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This mod adds a new transformation to Sonic, significantly boosting his abilities far beyond what players would usually be expected to handle normally, pushing the limits of what you can do is the name of the game! But be careful, you're not invincible and will lose your form in 2 hits. While Super Mystic, it isn't the game, but your own limits as a player that will define how far you can push Sonic, unleashing him as that action superhero he's always shown off to be, but rarely let you actually play as. (...or you can just go Hyper Mystic and say screw everything. I ain't gonna police it)




  • The Ability to transform from practically any version of Sonic.
  • Special Balance for BattleMod 6.1, Match, CTF, and extra options for Race.
  • Many cooperative abilities allowing you to boost other players, including powershare, which grants characters a special superform with unique abilities not seen in normal superforms.
  • A humongous amount of abilities, options, and alt control schemes to let you play in your own style.
  • Hyper Mystic Sonic, AKA HMS; An extra optional transformation on top of SMS, letting you become the most powerful character in SRB2 history for a limited time.
If you like playing the old way or want to practice, you can also select SMS as a skin, unless servers force this off. SMS is my most personal and long-running creation, and at the very least, I hope it'll show in the polish.

-Updated music parameters to use strings rather than musicslots since 2.2.10 dropped support for that.
-Hyper Mystic Sonic's spamdash now increases speed (even) faster exponentially.
-SMS' wall cornering correction now uses SA-Sonic's system instead.

-SMS's "outline" glow now looks exactly like I've always wanted it to.
-Mystic Supers will now wield SMS' aura as well.
-Some effects are now updated to use the newly available "shiny" rendering.
-Afterimages and boost effects should now obstruct the camera less and be more dynamic.
--Fix for 2.2.9 that prevented SMS/HMS not being able to break "strong" walls
--SMS no longer "run"-rolls when holding spin upon stomping in 2.2.9.
--Fixed shields breaking SMS' spin button in 2.2.9.
-Experimental jump timing assist! Jump a few frames **after** walking off ledges off ledges. Good for those times your feet can barely tap the ground. Which is often as SMS.
--Experimental High-speed wall-collision steering-assist. Tell me how it feels!
--Curling from a spring with jump now insta-thoks
--Fixed bug with models.
--Compatible with 2.2.9 and hopefully future versions.
-Made 34 extra skincolors, mostly to add pulsing color options and a proper default palette that isn't just Super Sonic's. Other
characters may access these too.
-Added an admin option to turn pulsing colors off. This may ease RESYNC issues if you're getting those!
-SMS technically now supports Battlemod 8.3, though I'm dropping future Battlemod support, and recommend playing 6.1 from here on out for optimal games with SMS.
-Bandages(Sonic Boom Sonic) can now transform into SMS.
-Minor bugfixes for dedicated servers, some wad combinations, etc etc.

This version uses a different I/O file, so don't forget to save your favorite settings again.
-Fixed SMS' infinite attack & defense priority in Battle Mode that plagued SMSreborn-v2. Rejoice, Knuckles players.
-Fixed SMS being able to multi-homing attack after a homing attempt when he shouldn't (Battle Mode.)
-Removed a bug where SMS' stomp wouldn't work properly with combat shoes.
-SMS' lightspeed attack no longer breaks when wearing speedshoes.

-SMS now varies voice clips for Airboost and Blinddash. RIP "Go!!" spam
-SMSblast Mode is now called "Legend Mode" and has SMS' 2.0 walljump+1.09.4 multi-homing thok.
-The ringburst can now alternatively be done by double tapping custom1 on the ground.(boostmode-only) Practically necessary for the "Simple" control scheme.
-Afterimages when HMS' spindash AoE attack hits enemies.
-If you've never saved options, you'll now get assigned a random SMS color outside of coop modes when joining a game.

(Battle Mode)
-New critical combo mechanic! Any strong stun you afflict on SMS players will now become a critical stun. Hit SMS during this stun for a critical FINISHER, sending him flying and gaining you even more bonus points! This mechanic should allow non-SMS players to be much more aggressive, and also make it alot more fun to fight SMS in general. Aim to clash your attacks as hard as you can with SMS, as this will now give you the advantage and open opportunities!

-SMS' stomp now bounces a bit unless moving very fast to present clearer openings.

-If Fang is firmly grounded, neither shooting or sprinting, he can now resist SMS' spin-type attacks much like Knuckles.

-SMS is now refunded up to 10 rings when detransformed by a non-critical finish depending on ring count before getting hit. He also gets a pity or force shield depending on ring count. This should make it easier to get back into the game in busy netgames.

-SMS' flames inflict a more stun.
-Fixed methods to bypass SMS transformation restrictions
-You can no longer buy Golden Shoes in unintended gametypes
-Can no longer access HMS with 50 rings in gamemodes you need 300 rings.
-HMS can no longer hold onto flags.
-Fixed firestomping bug without elemental/fire shields
-Fixed issue with SMS transforming and instantly throwing a Diffusion Flame.
-Restores music properly for everyone after HMS panic in matches.
Weapon Previous input now also picks up items like intended.
-Atomdive&Stomp now properly detect all FOFs over deathpits.
-Analog footsweep setting now doesn't screw up the dodge.
-Fixed being unable to use the SMSmenu command when grabbed by -SMS(to make yourself ungrab-able during grieving)
-Kirby now gets different abilities from SMS depending on context.(fixes people getting kicked upon rejoining after sigsegvs when rejointimeout's active, messing up and lagging netgames like crazy)
-Fixed SMS's "freemode" and banned-mode being inaccessible for Battle Mode
-Many other minor things.
-Tap spin after launching the Atomic Dive for a Super Dropdash! More height = more speed!
-HMS is now even more powerful. Press Fire when charging a spindash for "Galaxy Storm".
-Your preferences can now be saved. Use "Save Config" in the SMSreborn menu. I suggest not doing this as a joiner, because it'll save the host's Admin settings from that game.
-SMS now autoloads SMSreborn.cfg. This acts like an autoexec.cfg, but specifically for SMS. Neat for automatically loading smsaltmusic(netgame safe), giving yourself a silly Super Mystic name or other commands. Not necessary at all.

-SMS graphics now automatically adjust upon server joins and HMS appearances. Turned off being messing with it manually.
-The lowest SMS graphics setting now removes even more visual effects.
-Added HMS limit option. Sets limit to how many HMS' can exist in a server. Default is 1.
-Removed rapid flashes from HMS' Novablast and Godbreaker on the highest graphics setting.
-When disabling the ability to turn into HMS, now immediately turns off already active HMS players.
-Added arrows to the SMS menus to convey the multiple pages.
SMS controls can be used during Match gametypes.
-Removed "SMSreborn is added, use blah for controls aid, etc" message
-Homing Momentum is now set to "key" by default since that seems to be the general preference over mine.
-New gfx/sfx for spamdash, ringburst, footsweep reflections(&timing) and HMS spindash AoE
-"HMS Themes" is now "Music Themes". Turns off HMS' theme, HMS' panic theme, and runshoes music for you.
-Added two new special SMS colors.(SMSreborn menu): Lapis Vapor and Azure Breaker
-Hold C3 for an "Explosion cam" after the highest grade atom dive.
Added hint if you get killed by an SMS who threw you.
-Players can now use "FIRE" to turn HMS in Battle.(C3 still works too) This caused some confusion.
-SMSblast SMS now has homing build into his multi-speed thok, like the original 1.09.4 SMS.
-An already ongoing ringburst will no longer be stopped by water
-Climbing Characters can now super-leap off walls if they're Mystic Super.
-You can now ringburst directly while spinning (still need boostmode), and canceling ringbursts grants some boostlvl
-If Tails(bot) is carrying you, you can now press custom3 to boost him yourself.
-The super hammerjump now can now also be performed from an airlanding.
-Kirby now gets Fire/Tornado/Wheel/Mike/Long Jump from SMS depending on context.(fixes people getting kicked upon rejoining after sigsevs when rejointimeout's active, messing up servers)
-Character mods can now set player.mo.smscompatibleskin to 2 to force compatibility with SMS.
-Diffusion Flames now lay firetraps a few frames later, and no longer do while detonating.
-The haymaker prompt extends if you've recently got hit by/dodged a haymaker to discourage spam.
-SMS' haymaker(HMS exempt) is now single-target on players. Players kept running into SMS' fist AoE wondering why they got no prompt.
-The haymaker now can't target flickering players and drains rings similar to sprinting.
-You can now leapfrog anyone, friend or foe.
-SMS' sprint powers now drain rings faster
-Atomdives now cost rings and whiff if you have none.

-SMS now has to touch the flag for half a second before being able to grab it. Should make capturing the flag in a game with tons of SMS players easier.

(Battle Mode)
-You're now invulnerable for 2 seconds when transforming. Should aleviate frustration of instantly losing SMS.
-Increased SMS' stun power on his regular flames
-Only non-SMS players now gain 25 bonus points when hitting SMS. (Untransformed SMS players still get this bonus)
-Homing Attack now has cooldown and consistent knockback when it fails, making spam harder, but also minimizing awkwardly flying skywards because of jank.
-Haymakers won't pierce shields in battle mode.(Still does in Match/CTF)
-HMS now drains 25 rings per second when a control point's being captured by anyone.
-HMS now captures control points MUCH slower
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Its pretty good even though i dont know what half of the controls do due to me playing with a keyboard, although i guess thats my fault.
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normally, i'm not a fan of characters that just let you go ham and do anything you want

i just
i cannot describe my experience with this mod
only thing i can say is that the moveset flow is better then mods that try to be balanced which is concerning
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this is the best mod ever
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It's a great mod that makes Sonic INCREDIBLY fun to play as, run as, jump as, it truly does make Sonic the "action superhero" he's meant to be. I do have a few issues. My main gripe is that he's far too complicated for controllers. I primarily use a controller to play Robo Blast 2, and a lot of his actions can't be used on a thumbstick. You don't even have to integrate it into the main mod, you can make a new wad or pk3 for it. Other than that, most of my issues are just nitpicks. He can get a little too fast and unwieldy, but that just comes with the territory. Sometimes I wish he didn't just BECOME the new super form for every Sonic, and that he was his own character, but that doesn't really matter much/
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so uh all of my fingers hurt like absolute hell but hey at least he's fun
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this is the ultimate mod! i love it! its fun it looks op, but not really untill you learn the controls, super fast, broke my game what can't it do?! its FUCKING amazing! the 2nd best mod after morshu ( cause funny ) and i have lots of fun with it! the combos are great ( when you learn them ) and the story about how you made it was amazing! shame there will never be a higher quality mod! 10 out of 10 mystic emeralds
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One of the best mods, amazing. 5/5

The aura of SMS captures what I love about Sonic and fantasize in a Sonic setting. The way he runs and has all these powers. Also I really admire the feeling of SMS, and all the work GoldenShine has put into him. Would recommend in single player or multi player
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It's a very cool mod. I don't recommend adding this to a server, but if you're on the single-player mode, then it is not bad!
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