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    CEO Of Paper Mario: Remade From Greenflower City
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  3. Rem

    Menace That Can't Be Stopped From Gensokyo
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    Bad at every videogame ever From In front of my computer
  5. itryan10229

    that one guy that mains fang From locationville
  6. Kwiin

    [A person in a place] From The upper floors of Wistram
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  9. Chuckles troll

    Fangurus cork jumpus From Canada
  10. FoxImbox

    Member From The mushroom kingdom
  11. TotallyProperUsername

    Nailed it. From Scotland (not actually scottish lololololol)
  12. Triant

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  14. Andres_Craft

    Proud owner of a Crappy Laptop
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  15. GamingReloaded

    Member From Currently living in denial
  16. Modunlami

  17. The_Oofer

    It's Oofing Time! From no
  18. Paps the Echidna

    i am bored From Symmetri-Canyon Zone
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  19. OrdoMandalore

  20. SolarStellar

    AKA BlueBlur From N/A

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