gametype: co-op

  1. Pichus_Play

    EggFabric Act 1 1.0

    This is my "first level" at least my first level well worked, I had to learn a lot to achieve some things, I know that I could have some failures, but for me it is already done and correct :) (The factory really is a bit of several things, not just a box factory alone)
  2. Mahier

    i try to use emblem thingy but i cant

    ok so i uploaded this level called reunited zone (its now called reunited. as for the mb) and im trying to add emblems but then i do the things right but when i go to the emblem it doesnt show up??? i do npt understand 1631814702 true,true
  3. L

    Green Rocks Zone v1

    I quickly made this map to get myself started on SRB2 modding. This map took inspiration from Red Volcano Zone and uses the music from (the hopefully soon coming) Red Volcano Zone Act 2. This map has been tested and is completable with: - Sonic - Tails - Knuckles - Amy Rose - Fang - Metal...
  4. SleepyManiac

    [Reusable] Midori Valley Zone Demo 1

    Hello! First time publishing a mod here! So this is basically a Level mod I created with 2 stages included, Midori Valley Zone and a boss battle for it. There's not much else for me to say about it honestly. Just a really small and simple level pack. :P This is one of my first attemps on...
  5. flarn2006

    [Reusable] Set Emeralds 1.0

    Let's say you're hosting a co-op game, and you've gotten a few emeralds. Then, for whatever reason, the server crashes. You can bring the server back up and go right to the map you left off on, but all your emeralds will be lost. The solution? Add this script, and use the new "setemeralds"...
  6. Sirexer

    [Reusable] S-19 Space Station 1.2

    👋Welcome to S-19 Space Station👋 In this station, you can have fun with your friends! This map is great for 24/7 servers and Hangout servers. Rooms There are 6 apartments and each has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom. You can lock apartment with button nearby the door. Entertainment...
  7. The Real Inferno

    [Reusable] Demo Quest Zone v1.0b

    Pushing SRB2 to it's very limits, Demo Quest Zone ensures a uniquely torturous experience for all that play it. Originally started because a member of the SRB2 Official Server, FrostedGeulleisia, tried and failed to cram all of Beta Quest into a singular map, this has expanded to be a test of...
  8. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 1 1.3

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN CONTEST Welcome to Round 1 of the 2021 SRB2 Official Level Design Contest! After six long months, we hope it's worth the wait. HOW THIS WORKS As mentioned in the rules, the voting process will take place in the Contest Voting subforum, where you will...
  9. snoc the head

    [Reusable] Techno Speedway Zone v1

    obligatory "this is my first level" A level based on Modern Sonic's abilities, like Greenflower X. Features : Techno Hill Textures Snazzy Sonic R music in the second section ..thats about it.
  10. fox

    [Reusable] Coop or Die! 1.1

    Features Cooperative HUD displaying teammate location and status information "Tagging" mechanics that require two players to damage enemies or collect special stage spheres Enemy Goal system requiring a certain percentage of enemies to be defeated in order to progress Team life sharing with...
  11. B

    Greenflower Speedway Mod 1.

    Hi, I'm back with a new level called Greenflower Speedway. Its a fairly easy level with lots of slope-based gimmicks along with new additional features. I would appreciate feedback so I can improve my skills and I hope you enjoy it. Additional Feature Fang and Amy Path Known Issues: There...
  12. Stardust Dragon

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Christmas Remix (An attempt to restore Christmas mode with enhancements)

    Ok... First of all, recently I got back working on my Christmas mod I'll drop some gifs that I posted on Imgur to show my friends how the progress is going. (lots of them is an early EARLY BETA). Well, this thread originally was a response of someone that got banned that was trying to make...
  13. ketchupik

    SRB2 Chaos Domain 2.3.3

    Welcome to Chaos Domain port for 2.2! MOD EDIT: By CoatRack's request, Modification of the levels is not authorized, but feel free to use any of the mod's assets, including textures, sprites, enemies, and bosses! Just don't forget your proper credits! Original Chaos Domain from 2.1...
  14. ◢◤Garcello◢◤

    Fleetway Sonic is posting to in srb2 2.2

    Hello this is coming soon,to new mod characters Fleetway Sonic in srb2 2.2.8 or 2.2.9
  15. lexidog

    [Reusable] no respawning during multiplayer bosses 2.1

    this mod will prevent respawning during bosses in multiplayer by setting coopstarposts to teamwork in boss levels, and then reverting that change in non-boss levels to change what coopstarposts should be set to in non-boss levels, use the console variable nonbosscoopstarposts if you need to...
  16. j2b2

    [Reusable] MEDIC! 1.0

    MEDIC! is a cooperative mod that makes it so when someone dies they need to be revived by a teammate. So how do you find and revive a player? There is an icon in the bottom left corner of the screen that shows which players are down and need help. In order to find the downed player use the...
  17. Hendrix

    SRB Dream Emulator v1

    "This addon contains flashing textures. If you are prone to epilepsy, proceed with caution." Heya~ :grin: This is Sonic Robo Blast Dream Emulator! Inpired by LSD Dream Emulator PS1 game with a touch of my own thing. Here you have the levels separated by days. Each day is a dream. When you...
  18. Nightwolf

    [Reusable] WTFSonic v3

    WTFSonic After 2 years in development, hopefully it would have been worth the weight. In this mod, there's no Eggman in the world anymore. You'd think that it's great, but it isn't. Sonic's evil twin, Sonic 1 has taken over the entire world with a WTFSonic army. It's an army of mindless...
  19. Zoraxua

    [Reusable] Super Run V3.0 - The Battery update 3.0

    Inspired from Sonic 2 3D / AGES, where beating the game with 7 Emeralds would unlock a mode called Super Run, which starts you off with 50 rings and all emeralds. Due to the nature of Sonic 2's jump to transform, it would basically start you off as Super Sonic. This version of Super Run...
  20. MikeTheDigiFen

    Multiplayer Ultimate Mode

    Remember that mode from a secret input for single player? Its back in Multiplayer I introduce to you, Multiplayer Ultimate mode This mod features two custom gamemodes Ultimate Co-op: You have no rings and only one life, and when everyone dies, you restart the current level while adding one to...