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Inspired from Sonic 2 3D / AGES, where beating the game with 7 Emeralds would unlock a mode called Super Run, which starts you off with 50 rings and all emeralds. Due to the nature of Sonic 2's jump to transform, it would basically start you off as Super Sonic.


This version of Super Run spawns the player in Super, with 50 rings in Co-Op, and all emeralds.


For Competition, the player starts with 2 rings. The ring count will decrease like normal, but to prevent constant changing between super and normal, will not decrease past 2 rings in Competition, or Co-Op with SuperRun_Type set to 1.


This LUA also allows every character to go super by adding the super flag to characters without such.
For Competition, Super change will not automatically happen if the player's rings are more than 0, to allow the potential option of playing non-super. Due to the nature of bosses, you will also spawn as regular, but transform on taking damage.. I mean if ya go to a boss level in Competition-


In Race, the player spawns with 54 rings, which decrease to 50 when the race starts. If rings decrease to 0, the player transforms again, with 10 rings, as an incentive to collect rings.



That GIF is so old holy heck


The LUA also comes with an altered version of BCZ1*, with a potentially more difficult Metal Race, which can be beaten with every Vanilla character.


*The only change is the space countdown starting earlier to match the new Metal Race.

V1 - Initial Release​

V1.1 - Added force super and unsuper, as well as distribution types.​

V1.2 - Added an option to disable force super. Added in actionspd buff with Sneakers, Multiability with Invincibility, and Godmode with both. Added options for those as well.​

V2.0 - Switched around a few defaults. Added 59. Super Music has been implemented, with several options, but plays when Hyper by default. (An example file for including custom character support has been added too.) New distribution types. Small cleanup.​

V2.1 - Vanilla characters now have support for Hyper music.​

V3.0 - Added SuperRun_Type 7 | Battery - A highly customisable option which lets you set:​
Ring Limit (SuperRun_Battery_Size)
How quickly you gain rings (SuperRun_Battery_Power)
How long until you no longer gain rings (SuperRun_Battery_Stale)
How long until you begin to lose rings (SuperRun_Battery_Discharge)
How quickly you lose rings (SuperRun_Battery_Discharge_Timer)

Added SuperRun_Music options 5, 6 and 7:

5: Play a customly selected lump when super via SuperRun_Radio
6: Play a customly selected lump only when Hyper via SuperRun_HyperRadio
7: Play a customly selected lump depending on if you're Super or Hyper using both of the above commands​

Video of V2.0 Made by a close friend of mine, SimonSTHF:
Video goes over the mod in better detail than the post! But, it is rather outdated now, apologies!

The true Metal Sonic race awaits. Go to MAP 59 to face off agaisnt the rapid rival.
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Latest updates

  1. V3.0 - The Battery Update

    Added SuperRun_Type 7 | Battery - A highly customisable option which lets you set: Ring Limit...

Latest reviews

This was honestly an extremely fun playthrough to try out! This really helped open my eyes to better routes for whenever I end up going super on a public server, finding the most optimal routes to take. If anyone gets a kick out of super forms, or enjoy goofing around with them, I'd definitely say this would be a perfect mod to check out! The Hyper Metal Sonic race was also a real challenge, but felt satisfying as hell to beat. :wow:

While you don't go instantly super as intended on the start of a level in Co-Op or Singleplayer by the time of this rating, including several options through SuperRun_Type really help freshen each run up regarding ring collection and makes up for the bug.
That's a very kind review! But it DOES make me realise, I should probably explain more about the mod somewhere, as that isn't a bug but is actually a default setting... For now I guess I can say the command SuperRun_Help will explain the options, and using these options with no arguments will explain them further, which may help explain how to enable instant super on load! Hope this helps, and thank you!
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from all the screenshots, i'd say like 4 stars, but for me, it didn't funcion (I'm using 2.2.10, so if you didn't update it, it's OK.) so i'll give it 2 stars.
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