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Welcome to Chaos Domain port for 2.2!

MOD EDIT: By CoatRack's request, Modification of the levels is not authorized, but feel free to use any of the mod's assets, including textures, sprites, enemies, and bosses! Just don't forget your proper credits!

Original Chaos Domain from 2.1: https://mb.srb2.org/threads/srb2-chaos-domain-version-2-3-1-scr_chaosdomain-version2-3-1-wad.24135/

Port feature:
Most of the bugs were fixed
All emblems are now obtainable

Also special thanks to port contributors:
Mikhael Blur - Beta tester and communicator with original author
Antimodern - red water helper and beta tester
yfyfyfyfyfy - multiplayer beta tester
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Latest updates

  1. 2.3.4 patch

    Changelog: Now fully compitable with 2.2.11! Bug fixes! Thanks you for 10000 downloads!
  2. Small patch

    Changelog: -Removed musicslots -Small bug fix and improves -Now level pack have .pk3 format...

Latest reviews

i can NOT belive what work was done on this port good job!
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A absolute BANGER level pack (that didn't play originally lol)
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Decent for a 2.1 pack but didn't aged well. Enemy placement can be problematic at moment and some levels(notably the bonus level and what follow it) aren't compatible with software(way too dark to see anything but the wall you hug, objects and light sources).
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I liked this levelpack even though I didn't play it in 2.1. Chaos Domain Successfully ported to 2.2 and this is not the first time I go through this levelpack. Maybe I'll add this to my co-op server.

My review about levelpack:
The level design is nice. Consists of 10 levels + 1 secret, each with its own design.

Solstice Pass, the first zone is pleasant colormap and nostalgic music from Sonic the Hedgehog 8 bit. On the next act, it's night and it's fun to jump on mushrooms. On the third level, the boss meets us. The first boss is good. But i get damage a lot.

Stronghold Forest: level 4. I have little to say. This level is a little confusing. At level 5, another boss. He is from the game Sonic 3. I like this boss, but he lags if there is a lot of fire. Level 6 is short and narrow, I can only say that.

Eggmansion: There are two acts here without a boss. This area is atmospheric and full of traps and ghosts. Too dark corridors, because of this, I will have to turn off the shaders.

Chemical Facility: There are also two acts here. Here I was waiting for the final boss after the subtitile "Stop Eggman's Escape!", But there is no eggman. He probably escaped successfully. The design of the zone reminds me of the Chemical Plant from Sonic 2. The zone is also good, there are other badniks here that shoot with sticky and acid.

I didn't go through the secret level. and I can't say anything, sorry.

I recommend playing this levelpack.
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I know that this pack was originally made for 2.1, but I'll step in anyway.

I think that the level design is great, with pleasant visuals, good texturing, fun to play through, and just overall interesting as a whole. However, it has some questionable design choices due to the original being from 2.1, such as the overuse of certain enemies that were made more powerful on 2.2.

Another pretty bad design choice is the way you find Radiant Caverns. How are you supposed to know that you just have to fall down a random pit in a random stage, and bam, you suddenly get transported to a new stage? As neat as that stage is, I just think that's straight up bad design. There are a few other smaller things I could comment on, such as the lack of slopes (especially in the first level).

Along with that, I personally don't like the inclusion of Score Emblems. They were probably removed from 2.2 for a reason, as getting them often requires you to explore every inch and cranny of the stage, and if you make a mistake, you might not have enough rings to get the required score. It's especially bad in Chemical Facility, with both acts being too big as a whole, leaving little room for error, or requiring the use of an overpowered character (like Sonic Overdrive).

Either way, I still think that this is a pretty good pack, and despite shortcomings in a few certain areas, I would recommend giving it a go. Just don't try to 100% it, as some levels are painful.
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SRB2 Chaos Domain is ported to v2.2 now.
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This port is good, and it was fun to play this level pack again as it was one of my firsts after Mystic Realm and SUGOI.

But I do have one big gripe with this port.
The enemy placement.
it's not bad for most of the levels, but for the Zones with Green Snappers (the turtles) they need to be reworked. Green Snappers DO NOT work the same way as they did in 2.1, and the second Zone in particular has NOT reworked it's design or enemy placement with the new Snappers in mind, adding in frustration and unfair enemy placement due to their new behavior. This also goes with the Lance-a-bots, as they've also changed in 2.2, so you might want to remove or lessen the amount you have in a area, as i've seen multiple in areas of maps, and they can gang up on you unfairly pretty quickly in ways that wouldn't happen with their 2.1 behavior.

Please rework levels with enemies that have a major behavior change, as they might not work as intended, and may result in unintentional difficulty and frustration.

There's also addons that exist for enemies with their behavior ported from 2.0 and 2.1 that you could use instead (Glaber's Badnik Packs come to mind here!)

I hope you'll read this and think about a update for the port with these points in mind.

Thank you!
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Welcome to releases!
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