character: miles "tails" prower

  1. Cheeseboi!

    [Open Assets] How To Make A Character! 1.0.1

    DISCLAIMER: THIS MAY BE UNFINISHED/OUTDATED AND DOES NOT INCLUDE SPRITING (YET)! YO! WELCOME TO CHEESEBOI'S CUSTOM CHAR TUTORIAL! THE BASICS ------------------------ So you wanna make a character, but don't know where to start? well, you've come to the right place! First, you've gotta...
  2. Bandder

    Talez The Fex v1.0.1

    Well Well Well, if it isn't Sonki's "best friend" Talez Ya'll remember her right? I hope ya do, because she is back to tormenting Sonki and now she's got some new tricks up her non-existent sleeves. With that being said be sure to report any bugs, and yall have a good day!
  3. funtimefredboi

    What is your Favourite Vanilla Character?

    Fav is Tails
  4. Unfunnyio

    Unfunnyio Unfunny Character Pack(Papa Louie Joins the game!) 5.1(An update an half)

    Welcome to the Unfunnyio character pack! the only pack of all time. (Im not THAT good at spriting so expect a bit of bullshit here. :wow:) For now there are 18 characters but expect more in the future. And thats all the characters for now, i will be adding more characters...
  5. Dark94

    [Open Assets] Glitch Forms v1.4 (Compability things)

    Glitches are everywhere and game developers can't do anything about it, if you add something... another one just pops up. SEGA & us also have seen those errors... and that's how characters like Ashura were born. and i bringing them back to SRB2! See until the end cuz i do NOT want dumb...
  6. Gemini0

    How would I make followitems (specifically MT_TAILSOVERLAY) work with custom states?

    I'm currently trying to modify Continue State Switcher to be an entire emote system, starting with sitting, but I've run into a problem... Tails, when sitting, doesn't have his tails. Is there a way I can finangle MT_TAILSOVERLAY or a similar object to make this work, or do I just have to bake...
  7. marievpyre

    [Open Assets] Momentum+ Bugfix Bugfix

    This mod is an edit to the controls of every character with the main design philosophy of "If pressing a button in a situation does nothing, something should be added!" The changes are listed below. 1. Every Character DashMode - Any character can now enter DashMode, but very little is changed...
  8. srb2fan341

    Past trio 1.2

    Thanks to ssn tails for letting me use the sprites and lua by wolfs Also thanks to gaming today for the idea
  9. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Custom Spindash

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Custom Spindash - I love the spindash ability Read more about this resource...
  10. Sls64LGamingBro

    [Open Assets] Custom Spindash v1.0

    This is a simple change for the spindash, though, the spin is also reworked in lua format. I kinda tryed, it was kinda decent. Even though it could've been revamped, I kinda decide to release it anyway. Only Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Metal Sonic can use this custom spindash...
  11. srb2fan341

    Past Tails 1.2

    thanks to SSN TAILS by letting me edit the sprites to let me make new ones! yay 1 more to go.
  12. GamingToday

    this isn't real V1.5.2

    DISCLAIMER: this fucking sucks dont play it i beg you Tails joins Sonic and becomes 3D too! (paint 3d sonic here: His only abilities are: Fly: if you dont know what it is, play sonic 3 and come back later Spindash: The classic spindash thats...
  13. Kromos Ruby

    Kromos & Drakira's Definitive Classic Pack 6.0.2

    Definitive Classic Pack 6.0.2! Fang is here! ░░▒▒▓SRB2 Mod▓▒▒░░ ❏md3 file ❏Texture ❏Blend Texture HOW TO INSTALL: ░░▒▒▓PC VERSION▓▒▒░░ 💿PC▶Place content in SRB2 folder ▶Extract ▶Cut "KD_DC_PACK" folder ▶ Paste in "models" folder. ░░▒▒▓Android VERSION▓▒▒░░ 📜We will...
  14. FlergenofAllTrades

    Sonic Movie 3

    I know this is sorta off topic, but it's still Sonic related. What do you guys think about the third Sonic The Hedgehog movie coming out next year? The two movies were great and I'd say Jim Carrey nailed it as Robotnik. The second movie is my favorite because of how they introduced Tails and...
  15. Bandder

    Moilols "Talez" PerHour (Legacy) v1.7 - Generations Update - 1 Minute Patch

    It's Talez! The fun, energetic fox that is ready for action! Credits It'sSonki! - Character and Artist SLS64LGamingBro - Coder for Talez (Also, yes, Talez is bigger than Sonki, because Sonki is a tiny hedgehog and Talez is a normal-sized fox) Thanks to all those who Downloaded the...
  16. R

    My Comment for SRB2 Heroez I wanted to comment but it said I don't have insufficient privileges or whatever. My comment is "That team lua is awesome. Can I have it?"
  17. Alternative

    (DISCONTINUED) LFSonicGamesColorPack v1.2

    I lost any motivation I had for this, buuut, I'm working on a new color pack that might release soon, idk Remember Sonic ATS/BTS and Chrono Adventure? Presenting to you.... LAKE FEPERD SONIC GAMES COLOR PACK!!! (such a long name geez.) Now let's get started! Here we have the first color...
  18. asassasasa9

    hijolindos models

    is tails 1677776014 is olympics
  19. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] Team New v1.0.2d

    The Team is here! And Recent Tails as addition and some fixed/changes for Sonic and Knuckles. But before the characters some stuff that will be useful. Custom 1 - Action Button. The button used for cool stuff like Cyloop, Tornado and Crouch(More on that later). Different for characters. Custom...
  20. Sls64LGamingBro


    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Sls64LGBro - It's me, but as a character! Read more about this resource...