gametype: co-op

  1. MrBoingBD

    Green Valley Zone v1.1

    A Single level That I worked on for a week. Using the GreenFlower Theme. (I know not the most unique.) This is the second map I've ever made. however the first has never been posted on here. And I will most likely not ever upload it, since its terrible. (Trust me) PLEASE give me feedback so I...
  2. Larz T

    Official Level Design Collab 2023: Round 2 1.1

    Welcome to Round 2 of the 2023 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab! The OLDC is a celebration of all of the map creators in our community. This time around marks one of the most jammed packed OLDC’s in the 2.2 era! With participants being more familiar with the UDMF format, unique level designs...
  3. Cotton-Ears-Cat

    Cotton's Enhanced MP Special Stages 0.1.0

    Remember these Special Stages from 15 years ago? Well, you don't exactly need to. They've barely changed! Imagine how fun these things would be if they were updated to fit with 2.2's ambitious level design. ...well, you don't exactly need to imagine it anymore! Cotton's Enhanced MP...
  4. El-fire

    Emerald Coast in SRB2! 1.2.2

    are you ready to go on a two level adventure? no?... well too bad! heres Emerald coast in SRB2! "This is absolutely what sa wouldve been on the saturn." -lucasl5591 on one of my WIP vids. in this two level, level pack! you can play Emerald Coast!... i-in SRB2!... IDK this also includes a...
  5. thesrb2fan12

    [Open Assets] XMasture V1

    Ah yes it is near the time to hear children singing and jumping for joy because it will soon be Xmas (at the time of writing this description) so i decided to give you srb2 players a gift this holiday season a MAP PACK (my first one too!) there are 3 zones in this level pack (the last one will...
  6. SRB2 Enthusiast

    I thought I had made a new SRB2 server.

    The master emerald connection isn't connecting
  7. MarioNumberOne

    [Open Assets] The Ghoul's Forest 1.0

    WARNING: THIS MOD CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGES AND LOUD NOISES, THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART Sonic the Hedgehog and friends go camping in the woods, little do they know they find out they've found something far more than what they bargained for... To beat the map, you must defeat 3 monsters...
  8. B

    [Open Assets] Ring Saver 1

    Hello! This is my masterpiece that i've made: ring saver. I've had an issue about srb2: imagine that you have like 50 rings and you lose them. you pick them all and you get in total... 32 RINGS! So this lua will save you. This lua will save some rings if you lose them (only if you have...
  9. SCP-049-M

    Robotnirock Zone Demo 1

    A Egg Rock Zone Remake i really don't have anything to say other than that and this is my first map! (not counting my maze campaing, since its just one thing for the whole level) so don't go too hard on it Feel Free to send Feedbacks or Your thoughs on it! :D its also a demo, so in the feature...
  10. Cable

    Map Pack W.I.P

    In my past I've may have done somethings that I regret, making a character that was impossible for me to make, and trying to release something that got rejected. However, I'm here to announce that I will be making a level pack. There are only 2 levels so far and I will post more images of...
  11. Cris.

    [Open Assets] Multiplayer Special Stage 1 - ClusterGuy's Take 0.1

    This is my take on one of the multiplayer special stage. I may make more soon, but i'll put them in one, but for now, enjoy this little thing i made! Feedback is appreciated, As it can help me on what to improve on this.
  12. Soniku11

    Soniku11 Coop Map Pack v8.6.5

    At long last!.. After almost a month and half of both mental and physical suffering and agony, i finished the remake of my coop pack! Tought mostly. (There is some that have been left yet unchanged as they werent really that lacking, imo) here are the coop maps i been doing for so long, it took...
  13. Larz T

    Official Level Design Collab 2023: Round 1 1.5

    Welcome to Round 1 of the 2023 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab! The OLDC is a celebration of all the map creators in our community. This time around, it is also the introduction of UDMF to the event, unlocking unique new level creation possibilities. HOW THIS WORKS You download the collab's...
  14. Mosshiine

    Marathon Roll Zone 1.1.2

    Hugely inspired by a part in the SRB2 New years collab 2021 which you can play here! (its cool go play) This map features 7 sections that has the theme of every SRB2 vanilla campaign zone that gets harder overtime. Its around 5 minutes long and if u die u go all the way back! and this map...
  15. CatswellMeow

    Gloomy Caves 1.1

    ----- A short, easy map based on exploration! These caves filled with a lot of secrets. Find all of them! There's spilt paths for every character. Beware of the purple lights! They are taking your rings away. ----- Used assets from original game, including Silver Cascade Zone music. ----- This...
  16. SuperOfSrb2

    Sunrise Summit Zone v1L

    Recently I've been digging through my old, unreleased stuff, and there's alot of it, but I did manage to find an alright-ish level from an old map pack I barely got around to completing. For what it is, it's alright. Sure, Knuckles can completely skip his path (which I'm pretty sure is just a...
  17. Frostiikin

    Elfilin - Friend from the Forgotten Land 1.1

    (Big thanks to Bendedede for the character art seen on this thread!) Elfilin is a very unique character, playing drastically differently to what you'd expect from this game. I'm not great at writing these threads, so let's just get right in to it, shall we? Elfilin's central (passive)...
  18. Soashivito

    [Open Assets] More Blue Balls! V1.1

    Are you tired of the default special stages?! Do your friends finish the levels very fast?! Do you want to suffer even more on the seventh special stage?! Well look no further!! Introducing More Blue Balls!! This Addon adds some (a lot) of blue balls to the multiplayer special stages All...
  19. TehRealSalt

    [Open Assets] Raid Bosses 3.0

    This script makes boss HP scale with the number of players in Coop, but without making the boss flinch more than the original fight. This makes bosses have a bit more staying power and can actually get to attack, instead of being clobbered to death within seconds by 20 Thokking Sonics and 1...
  20. Rem

    Vs Pepperman v1.1

    Adds in Pepperman from Pizza Tower as a boss fight, for Singleplayer you'll go straight into it if you start a new game. Otherwise you can select it from level select in Singleplayer/Multiplayer under it's own category. Doesn't replace any stages in the base game. Credits Tour De Pizza -...