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D00D64: Made the original addon for 2.1.
Terionic (me!): Ported the mod and updated it!
CrystallineGazer: Made the kazotsky sprites of course

So... Remember when I made a thread about a v3 update to Metal Anyone? yeeeeeaaah... I've kinda lost interest for that.

I decided I should use the permission I asked for more than a year ago to at least release an upgraded Metal Anyone port. Y'know, to do the mod some justice.

Is Metal Anyone v3 coming back? I'm not sure. For now, consider it canceled.

Metal Anyone


What is a Metal Anyone you may be wondering?

Metal Anyone is an alternate version of Metal Sonic. Yes, I know there's a ton of these already (in fact I released one a couple of days ago). But this one comes all the way back from 2.1!

His main gimmick is his ability copying mechanism. He can copy other characters' abilities! However, you can't freely control it.
Metal Anyone will pick a random ability each time you enter a new level or die. It changes every time!


Now, let's see all of these abilities, shall we?

It's just the good ol' thok, is there much to say? Double jump to zoom forward with a huge burst of speed!


Double jump to start flying for a limited time. Keep tapping the jump button to ascend. When time runs out, he'll get tired and slowly sink back down.


Double jump to glide in the air towards where the camera is facing as long as jump is held. Glide into a wall to climb it.
Press jump while climbing to jump off and point the camera away from the wall. Press spin instead to jump without changing the camera.


This isn't an actual jump ability, it's more of a pasive ability. Metal Anyone will jump higher the faster you go.


Do I even need to explain this? You just get an extra jump. That's it.


You most probably know this ability already. It allows you to lock on to any nearby enemies and dash into them. If no enemies are nearby you will perform an Air Dash, a weaker thok without the spinning.


Legacy version of the hover, ported over to match the original version! This acts pretty similarly to the current one Metal Sonic uses, but never makes you fall.


This is the opposite to the float ability, a nerfed version of the hover. It will not maintain your height as well but still serves its purpose.


This is where we start getting to the weird unknown base game abilities. Telekinesis will allow you to push enemies away by pressing the Jump key, or towards you with the Spin key.


This ability will invert your vertical speed. I know I know, sounds complicated, but to sum it up it's pretty much just a falling speed dependant double jump. Or a Crawla Bounce on command if you will. Use it right on the water's surface for maximum effect!


Press Jump twice to initiate it, it will lock your speed and direction but thrust you upwards. Press spin to then quickly drop!


First of the new abilities integrated from 2.2! You can "swing the hammer" (or spin in this case) by pressing Spin on the ground or Jump mid-air! This mode's spin attack may have limited usage, but it can break spikes and bustable floors, as well as power springs!


While standing still, point the camera at an enemy or monitor to make a cursor appear over it. Press spin to fire a cork at that target.


Double jump to bounce off the ground and some hazards as long as jump is held. Bouncing can also destroy some floors.


And of course, Metal Sonic's abilities.
Double jump to hover as long as jump is held, but he'll lose height if he slows down too much.


Keep moving at high speeds to increase his stats, letting him charge through spikes and sprint over water.


*HorizonChars and XMomentum support (actually tested now)
*Commands to toggle hint HUD and skincolor forcing (any_hint and any_color)

*Original release
*Added hint HUD (toggleable with anyhud command)
*Fixed some abilities not working
*Works on 2.2 now (duh)
*Updated sprite set and CSS to 2.2 assets
*Remade anyhud command (now called any_hud), added any_color command and any_help command
*Added I/O support for commands (they save now)
*Made the HUD line up with the screen in non-green resolutions
*Added spindash to all previous spindash-lacking abilities. Not consistent with the character but will allow them to beat the game properly
*Updated Sonic, Tails and Knuckles stats
*Added Fang ability, as well as updated versions of the Amy and Metal Sonic abilities
*Renamed original Amy and Metal Sonic abilities to Legacy to separate them from the new ones
*Replaced colors:
- Sonic: Steel Blue -> Blue
- Legacy Metal Sonic: Blue -> Cornflower
- Gamma: Dark Red -> Flame
- Blaze: Lavender -> Pastel
*Ported over 2.1 hover to make Mecha Sonic consistent between versions
*Added SF_CANBUSTWALLS check to Knuckles, to make his wall breaking work

Have fun, I guess.
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Latest reviews

This is brilliant. I do have a couple complaints, though. For one, Fang's pop gun is still only usable from a standstill, when the Popgun Modifications mod could be integrated. Second, A few of the abilities are extremely outdated, most notably Silver and Espio's mimicked abilities. And lastly, no Super form, no fun. But this is still a fun mod regardless.
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Finally arrived, Metal Anyone is already on my list of favorites.
Although I must say, I am a bit disappointed that it lacks many requested abilities, but they are enough to make this character already a jack-of-all-trades.
yeah, that's because it's not the v3 product I've hyped up previously. This is just a port of the 2.1 mod to fill the void I left behind after leaving SRB2 modding (I am coming back though)
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Pretty good port of an old classic. Props for actually adding the new 2.2 abilities, although I think this could still do with some visual tweaks.

Watching Metal climb up a wall by just hovering next to it, or shooting an invisible projectile while standing completely still is a little jarring to watch. I think some custom sprites for a few abilities could really make it feel better to play, and maybe even tweak some vanilla abilities to make em... well, usable. I'm looking at you, Telekinesis.

But other than that, pretty good overall, welcome aboard.
I did plan some of these features for the original v3 project, but that's kind of dead. I pretty much just wanted to release something out of this after hyping it up for so long.
For sprites specifically though, that's mostly my lack of skill. I just preferred copying sprites over to making ugly ones. I would probably update this with some sprites if I got someone to help with that.
Thanks though!
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