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E-102 Gamma's gone rogue, and wants revenge on Dr. Eggman. Let's help them free their imprisoned animal friends!​


Lock-On Laser
Hold *Spin* to aim your laser. Move the laser over objects to lock onto them. Release *Spin* to unleash a barrage of missiles at them.


Time Limit
Gamma is always under threat of the time limit. Destroy enemies to receive extra time. You will get even more time and bonus points for destroying more enemies in a single attack. Time limits are already set for all of the base game stages, but there's a relatively decent algorithm to calculate a fair time limit for custom stages that don't set their own time limit.


Jet Booster
Press *Jump* while mid-air to get an upwards boost. Continue holding it to hover down slowly. You can re-press at any time to continue hovering.


Drive Mode
Gamma is a bit slower than other characters by default. Hold in a direction for enough time to activate their wheels and move a bit faster, climb slopes easier, and gain speed going down slopes.


Flight Mode
Hold Jump while near or touching liquid to float upwards. Once reaching the surface, they'll float directly above the surface of the liquid.


Smash Landing
Gamma is pretty heavy, and can destroy floors by simply jumping onto them.


In Cooperative mode, you can target other players to buff their next jump -- the Coop Jump. Additionally, other players can return the favor by helping you get extra time.


Record Attack
In Record Attack mode, the time limit is disabled. Destroying enemies & getting large combos will instead freeze your current time for a short while.


Laser Blaster
Gamma doesn't have a Super form, so getting all seven Chaos Emeralds will instead give them a gun upgrade. Their missiles will create large explosions, cleaning up any missed targets. Additionally, it lets you perform the Coop Jump on yourself by touching your own explosion.


Smart Tether
Gamma has specific support for Kart Krew's Smart Tether. If you're on a team with a Gamma player, you will share a time limit with them, but in return you get even more time from enemies, per player on the team.
Gamma comes with customizability in mind. Want to map around Gamma? There's a bomb object to give him walls only they can break, and a map header setting for their time limit. Want to give your custom enemy or decoration special behavior against the homing missiles? There's a custom hook system for easily creating new object behavior.

I have a page on my wiki namespace documenting all of the features that come with Gamma: https://wiki.srb2.org/wiki/User:TehRealSalt/Gamma

That's me. I put together the whole thing, handled the polish aspect (combos, visual effects, destructible objects), handled the new altered gameplay ideas (flight mode, jet booster's double jump, coop abilities), probably anything else you can think of that is not listed below.

The original author. Made a lot of the original gameplay loop scripts (attacks, drive mode, jet booster hover), as well as the remake of the HUD timer that was designed for countdowns.

Helped me with Blender and with Gamma's pre-render model materials, so that I could make the final pre-renders look great and in SRB2-style.

Jeck Jims
Best bud, helped with a LOT of testing, as well as making their own great in-game 3D model for OpenGL as usual.

I stole some of his sounds for an easter egg as a cheeky Snap the Sentinel reference. He doesn't know I'm putting him on here.

None of their work made it to the final version, but they were originally helping me with sprites, before I decided that it was too much work for any one person to handle and to use pre-renders instead. I still appreciate what they did do, though!

Came to me near end of development and offered to donate new flicky sprites made specifically for Gamma. I couldn't get them in for v1.0, but was happy to do a patch for them.

  • There is an issue with Gamma bumping into half-pipes instead of going up them naturally. This is an engine bug with any character with too large of a radius. I have already fixed this here, it's simply up to STJr to decide if/when to include it in a patch: https://git.do.srb2.org/STJr/SRB2/-/merge_requests/2013
  • There is some weirdness with how Gamma's head acts during their idle animation in Automatic playstyle. Coding to handle Automatic style feels like a maze sometimes so I didn't feel like going down this rabbit hole yet.
I started on Gamma after conceptualizing ideas on making a character out of multiple parts, to try and reduce the amount of work from the typical custom character. When I was thinking of characters that might fit well with that kind of system, I thought about Gamma's automatic animation from Sonic Adventure, and how Gamma would be pretty much impossible to do well in SRB2 without. After that I got carried away thinking about how I would program it, and eventually got in contact with Rem over their own attempts to make a Gamma character, and the rest is history.

This project started off as a neat curiosity and what I thought might just be a quick challenge to get a character out more efficiently than my last one... but it ended up being it's own beast as I got carried away and wanted to put more touches, fun details, more polish, etc. A lot of my time was spent on very crappy pre-renders that I thought I was going to manually clean up, before I realized that I just don't have time for that. I eventually got help making very pretty 16-angle pre-renders which fit the SRB2-style pretty well. There will probably be a few people a little sad that I didn't make 500+ manually shaded limb sprites, but frankly it'd be a huge waste of time & sanity, and I think I ended up liking how it came out overall nicer than anything I could've drawn myself.

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Latest reviews

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a very cool mod , but I would like to see the gamma version without a time limit
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This mod is amazing even if I ignore my bias for E-102. It's outstanding in the sense that it ported E-102's playthrough from SA1 while adding tweaks that don't change the gameplay too much from its predecessor.

- E-102 "Gamma" plays incredibly well.
- The sprites, while not exactly in the SRB2 style, fit very well in the game's style.
- This mod has some of the cutest details, such as including Gamma's cowboy hat from Sonic Shuffle whenever he's in a desert zone.
- His reward for 7 emeralds is quite nice, as it compensates for Super.
- Multiplayer mechanics are very well thought out.

- This mod may lag on low-end devices, however I don't know how this could be fixed (unless you remove some visual features)

Upvote 1
the character looks great on other people's gameplay. unfortunately, I had to play in first person to have a non-laggy experience. I suggest having a 'Lite' version for lower end devices. (Basically, a single sprite version)
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Gamma is one of the best characters I've seen since Adventure Sonic came out. I don't know if it's intentional, but this mod is the most faithful to the original source out of any other character mods and I dig that. Admittedly even more than DeltaChars.

My only gripe with this mod is that the lock-on system is a bit janky, as Gamma locks onto things he shouldn't be able to, such as the flowers in Techno Hill.
Upvote 1
E-102 Gamma is one of my favorite characters. This mod transfers his Adventure playstyle to this game very well, even having the point system from SA2 mechs!

+ Tons of references sneaked in, like the pink Flicky inside of him!
+ The Game Over theme has been changed to the somber variant of his theme at the end of his story. Works really well!
+ His gunplay is very fun to mess around with. Your friends can even help you gain time in Co-op!

/ Can look out of place in some areas. Such as continue screen.
/ Probably cannot use the Chaos Emeralds. Its hard for me to test out because...
/ Time limit changes depending on level. But either way, some might not like the time limit. Keep this in mind!

- Probably the most unstable character I have. He crashes the game a lot with "Segment Violation", sometimes even when I'm not playing as him!
- There's a lot of extra stuff he can shoot. While it may be fun to destroy the environment at first, it tends to get in the way of shooting enemies and wastes time. Primary example is Techno Hill Act 1, thought it DOES become less apparent in later levels.
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It's the best adaptation I've seen of gamma's gameplay ever. 'nuff said
Impressive work on the sprites too! almost vector-man like in the way they work
Upvote 0
I really like Gamma he's my favorite character and this is a great mod, do you think we could get a Persona compatible Gamma?
Upvote 1
Thanks SO much for bringing back Gamma! I haven't really played much Sonic Adventure 1 anyways, but MY GOD is he fun as hell to play.
Upvote 2
You went HARD...this is way more polished and extra than it ever had any right to be. There was zero necessity to go out of your way to make so many scenery items breakable, make gargoyles pushable with shots, add that silly hat in ACZ, or even make all of his bodyparts seperately animated.

You really did Gamma justice.
Upvote 2