[Open Assets] MEDIC! 1.0

MEDIC! is a cooperative mod that makes it so when someone dies they need to be revived by a teammate.


So how do you find and revive a player? There is an icon in the bottom left corner of the screen that shows which players are down and need help.

In order to find the downed player use the ‘Fire Normal’ key to send a projectile showing which direction the player is in. The projectile is a different colour based on how far away you are. The order from far to close is purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.


Once you find the player all you have to do is touch them to pick them up. If all players go down its game over and the level restarts.


Starpost Warp mod is highly recommended with this mod since you will be going back to save people all over the place. In order to play without it everyone would have to stay together and make sure nobody is left behind. You can find Starpost Warp mod here

  • medic_stuck
    • In case someone gets stuck in an impossible to save place. This will send them to the beginning where they will still need to be revived.
  • Use ‘Fire Normal’ to throw out the projectile compass

Made by j2b2.
Thanks to Cyen for helping with play-testing and creating the GIFs.
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medic quote: "MEEEEEEEEEDIC!"
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this is all fun and games until you got 10 or more players needing help 24/7 in RVZ
Wundervoll mod
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