gametype: co-op

  1. SilverVortex

    silver's stages V0.1.5 (green valley)

    wohohoah it's silver making his first post on this very forum! i'll cut to the chase here; i have some levels i've been working on for the past while that i want to publish to the public in an actual playable state. in this version there is only currently one level with two acts, being Green...
  2. NeonSRB2

    [Reusable] [OBSOLETE] The Chaos Gametype RETURNS!!

    After seeing Princess Draykon's chaos mode script I saw that chaos was quite the piece of content before it was eventually disabled and later removed from the source entirely, starting with 1.09.4. And as I would say, if the content is optional, then I wouldn't care if it was worse than the...
  3. Rogerregorroger

    [Reusable] Sol Sestancia

    Hi there, welcome back to Island Sol Sestancia. ************* Update 1.5: Emblem radar. Also a bonus file: Download SonTV.pk3 for a AOSTH based circuit race UPDATE, version 1.3. Brand new secret level, new optional side routes, emblem hunting. Changed the music in the port level since it was...
  4. Mikhael Blur

    [Reusable] Horseradish Holm Zone

    This is my first level in MB, and the second level in general. And yes, this is Green Hill again, sorry about that. Music: Sonicesque, Vol. II - 02 Coconut Hill (Karl Brueggemann) Update 1.1: - Some places in the level have been slightly...
  5. Krabs

    GFZ1 but you can leave

    g o o d b y e (I made this as a test to demonstrate how mapmakers can move away from the old style of thok barriers - ideally, the player would be prevented from actually jumping off the map using invisible barriers, but I thought it would be funny to release the thing as-is)
  6. H

    [Reusable] Spinfly Alley - A Tails challenge map

    Obligatory 'my first map' preface. My background: I speedrun almost exclusively with Tails (I branch out a little bit doing 200 emblem runs), so making this map was kind of an experiment to see just how ridiculous the fox can be. It ended up turning into a mirror image of a Team Fortress 2...
  7. romineblox0

    romineblox0's level pack 1.3.3

    Rominepack is my second level pack that i've ever made. I'm still planning to release the last update - 1.4 If you really enjoyed playing this level pack, comment your thoughts! This pack features: Rain Forest Zone Chemical Factory Zone Glacial Winter Zone (in 1.4) Space Base Zone Music is taken...
  8. Zoraxua

    [Reusable] Super Run V2.1 - Now with custom character support!

    Inspired from Sonic 2 3D / AGES, where beating the game with 7 Emeralds would unlock a mode called Super Run, which starts you off with 50 rings and all emeralds. Due to the nature of Sonic 2's jump to transform, it would basically start you off as Super Sonic. This version of Super Run...
  9. Starshy

    Starshy Stages [v1.1]

    Welcome to Starshy Stages, that's it, that's the text, go home. In this level pack, there's no bosses to fight. Like, at all. Eggman isn't around this time, in fact, animals aren't inside the badniks now. They're full of stardust. I wonder who the villain could be this time around, if there...
  10. Silver Sonic

    [Reusable] The Havocked Hive Zone

    Eggman's twisted vision of renewable energy. A once serene meadow filled with bees and flowers tainted by metal plating for industrial purposes. If it weren't for Sonic who stopped him dead in his tracks leaving it in a state of incompleteness. A small to medium stage with moderate difficulty...
  11. GomaTheMascar

    Peak Waterfalls

    Surprise. Remember this GFZ rip-off that some people really liked? Its back, because... well, I got really better at making maps, and seeing how a lot of stuff on this level could be improved, and how some friends wanted to play this in 2.2, so why not port it, right? (and its my birthday at...
  12. PencilVoid

    Cold Zone (VS_cold-v1.pk3)

    tfw you finish your uldc level 2 weeks after when the deadline would have been Welcome to Cold Zone. It's snowy. There are slopes. And badniks. There aren't any emblems yet. Music: Egg Garden Zone Act 1 by Mr. Stardust
  13. So2ro

    Frantic Freeze Zone - V1.1.3

    Huh, what do you mean i map too fast? The game's mascot is sonic gosh darn it, i need to be fast. Welcome to Frantic Freeze Zone, starting developement after Molten industry Zone i took a look at my old maps and remembered that i always wanted to make an ice stage, a good ice stage, so here...
  14. Ice

    Abandoned Airbase Zone V2 (SUGOI 2 Port)

    Welcome to... Abandoned Airbase Zone! Prepare to die get lost... This is a level from SUGOI 2 (SUBARASHII), the one people might remember as the gigantic confusing airport. How has the level has been updated for 2.2? Let's find out! More polish Less confusing routes (hopefully) A fancy...
  15. LZA

    Nonlucid Zone

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zz zzzzzz z zzzzz............
  16. Starlight

    Just Green Hill! - Green Hilltop Zone

    Ready for Round 2? Alright, I've learned some things. A LOT of things. Skyboxes, Water, Custom Music, And more complex slopes. So I would like to present to you, Green Hilltop Zone! its literally green hill but its an actual hill I created this mostly for badnik bouncing, since I could rarely...
  17. Flame

    [Reusable] SRB2 Dungeon Crawler [v2.0.2] - A Rogue-like SRB2 experience

    How fast can you and your friends clear a 50 floor dungeon in this... SRB2 Dungeon Crawler Intro Fight through randomly generated levels with increasing difficulty (Max: 5). Most Levels will have randomly generated enemies, and (basic) hazards. If you think this is crazy, or if you think...
  18. So2ro

    [Reusable] Srb2 Station V1.2.2 - The place to test your mods

    This wad has nothing to do with Gaga Hax's srb2hub, its only inspired by it, also keep in mind this features spoilers for the entirety of srb2 Originally inspired by srb2hub, Srb2 Stations offers modders alike a place to test out interactions with the majority of gimmicks and enemies from...
  19. Rexeljet

    Gigalopolis Zone V1.01

    From Sonic Chaos, it's Gigalopolis Zone! (or Gigapolis Zone if you're so inclined.) This was originally going to be my entry for the ULDC. I've decided to post a standalone version since the contest has been cancelled and doesn't appear to be getting picked up again (understandable, though I...
  20. G

    Neo Palmtree Zone

    Welcome to Neo Palmtree Zone! This is a level I've been cooking up for a while now. Originally an ULDC entry, I've decided that now is the time to release. Traverse through the beach into the grassy heights and dark caves that await you.