Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus!

Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus is here from Mirage Saloon Zone! She used to be a bandito, but she's given up her days of crime... mostly.



Cacee is a cute lil cactus rabbit made by yours truly, she might look cute but she packs a mean punch, she's also the first proper character I've released since my return to SRB2, padoru excluded of course.

She's a pretty small (and I do mean small) and agile fighter, but she's a nospin so watch out when you jump.

*Spike Rush*
Now before I did say she packs a mean punch, infact she packs several, if it doesn't break the first time, punch it again.

You can also use this to break bustables too.

*Rising Upper*

This is Cacee's jump ability, jump a second time to punch high into the air, your horizontal movement is cut a bit durring the cast though.
Another key thing this ability has is that it can drag enemies up into the air, allowing you to combo enemies if you wish


Comboing this with Spike rush allows you to grant yourself another rising upper mid air, so you can reach some pretty high spaces provided you have a tanky enough enemy, or enough of them to drag with you.

*Spike proof and fire retardent*

Due to her thorny nature, cacee is completely impervious to spikes, spike pits, spike walls, just not spike balls.
if it's passive she's most likely immune to it, if it's an attack or a general hazzard, they hurt her, it should be obvious what does and doesn't hurt her, if you can walk on it, you're fine, if not, it's probably going to hurt.

Also making contact with enemies also hurts them, but... it also hurts you, so you still need to be careful.


And, here's your fun fact of the day, because Cacti hold so much water in their body, they're one of the most fire retardent plants you can find, I mean they live in a desert, that place is hot as heck.
I'm not saying she's immune to fire though, a cactus must under go routine watering and nuture to retain their fire retardent properties, she can only survive one hit from a fire source once, you're gonna have to wait to cool down before you can tank another, or find a water source to cool off in.


*Tutorial Map*

Not many characters are easy to pick up right away, I decided to include a tutorial map with my character, Cacee will walk you through some simple mechanics to help you learn how to play her properly, and at the end, if you so wish it, is a small challenge course designed for Cacee herself, you can access this map by loading the tutorial from the main menu.


And... well, that's it, really, simplicity is the best for some characters, although that's not to say she doesn't have her fair share of secrets.

She does have compatability with some other mods though, such as
Xmomentum, Battlemod (lite support), Milne & Kirby, bet you can't guess what Kirby gets, hrm?


v1 -Release!
v1.1 - added in commands to disable homing and camera punching, tutorial enemy infinite bug fix, Fang boss fixes, Battlemod balancing. (Punch thrust decreased when flag/diamond holding, weight reduced from 75 to 50, no longer homes in on players, shockwave hitting knuckles while digging bug has been fixed
v1.2 - added in Persona support, a dedicated battlemod move (Pot of Pain) bug fixes and battlemod balance (Weight raised to 70, punch hitbox adjustments, BM specific bugs fixed)
v1.3 - Updated Persona Support
v2 - Updated sprites, effects, changed how punch functions in the air, Battlemod overhaul, Super frames added as well as a Sol form​

The new commands added in should help you with your runs of cacee, or for those using a controller

caceehoming - toggles on and off Cacee's homing with her punches, always off by default in battlemod modes
caceecamera - lets you toggle between aiming via camera or aiming via direction input

Spritework: Me! I really love my Cactus girl, I hope you like her too
Coding: SMS Alfredo, thank you very much for offering before I even asked, and for doing a superb job too
CSS Text: Starlight and Steph, I am very bad with my words, so thanks for helping me English
Beta testers, there was a lot of you, but thank you all for pointing out any bugs me or alfredo missed, you were a big help c;


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Latest reviews

this is like the most fun I've had with srb2, not only is her moveset so simple yet so cool, she's also one of the cutest lil dudes I've ever seen!!!! love her sm.....
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I love Cacee, I adore her. One of the best modded characters in SRB2 and one of my absolute favorites. She is incredibly fun to play as, and she is absolutely adorable. Her tutorial and the challenge course at the end of it are great. Her moves chain together very nicely and are very fun to use, and dare I say it: She can really schmove. I've been playing as this character for a really long time now but I never stopped by to give her a rating until right now. sooo, yeah. Love your character!
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I love this mod so much :) Cacee is such a cute character and she's extremely fun to play without feeling overpowered.
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the bean is amazing and i love her
Upvote 0
Overrated character


I still really like the funny cactus lady mechanics and gameplay, also the design is cute
Upvote 0
This mod is really fun to play as! principaly in multiplayer in races
Upvote 0
This is the mod that made me enjoy modding SRB2.
On top of the design being admittedly cute, Cacee's moveset just feels sweet to use when you get it down right.
Upvote 0
This, is peak SRB2.

Cacee plays very well when used correctly, which I really like about her. Use her with precision and you can just clear zones instantly.

People keep talking about the Fang fight so I guess I'll try to get there.

EDIT: Ok but the Fang fight gave me a good laugh for a little, that's one of the best things I've seen a character have
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not only is the gameplay style not that hard to master you can do amazing things with this girl

also the fang fight makes this 5 stars instantly
Upvote 0
Cute cactus!

Good moveset!
funny character
(looks like on cactus mccoy...?)
Kiwi Color
battlemod! (I'll not like this gametype and cacee looks like bad character for this maybe you can add cacee for super smash flash 2?)

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