gametype: co-op

  1. Hendrix

    SRB Dream Emulator v1

    "This addon contains flashing textures. If you are prone to epilepsy, proceed with caution." Heya~ :grin: This is Sonic Robo Blast Dream Emulator! Inpired by LSD Dream Emulator PS1 game with a touch of my own thing. Here you have the levels separated by days. Each day is a dream. When you...
  2. Nightwolf

    [Open Assets] WTFSonic v3

    WTFSonic After 2 years in development, hopefully it would have been worth the weight. In this mod, there's no Eggman in the world anymore. You'd think that it's great, but it isn't. Sonic's evil twin, Sonic 1 has taken over the entire world with a WTFSonic army. It's an army of mindless...
  3. Zoraxua

    [Open Assets] Super Run V3.0 - The Battery update 3.0

    Inspired from Sonic 2 3D / AGES, where beating the game with 7 Emeralds would unlock a mode called Super Run, which starts you off with 50 rings and all emeralds. Due to the nature of Sonic 2's jump to transform, it would basically start you off as Super Sonic. This version of Super Run...
  4. MikeTheDigiFloof

    Multiplayer Ultimate Mode - Discontinued

    This mod will likely be buggy, and I'm not working on it anymore. Use Multiplayer Ulitmate by Tarregor instead Remember that mode from a secret input for single player? Its back in Multiplayer I introduce to you, Multiplayer Ultimate mode This mod features two custom gamemodes Ultimate Co-op...
  5. MikeTheDigiFloof

    [Open Assets] Freedom Planet Health system and Resources V1

    I've been wondering about releasing this mod or not but I've decided to release it anyways to see what would come from it, so here it is This mod adds in a few features to make SRB2 Play similar to Freedom Planet. This mod includes new objects (Shield gems, crystals, petals and more) A toggable...
  6. Chrispy

    [Open Assets] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails) 1.2.1

    Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails are finally here! JE4tykrVpLc Supporters / CoAuthors AxelMoon CobaltBW Lach
  7. Latius

    The Gate of Dreams [Night Five, Stage 1]

    DrEAMing once again, The Gate of Dreams, which is more like a teaser of sorts of a future map pack, is now back and ported to SRB2 V2.2, using the DrEAMS version of Emerald Hunt Advanced. Like the original release, this pack contains two maps, both intended to be tutorial stages for the two...
  8. Hendrix

    Ray's Freefly - Match/Tag/Fun CO-OP for Ray!

    Hey, guys! I am working on some projects for SRB2 and this idea just popped into my mind "Why not making a wide open map for Ray?". And then "Why not a match/tag map for Ray?". And finally "Why not a match and hangout CO-OP map for Ray?". I will certainly make more of this. A future pack for...
  9. Boinciel

    Kodachrome Void - A Feast for the Eyes 2021-03-04

    Sonic finds himself in a strange land. Is it a special stage? Or is it something more devious? Whatever the case, he has to escape quickly, before the mysterious patterns turn his brain into mush. Returning from SUGOI 1, now with new colour effects and less filesize. This map is sort of...
  10. MarioFreak2001

    [Open Assets] Emerald Valley Zone (V6)

    I decided to dip my toes in the level creating waters and made this little level. It's a short and easy level with not many hazards. Now with a second act! Update v1.1: You can now play this level from a fresh save. Update v2: The water now has colormaps and I've tweaked the level design a...
  11. Marcos

    [Open Assets] NeoGreenflower Act 1 (Revamp)

    Hey, are you all tired of repeating Green Hill Zone in official Sonic games? Well I'm here to make you hate Greenflower for making you repeat it! (really?) Where do I start... First of all, more than a revamp it's more like a "What happens after the game's story finishes?". Everything is back...
  12. Marcos

    [Open Assets] Rainy Walk Zone

    Hey everyone! It's my first time posting and I decided that I would post a short map i was working on. Rainy Walk Zone It's a short, simple, level. It won't take you more than 10 mins. I mostly put attention into scenery and I tried to make it like a cold, shady rainy day. Don't expect to...
  13. M

    Woody Torture Zone v1.5 2021-12-09

    This is the first map I decided to finish, a one-act zone featuring original brown textures and music. Changelog
  14. FuriousFox

    Cavernous Meadow Zone - Scrapped 2.2 MP Special Stage

    Back in June 2018, I made a concept for how I thought mulitplayer special stages should work. The idea was for them to work similarly to how they did in v2.0, but have different paths that incentivize using different characters. This way, players would be rewarded for having a diverse team...
  15. FuriousFox

    [Open Assets] Eggrock Zone Boss - Scrapped 2.2 Content

    Back in September, I decided to try and make a new ERZ3 boss fight now that Metal Sonic is in BCZ1 and 2. The general idea was that Eggman is inside some kind of column in the middle of the room, and he can fire homing missiles. Every time he's hit, lava in the room moves, forcing you to change...
  16. camsPatience

    Floral Cliffside Zone (2.1 Port)

    Welcome to Floral Cliffside Zone, a place... without any cliffs. Or cliffsides, for that matter. This is a port of a previously-unreleased zone (which some of you may recognize), with minimal changes aside from making it generally more friendly to players. Edit: forgot to add proof of...
  17. PencilVoid

    Cold Zone (VS_cold-v1.pk3) v1

    tfw you finish your uldc level 2 weeks after when the deadline would have been Welcome to Cold Zone. It's snowy. There are slopes. And badniks. There aren't any emblems yet. Music: Egg Garden Zone Act 1 by Mr. Stardust
  18. Xntimodern

    [Open Assets] Egg FrostBurn v2.1

    Probably a successful try to port the boss Egg FrostBurn, previously known as such mods like "The Emerald Isles", "Boss Mayhem" and "Zeno's Pack". If you find bugs - let me know about them. Egg Frostburn for SRB2 2.1: Supporters / Co-Authors: Jimita...
  19. C

    [Open Assets] Emerald Hunt Special Stages (Version 1.1)

    Hello I made my own Special Stages but this time, It's in Emerald Hunt Mode. He's Purely level scripted, Colored Emerald Shards Scatters in 7 EH Special Stage Levels. Collect all 3 Shards to win a Chaos Emerald. Be quick before the time runs out!
  20. Ace Premier

    [Open Assets] [0.01] ~ Blue Spring Team's SRB1 remake

    Release Note: Project was overly ambitious, therefor it was first and foremost cancelled by its developer. Soon this project will blossom into a community-driven one, therefore it is no longer "cancelled". Original pretty much is, but the project will continue, maybe. The goal of this project...