gametype: co-op

  1. RoyKirbs

    Lilac Conservatory Zone + Acreage (v2) 2021-03-04

    The original purple Aerial Garden clone thing originating from SUGOI is back, fully remade from the ground up to best fit modern SRB2 and my own personal evolution in the world of creating SRB2 maps. It includes plenty of secrets and flowers and also bees. Now including Lilac Acreage...
  2. RoyKirbs

    Enby Echoes Zone (v1)

    Enby Echoes is a crazy purple void thing, originally intended to be a ULDC submission but now exists at it's own standalone thing. The level is full of weird gimmicks involving negative-gravity water and springey-type enemies. Do enjoy it! All music is from Ecco: Tides of Time. oh...
  3. FlyingNosaj

    Koopa Kavern Zone (2.1 Port)

    Hello yellow! For those of you who played this stage back in 2.1, welcome back! And to those who haven't played it before, welcome to Koopa Kavern Zone! This is a port of Koopa Kavern, that I made my self, that simply updates it so that it can work with 2.2. In addition, I have made some small...
  4. Rexeljet

    Gigalopolis Zone V1.01

    From Sonic Chaos, it's Gigalopolis Zone! (or Gigapolis Zone if you're so inclined.) This was originally going to be my entry for the ULDC. I've decided to post a standalone version since the contest has been cancelled and doesn't appear to be getting picked up again (understandable, though I...
  5. Rexeljet

    Woodland Way Zone v2.0 - Now with Act 2!

    This is Woodland Way, a short zone in the vein of an opening level. Featuring some unique textures and original music, it contains ten emblems across two acts and a variety of paths to take. Your jorney begins in Act 1 (no surprises there), during the middle of the day. Act 2 takes place...
  6. Zipper

    Industrial Valley Zone

    If you've been here for longer than 7 years (probably not), you may remember the OLDC where Azure Temple and Act 2 of Frozen Hillside were submitted! Little known fact, I also partook in that OLDC with my first SP map, and got absolutely decimated, as expected. This map is my attempt to remake...
  7. Zipper

    Forest Daybreak

    Hey, you ever wondered what it would be like to play a level that's 99% minecart riding? Yeah, me neither. But here it is anyway! v1.1 : changed map number
  8. Zipper

    [Reusable] Custom Boss - Anastasia

    What better way to kick off 2.2 than to shove some anime bosses into it? This is Anastasia, from Fate / Grand Order, here to make your life slightly tougher. A few attacks and tricks in her arsenal, you'll need to get good at rapid dodging to stand a chance. I'll try to fix any bugs that pop...
  9. Sharb

    [Reusable] Desert Bus

    Download Ever wanted to travel from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada for 8 hours straight but with sonic the hedgehog? No? Too bad here's a co-op map version of desert bus! Here's just some of the features you can expect to see when you play SRB2 Bus with friends Sit on the...
  10. DeltaSanic

    [Reusable] Tired of the unchanged Boss Arenas?

    Are you tired of the same old unchanged Boss Arenas that haven't had too many new visuals since late 2.0, like GFZ3, THZ3, and BCZ2&3? Well do I have a surprise for you! introducing Upgraded Boss Arenas! ------------------------------------------ Play the bosses you know and love with UPGRADED...
  11. Trege


    Well this is my submission, Disco Town it was an idea I had way back in the 1.09.4 days or so, but never got around to doing. The map is mainly designed for Hide and Seek/Tag however it does work correctly in singleplayer/co-op, CTF/Match and a few battle modes such as Control Point, and...
  12. Chaolino

    ZCM_v1.3 - Level Pack

    Sup! This is my first try to up a level pack in MB. Its called "Zaxel coop maps" or just ZCM. ZCM was thought to be palyed in COOP, but if you want a single adventure.. so great! The "new" monitors and items still in development..i'll update the ZCM when ready. If you knows how to program...
  13. GomaTheMascar

    Peak Waterfalls

    Surprise. Remember this GFZ rip-off that some people really liked? Its back, because... well, I got really better at making maps, and seeing how a lot of stuff on this level could be improved, and how some friends wanted to play this in 2.2, so why not port it, right? (and its my birthday at...
  14. Starshy

    Starshy Stages [v1.1]

    Welcome to Starshy Stages, that's it, that's the text, go home. In this level pack, there's no bosses to fight. Like, at all. Eggman isn't around this time, in fact, animals aren't inside the badniks now. They're full of stardust. I wonder who the villain could be this time around, if there...
  15. TrustyGun

    Sempiternity Shores Zone

    A three-act zone, complete with a custom boss fight. I initially started working on this before 2.2, but then it came out and I decided to work on the level for 2.2 instead! Please report any issues/bugs you see while playing, and of course criticism is always appreciated.
  16. H

    [Reusable] Spinfly Alley - A Tails challenge map

    Obligatory 'my first map' preface. My background: I speedrun almost exclusively with Tails (I branch out a little bit doing 200 emblem runs), so making this map was kind of an experiment to see just how ridiculous the fox can be. It ended up turning into a mirror image of a Team Fortress 2...
  17. LZA

    Nonlucid Zone

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zz zzzzzz z zzzzz............
  18. LZA

    I had a weird dream

    you had a weird dream? I had a weird dream I didn't know where I was I didn't know where to go all I saw were moody colors that made me feel I was on a place I could never be but it was just a weird dream I had a weird dream.
  19. MK.exe

    Rustic Templar Zone - Release Version 1.2

    This is a slightly updated version of my Summer 2020 OLDC entry - Rustic Templar Zone. Includes 3 Global Emblems (2 Record attack specific emblems) and a variety of character routes for replay-ability. Any bugs or issues? Post them here or let me know via Discord! Please do not repack this...
  20. MK.exe

    Azure Paradise Zone 1.3

    From Alternate match maps and KIMOKAWAII. Its Azure Paradise! This was going to be my ULDC entry but seeing as that has been cancelled. I decided to clean up some edges since my submission a few weeks ago to now. Features: Lots of routes, 5 Global emblems, 2 Record Attack specific emblems...