gametype: co-op

  1. FlysterTheFox

    Mysterious Forest (2.2 Port) 1.0

    A 2.2 port of Mysterious Forest, nothing else.. I might make a huge update later in the future (btw fang can't pass act 2)
  2. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2 1.1

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN COLLAB Welcome to Round 2 of the 2022 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab. That's right, the OLDC is transitioning from a contest pitting mappers against each other to a collaborative celebration of all the talented map creators in our community. Yes, we...
  3. Frostiikin

    [Open Assets] Multimate - Multiplayer Ultimate 1.0

    EDIT: While making this mod, I didn't realize that a multiplayer ultimate mod actually already exists. That one seems to be a lot more feature-complete, so you should probably use that one instead. Not going to delete this though just in case anyone wishes to use mine for anything. Because I...
  4. kriby

    [Open Assets] Emerald Quest V1.

    It looks like Dr. Robotnik is rebuilding the Death Egg... again. This time, he really wants those Chaos Emeralds, which can't mean anything good. Sonic (and everyone else) will have to find all those emeralds before it's too late, and stop his evil plans. Well, now that I've told you the...
  5. L3M44n

    Baldi's Schoolhouse 1.2

    Just an random idea that popped into my head when i was bored. Textures and the music by: Micah McGonigal
  6. Mr.FondusBroMan

    TD Forest (REMAKE! Official) V1

    Original Used:
  7. pedro64m_newacc

    How do i play online co-op?

    I wanna play co-op online with my friend, i wanna make the server, how do i do it?
  8. D

    A Super Trial 1

    Inspired by Super Challenge, this script allows you to blast through levels as Super Sonic, at the cost of death when you run out of rings. Features: Start any level as Super Sonic with 50 rings (100 on Boss levels) Race against the clock AND your friends in Competition Mode Compatible with map...
  9. megasaturn

    SRB2 Construct 1.0

    This map contains swear words, discretion is advised. Ever wanted to play a Garry's Mod map in SRB2? Then this map is for you! A simple map based on gm_construct from Garry's Mod, featuring an ambience for the map itself as its music. (Yes this includes that dark room)
  10. GomaTheMascar

    Home Sweet Zone 1.1

    Hello, I got a little tired of working on the usual kind of levels like singleplayer, ctf, match, battle, etc, so instead of burning out by only doing that, I just thought of making cute little wood houses for fun, and it worked! It got a little bigger than I anticipated, so there's a lot to...
  11. D

    (V4.5.1 PATCH) {SOUND WARNING} Tails Dolls' Forest V4.5.1 4.5.1

    ADVISORY WARNING: Includes blood and gruesome depictions of characters! May also cause Seizures! V4.5.1 is here with a map fix. I removed a map and forgot to remove code for it. This patch has V4.6 assets, that means an updated Skybox in TDH Handout 2/School. Please tell me about bugs in the...
  12. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 2 1.4

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN CONTEST Welcome to Round 2 of the 2021 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest. This one was quite fun to put together. HOW THIS WORKS As mentioned in the rules, the voting process will take place in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will create a...
  13. Triant

    Quartz Quadrant Zone Bad Future 1.5

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... this is my first submission This one is a tiny map based on sonic cd made just to improve my mapping skills, is not too long hope its a good start,it has a little knuckles route and a surprise at the end i wanna do it a levelpack. So enjoy, i guess... *Slaps...
  14. Radsla

    [Open Assets] Orange Mountains Zone! v.1.2

    WELCOME TO MY WORLD HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA An old level that I believe and that is on my YouTube channel was the first concept lmao
  15. PHITHGOD24

    [Open Assets] phithagod24's color pack 1.1.2

    this is my first addons is a skincolor pack and plus is all vapor? hope you like it!!
  16. Nuhu64

    Sunksea Zone 1.0

    This is a map I spent roughly 2 months on, enjoy maybe.
  17. X

    Zero's Halloween Level Pack 2.1.1

    Happy (late) Halloween! This is my halloween level pack, it contains 11 maps. (four of them being bosses). I made this level pack on October as an event for my server, a lot of people did enjoy it so I decided to put it here on MB. I hope you like it! -----------------------------ROTTEN HILL...
  18. Nesmanx

    [Open Assets] The Special Minigames V1.2

    Tired of those boring, outdated multiplayer special stages? Want to add some spice into your co-op server? Or do you just want some new special stages to challenge yourself? Well do I have the mod for you! Introducing the Special Minigames, a small pack of 3 maps with a whole new take on the...
  19. EAJS

    [Open Assets] EAJS Inverted Vanilla Levels (Level Pack) 1.1

    EAJS Inverted Levels Bringing a new way to play the most popular stages of SRB2, this time inverted, what will be the challenges? FEATURES: All singleplayer Co-op maps are inverted! Exit and start are inverted! The order of the zones was also reversed! 1-up and Eggman monitors were swapped...
  20. Pichus_Play

    EggFabric Act 1 1.0

    This is my "first level" at least my first level well worked, I had to learn a lot to achieve some things, I know that I could have some failures, but for me it is already done and correct :) (The factory really is a bit of several things, not just a box factory alone)