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  1. Vortalie

    [Open Assets] Technical Lab Zone (V1.1) 1.1

    It's Just a Level I made when I was bored.

    Venture Book 1

    This a map pack created from my inability to choose what theme I wanted to make. Bellow here are maps demade into srb2 limitations. Zones Emerald Coast from SA1 Oasis City from SATSR (originally titled Sand Oasis) Military Forest from SA2 (originally titled Greenforest) Titanic...
  3. MrBoingBD

    MrBoing's Levelpack v1.3

    This Is a levelback that Have worked for about almost 2 months. This Pack includes 5 levels and 1 boss stage. I structured it like a mini campaign. Hope you have fun playing these! Note that this is experimental and the level design is kinda jank. Please give me some feed back so I can use...
  4. Water_Scout

    Destiny Island: Springy Beginnings demo Version 1.1

    This is the first mod i have EVER released to the message board, and since it's a demo things are obviously going to be subject to change, so don't be grumpy when your favorite section in a level is gone Anyways, the story is soon after Sonic and Tails stopped Robotnik from stealing the master...
  5. MrBoingBD

    Green Valley Zone v1.1

    A Single level That I worked on for a week. Using the GreenFlower Theme. (I know not the most unique.) This is the second map I've ever made. however the first has never been posted on here. And I will most likely not ever upload it, since its terrible. (Trust me) PLEASE give me feedback so I...
  6. pizza2me

    orball 1.0

    This ball is a cool ball called orball (because its orange and a ball). This ball can speed thok: This ball can also spindash: and thats it.
  7. MoonlightGB

    SRB2 Sunset City [not worked on anymore]

    First of all, hello there. This is where I'll be sharing info on my main project: SRB2 Sunset City. This is one of the only projects I have that I actually work on actively rather than working on it once a month or something. Anyways, onto the main post. So, for the past 2 weeks or so, I've...
  8. El-fire

    Emerald Coast in SRB2! 1.2.2

    are you ready to go on a two level adventure? no?... well too bad! heres Emerald coast in SRB2! "This is absolutely what sa wouldve been on the saturn." -lucasl5591 on one of my WIP vids. in this two level, level pack! you can play Emerald Coast!... i-in SRB2!... IDK this also includes a...
  9. M1STQ

    THE HUNT... not an emerald hunt I swear

    Hello there my fellow srb2 player... what happens if you gave an SRB2 addict that had been playing the game ever since the Final demo who never made maps before. a chance to make a levelpack, here is the level pack in the works I will not show more pictures then this.. after all I want...
  10. yfyfyfyfyfy

    Under Construction Demo 1

    This is an old level that I wanted to make for nights-level pack in 2021, but due to problems I had to postpone it. Under Construction - this is an attempt to make something similar to the level of the same name from the NiGHTS into dreams. This level is unfinished has only 2 mares and...
  11. greennick78sh

    RAMPAGE: Christmas Demo

    WARNING: THIS MOD CONTAINS THE USE OF UH OH STINKY WORDS LIKE F(__)K AND SH(__) AND B(__)CH. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT THEN GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! Hey everybody! I'm back (again (again)), for real this time, no taksies backsies this time (sorry for that last time mods!). So what is the RAMPAGE...
  12. pizza2me

    Stick Cat 1.1

    a cute stick cat with 9 lives. he can also swim Fastly out of water. but be careful:
  13. thesrb2fan12

    [Open Assets] XMasture V1

    Ah yes it is near the time to hear children singing and jumping for joy because it will soon be Xmas (at the time of writing this description) so i decided to give you srb2 players a gift this holiday season a MAP PACK (my first one too!) there are 3 zones in this level pack (the last one will...
  14. thesrb2fan12


    Working on a Xmas Level pack the first zone is already done there will be 3 zones in the pack Robotnik Winter (COMPLETETED) Holiday Cheer (only one act done) and Xmas Marathon (NOT EVEN STARTED) Story: Dr Robotnik and Fang have teamed up it is up to sonic and co to stop their scheme to ruin XMAS!
  15. pizza2me

    Metel Pipe 1.0

    it's a silly pipe guy. he can fly a bit. and he can do something that is kind of like spin dashing:
  16. MarioNumberOne

    [Open Assets] The Ghoul's Forest 1.0

    WARNING: THIS MOD CONTAINS FLASHING IMAGES AND LOUD NOISES, THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART Sonic the Hedgehog and friends go camping in the woods, little do they know they find out they've found something far more than what they bargained for... To beat the map, you must defeat 3 monsters...
  17. SCP-049-M

    Robotnirock Zone Demo 1

    A Egg Rock Zone Remake i really don't have anything to say other than that and this is my first map! (not counting my maze campaing, since its just one thing for the whole level) so don't go too hard on it Feel Free to send Feedbacks or Your thoughs on it! :D its also a demo, so in the feature...
  18. Lemin

    [Open Assets] Ghost Trail 1.0

    Simple script that gives record attack ghost's a trail that the player can follow. This makes learning speedrun routes in confusing levels a breeze. How to use: Simply load the script and head into Record Attack or Nights Mode. Make sure you only have one ghost showing! This script does not...
  19. VichogGD190

    [Open Assets] Space Adventure V1.0

    Team Sonic travels to space to stop Dr. Eggman and his evil plans... again.:knuxsmug:
  20. Cable

    Map Pack W.I.P

    In my past I've may have done somethings that I regret, making a character that was impossible for me to make, and trying to release something that got rejected. However, I'm here to announce that I will be making a level pack. There are only 2 levels so far and I will post more images of...