Mecha Sonic 29: Rocket Metal

[Open Assets] Mecha Sonic 29: Rocket Metal 2.0

Rcoket Metal!!! I saw the other release of 29 and thought 'wow I don't like this, but it's reusable' so erm. I made my own! Sweet! Here's the abilities:


Basic stuff! Pressing Rocket's Jump ability will reverse your Z momentum, like a uh the fall thingy, uhh CA_FALLSWITCH (but wow sparkles!)
Pressing SPIN in the air will double Z momentum (Best uses are holding Spin and Jumping to insta-trigger it, or pressing Spin when you press Jump to flip momentum!)

(Note, you have the Run on water and Dashmode flags)

On the floor, holding spin will charge your thrusters. Releasing will make you spindash ahead quickly. But fully charging it will instantly fire you in Dashmode on release.

You can keep the hold after jumping as long as you have spin held still. You can't release the hold in the air...

...Unless it's fully charged. (Note: The angle of launch in the air is based off drawangle, and now your camera angle.)

Custom button stuff:
Hold C1 in order to disable the Spin ability, which will also enable the use of shields

C2 lets you instantly hit High-Speed Dashmode! At the cost of 15 rings.


C3 is context sensitive, kinda. Press C3 on the ground to charge a little and fire off a long beam made of 10 projectiles (Meaning if you hit an enemy with 1 hp, it'll pierce and continue on for up to 10 hits). This costs 5 rings.
Press C3 in the air to spend 10 rings and enter hover. Holding C3 will prevent you from being moved up or down, and costs a Ring every second it's held.

Other Stuff:


When in dashmode, you become immune to any non-instakill damage! As long as you're in the rocket state, that is. You can tell because there's alot of sparks too!

Hold Tossflag (if not in a netgame) to charge up rings. Why? I can't remember.. There's a CVAR to enable it in a netgame if you have the permissions.
You can't drown in space! What kind of space rocket would you be if you couldn't survive space... Oh. But you CAN still drown in water so... Don't?
There's a custom music thinker I made that like, uses Jingles and stuff - I'm pretty proud of it I just wanted to mention it lmao
By collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds, you can harness the power of the Black Rock.
Battle Support but it's not balanced (I actually balanced it around Chaos mode...)
Demo Video showing, moves I guess:

Main sprites by Bianca:

Also took a few frames from Velkurotic:

Super Flying by Frostiikin:

(Also comes with a musicdef because music :3)

Anyways I've wanted to release this for a while but eh shyness but now it's here! Wow! Now to leave this mod in V1 lol

This mod is fully reusable! Reuse the stuff!!! But please do not upload this Rocket Metal to other places, whether that's just a reupload or if it's like, in a pack of files that aren't hosted on a MP server (That's my job), otherwise using LUAs (ESPECIALLY the jingle thinker) is completely fine and whatnot!
Also if you're a modder and host a server and, want to add Rocket into battle, lowkey feel free to completely replace or remove the ability. Like I said, it's balanced for Chaos and not Battle.

Anywanyways uh, enjoy lol
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  1. V2 - Uplink

    A bit of a small update but moreso a part 1 of such, with a few changes here Fixed the ring...

Latest reviews

After playing with this character for a bit, I'm not entirely sure what to think. There's definitely potential, I think you have a good thing going on with the jump and spin abilities (they affect your Y axis and not the Z axis by the way), but the rest of the abilities don't have much purpose, if at all.
The hover I can probably see being used a bit, but the cost to use it being 10 rings with them draining even after doesn't drive me to utilise it more. You can still hover while in Super-mode, which is strange but not bad or anything. But, it's even stranger that it's been put on Custom 3, which it shares with the less useful projectile shot.
I'm not even sure why it exists since there are plenty of other and easily quicker ways to destroy enemies. You're not even able to properly aim it up and down, which doesn't help with my feelings towards it.
And then there's the Custom 2 ability, which shouldn't need to exist if you're able to reach dashmode instantly with the spindash. That sort of just makes it a waste of rings.
If you're going to make a character with ring-centric abilities, giving the player free access to them is pretty OP and definitely not the way to go. Look at Golden Metal Sonic. It perfectly manages the use of rings with abilities in a way that doesn't hinder gameplay nor give it to you for free.
What I think this character suffers from is not having a sense of direction. It doesn't know what it wants to be, and the mishmash of abilities it has makes that kind of obvious. Since this is only the first version of the character (as I'm writing this review), I can only expect it to improve, and I sure hope it does.
But, first things first, decide what it is that you want to do with it. Making this character everything isn't working out.
Can't say I agree.
(Let's get this out the way, it is the Z axis as SRB2 is a 3D game, the Z axis is the only vertical axis in this, and is heavily referenced via z-named values, such as the .z position, the z momentum 'momz' and P_SetObjectMomZ (or even in devmode if enabled to show the Z position))
C2 exists as you need to stop and charge up if you want to reach dashmode instantly. With C2, you can instantly reach it (and even redirect momentum if in need) in any state, of course for the cost of 15 rings. The hover can be useful as it's a, hover, as long as you can collect the rings to maintain it. The laser was assigned C3 with C2 as C2 can be used at anytime, whereas the hover only really makes sense to be usable in the air, hence why the two got merged into one button to, attempt to use less power. That being said yeah the laser is useless but it was made for Chaos in mind, and sorta balanced around Battle... Why did I do that...
The super flying is basically an emerald reward, to really motivate into collecing the emeralds.
But the real utility of C2 and C3, is maintianing rocket state. In the rocket state, and in dashmode, you can't take damage. If you jump or spin for example, you exit the rocket state, and need to land. However by spending rings to hover or boost, you will be put back into the invincible rocket state.
Sorry for the long winded message but I felt like I kinda had to elaborate on this. I don't consider it, "Free access" as 'free' is a cost of having to stop in order to charge up.
Though yes.. I do agree that the Overview could be greatly improved, but for now I just wanna rest lmao
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I can certainly say that for a first time, you managed to create a quite interesting gameplay with a character that was originally just a buffed Metal Sonic.
I give only 3 stars because it's visible that this character needs a lot of polish and improvements, but i know this character will get improved in the future.
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It's good, but I feel as though the shift+jump move is wayyy to op, along with the ring charge. The ring charge just allows you to get super whenever you want.
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