can Ground Bounce while Flight Bursting for some interesting interactions.
Upvote 0
Square guy and Round guy are now an epic team :]
Upvote 0
Love the characters, I like the charm, and I already heard an easter egg

I like
Upvote 0
the funny duo are finally out
Upvote 0
I had a lot of fun with this pair! They got some personality to 'em, and traits to their movements and animations to make 'em stand out. I also appreciate that the duo mode actually lets you switch between both very easily. Good stuff all around!
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