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[Open Assets] Eggrock Zone Boss - Scrapped 2.2 Content

Back in September, I decided to try and make a new ERZ3 boss fight now that Metal Sonic is in BCZ1 and 2. The general idea was that Eggman is inside some kind of column in the middle of the room, and he can fire homing missiles. Every time he's hit, lava in the room moves, forcing you to change gravity in order to avoid being hit.

It was kind of a half-baked idea, with me experimenting with a lot of different attack patterns to figure out how to make something fun. However, a lot of people felt like the endgame for the main campaign was already long enough and didn't want to add another boss fight to it. So I ended up scrapping the idea to go work on more important things.

The attached zip includes the last updated version of the boss-fight, and also another "bullet hell" version of the boss fight that I had experimented with (the boss fires a giant ring of missiles that later all home in on you). Both versions received some minor updates to use the boss titlecards, fix the music names, and update the startrings to 10 instead of 5.
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a very fun boss, would have loved to see it in vanilla srb2
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