gametype: co-op

  1. Ace Premier

    [Open Assets] [v1.4] ~ Pipe Towers Zone revamped v1.4

    „ Pipe Towers Zone Revamped „ project is doing exactly what it implies and that’s adding more to already barren Mario Mode and revamping one of the older Bonus Zones. Mod introduces revamped and new textures, new enemies, new mushroom power-ups and more. And no, there aren’t any Super Mario...
  2. Silver Sonic

    [Open Assets] The Havocked Hive Zone 1.8

    Eggman's twisted vision of renewable energy. A once serene meadow filled with bees and flowers tainted by metal plating for industrial purposes. If it weren't for Sonic who stopped him dead in his tracks leaving it in a state of incompleteness. A small to medium stage with moderate difficulty...
  3. WasifBoomz

    Greenflower Zone Expansion 2.0.0!

    Hello, welcome to my first ever mod! I made sure to test every act with every character! 2.0.0: Remade levels! Emblems and unlockables! New title screen! Video: Full Mod Gameplay: Act 4: This act is a short, easy, and a quick one, there are many shortcuts you can do to beat this level in 30...
  4. So2ro

    Frantic Freeze Zone - V1.1.3

    Huh, what do you mean i map too fast? The game's mascot is sonic gosh darn it, i need to be fast. Welcome to Frantic Freeze Zone, starting developement after Molten industry Zone i took a look at my old maps and remembered that i always wanted to make an ice stage, a good ice stage, so here...
  5. So2ro

    [Open Assets] Srb2 Station V1.2.2 - The place to test your mods

    This wad has nothing to do with Gaga Hax's srb2hub, its only inspired by it, also keep in mind this features spoilers for the entirety of srb2 Originally inspired by srb2hub, Srb2 Stations offers modders alike a place to test out interactions with the majority of gimmicks and enemies from...
  6. So2ro

    [Open Assets] Molten Industry - V1.1.1

    Since the ULDC is on hold, i decided to release this map i made for it as i dont think the final result is quite what i hoped for. If the ULDC comes back im sure as hell gonna make a proper map for it. Anyhow, heres Molten Industry. Who knew that eggman had a secret abandoned base in RVZ huh...
  7. So2ro

    [Open Assets] Grotto Pack (Green Grotto Zone)

    So uhh, sonic and friends took the wrong turn from GFZ and ended up inside one of the mountains you can see from the distance Ah yes, the update and rename no one asked for but i found myself doing out of boredom anyways. Grotto pack features features: Screenshots: Changelog: Credits
  8. So2ro

    [Open Assets] Nights Edge Zone

    There are tales of a place where nights are so cold they could put you on deaths edge I tried a go at a SP map and, even while it is short, i became quite fond of the result and i hope you all have fun with it too. Being my second map ever, it teached me alot of useful stuff i didnt know i...
  9. SilverVortex

    silver's stages V0.1.5 (green valley)

    wohohoah it's silver making his first post on this very forum! i'll cut to the chase here; i have some levels i've been working on for the past while that i want to publish to the public in an actual playable state. in this version there is only currently one level with two acts, being Green...
  10. Spiritsune

    Tropical Trek Zone [V.1]

    Oh no! While on the way home; Sonic got lost on a lonely tropical island! He has to get to the top of the mountains there and wait for Tails to pick him up. God DAMN my level pack is taking long and is sometimes tiring to make, but in the meantime, I have made this little standalone level for...
  11. Spiritsune

    Way Past Cool! - Level Pack [V.1.4]

    Hello! This is my first time ever making a level pack. I started it back in early 2019 and was working on it whenever I had time to. Im trying my best on it! I think I've made enough levels to show some of them, that being.. If there are any bugs, I'll try to fix them as soon as...
  12. RoyKirbs

    Lilac Conservatory Zone + Acreage (v2) 2021-03-04

    The original purple Aerial Garden clone thing originating from SUGOI is back, fully remade from the ground up to best fit modern SRB2 and my own personal evolution in the world of creating SRB2 maps. It includes plenty of secrets and flowers and also bees. Now including Lilac Acreage...
  13. RoyKirbs

    Enby Echoes Zone (v1)

    Enby Echoes is a crazy purple void thing, originally intended to be a ULDC submission but now exists at it's own standalone thing. The level is full of weird gimmicks involving negative-gravity water and springey-type enemies. Do enjoy it! All music is from Ecco: Tides of Time. oh...
  14. FlyingNosaj

    Koopa Kavern Zone (2.1 Port)

    Hello yellow! For those of you who played this stage back in 2.1, welcome back! And to those who haven't played it before, welcome to Koopa Kavern Zone! This is a port of Koopa Kavern, that I made my self, that simply updates it so that it can work with 2.2. In addition, I have made some small...
  15. Rexeljet

    Gigalopolis Zone V1.01

    From Sonic Chaos, it's Gigalopolis Zone! (or Gigapolis Zone if you're so inclined.) This was originally going to be my entry for the ULDC. I've decided to post a standalone version since the contest has been cancelled and doesn't appear to be getting picked up again (understandable, though I...
  16. Rexeljet

    Woodland Way Zone v2.0 - Now with Act 2!

    This is Woodland Way, a short zone in the vein of an opening level. Featuring some unique textures and original music, it contains ten emblems across two acts and a variety of paths to take. Your jorney begins in Act 1 (no surprises there), during the middle of the day. Act 2 takes place...
  17. Zipper

    Industrial Valley Zone

    If you've been here for longer than 7 years (probably not), you may remember the OLDC where Azure Temple and Act 2 of Frozen Hillside were submitted! Little known fact, I also partook in that OLDC with my first SP map, and got absolutely decimated, as expected. This map is my attempt to remake...
  18. Zipper

    Forest Daybreak

    Hey, you ever wondered what it would be like to play a level that's 99% minecart riding? Yeah, me neither. But here it is anyway! v1.1 : changed map number
  19. Zipper

    [Open Assets] Custom Boss - Anastasia

    What better way to kick off 2.2 than to shove some anime bosses into it? This is Anastasia, from Fate / Grand Order, here to make your life slightly tougher. A few attacks and tricks in her arsenal, you'll need to get good at rapid dodging to stand a chance. I'll try to fix any bugs that pop...
  20. Sharb

    [Open Assets] Desert Bus

    Download Ever wanted to travel from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada for 8 hours straight but with sonic the hedgehog? No? Too bad here's a co-op map version of desert bus! Here's just some of the features you can expect to see when you play SRB2 Bus with friends Sit on the...