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I've been wondering about releasing this mod or not but I've decided to release it anyways to see what would come from it, so here it is

This mod adds in a few features to make SRB2 Play similar to Freedom Planet. This mod includes new objects (Shield gems, crystals, petals and more)
A toggable health system and two test maps (MAPFP and MAPFD)
The zipfile also contains a mod which holds a changed level of the old GFZ1 which was to test how the mod would fair in an actual level (Replaces MAP01)

The mod's commands:
gemsneeded - Sets how many gems are needed for each 1up - 200 by default
fphud - Enable or Disable the custom Freedom Planet hud - On by default (admin command)
fpnewtype - Change the rings text in the Freedom Planet hud - On by default (admin command)
fphealth - Enable or Disable the health system - Off by default (admin command)

The reason I'm posting the mod in its current state is because I've no longer got use for it and that I'll be using its objects in another mod of mine, but I'd hate to just get rid of this mod without giving the community a go of it.

Planned Updates:
Shield Meter - Collecting 5 orbs will give you a shield, depending on the colour of the orbs
Shield Orb Monitors - rotates through the different coloured orbs
Ability Meter - Will have default uses for the main characters, but custom characters can make use of the ability meter
More hud styles - These will be listed when I get the ideas for them
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