single player

  1. RoyKirbs

    Mission: Proud Sky v1

    Proud Sky Zone was previously seen in this community as a level developed by Plutia back in the 2015 July/August Official Level Design Contest where it scored last place in the division it was in. Truly art such as it was not appreciated in it's day eight years ago. So, I took it upon myself to...
  2. Riolucariolu

    ASfAEe (Average Sonic fan vs Average Eggman enjoyer) 1.2.3

    Hello! Important things first: 1. This runs on the software renderer, but it's optimized for OpenGL; do yourself a favor and switch to that. 2. If you're epileptic, please open the map pack with an editor and replace Map24 with the "for epileptics" version. The original has a bunch of flashing...
  3. SuperiorHedgehog

    Beginner Pack 2.2.10

    Last two versions messed stuff up. Fixing my mistakes from those The most basic map pack. This features a unfinished level, and a broken Greenflower Act 2.
  4. FlysterTheFox

    Mysterious Forest (2.2 Port) 1.0

    A 2.2 port of Mysterious Forest, nothing else.. I might make a huge update later in the future (btw fang can't pass act 2)
  5. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf (V4.0) V4.0

    Well...You've waited. In general, this is the last mod. Although I want to add what I wanted. Even nerf sometimes. Just one of them is added. But in general. Welcome to the abort my new mod in the YouTube movie studio and so on. So also in some site which there draw....These are the art...
  6. Twins'R'Okay

    PPLDC - panicz pentaclar levl dusgin colab v1hotfix

    after panic got exploded in the original panic's square midas zone, he was transpotatioed into SPACE and is floting among the mysterrius o u t e r t r o l l s feeturing hahas and troll moments frum teh GRET BEYOND with his new frens by his side will panic do da...
  7. Spincoder

    Dark City Zone 1.0

    Works best with OpenGL This mod are is a revamp of beta Dark City maps. Said beta maps were from Srb2 the past by Glaber. These levels include new gimmicks There is also a fight with a prototype of Brak Eggman Thanks to RedSRB2 for beta testing.
  8. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2 1.1

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN COLLAB Welcome to Round 2 of the 2022 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab. That's right, the OLDC is transitioning from a contest pitting mappers against each other to a collaborative celebration of all the talented map creators in our community. Yes, we...
  9. Mr.FondusBroMan

    [Open Assets] Serpentine V1

    Serpentine (サーペンティン Sāpentin?) is a powerful mercenary who serves as a loyal General to Lord Brevon. Unable to resist Brevon's gift of robotic arms, he was infected with a virus that forever enslaved him to Brevon's will. Since then, Serpentine became a member of Brevon's army, rising through...
  10. Rogerregorroger

    [Open Assets] IMP Christmas 2022 2022-12-24

    (Update, OpenGL crash should be fixed, thanks The Shadow.) Happy holidays. Wanted to make this level quickly for the ULDC but didn't make the deadline. Oh well. Kinda plays like an episode of my webseries, IMP, altough if you ignore the intro and side details and just dash trough the level, it...
  11. TheGoldenTail

    Snow Breeze v1.0

    Welcome to Snow Breeze! It's my first level in srb2 and I'm pretty happy with it. Hope you enjoy it! Plot The main goal is to get to the top of the mountain and meet up for a nice picnic at the top...
  12. RepeatedKibbles

    Mine Maze Remake 2.2 port 1.4.6

    "Introducing Mine Maze, A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Featuring Platforms moving Vertically and a bunch of Slopes (Act 2), and a Boss Battle, Originally submitted for SUGOI. Plot: After Defeating Eggman and his Plans at Arid Canyon He escaped to a Dark Mine nearby, you decided to Follow...
  13. Mr.FondusBroMan

    TD Forest (REMAKE! Official) V1

    Original Used:
  14. whoknows

    [Open Assets] Snoopy V1.5

    Snoopy's now in SRB2K! You can play as the comic strip dog from 1951!
  15. Mr.FondusBroMan

    Scarf The Wolf (legacy) V2.6.5b

    Hello. Yes I am the one in the discord server Srb2 Community and I am the creator of the mod Scarf The Wolf/TD Forest and Sonic.exe in youtube. But now when I was banned. I decided to do an update and completely removed everything with non-reusable content, for adding a reusable content. And I'm...
  16. highonfunnystuff

    Too many characters to display in singleplayer: limit 25

    Version 2.2.10 I have installed ~30 characters but only 25 (+7 basic ) characters are showing up in my Single Player select menu (the one where you select new file, where you also can see characters' abilities). I was wondering if there's an actual limit that's close to 25, or maybe there's...
  17. Rogerregorroger

    Spiral Hill Pizza Hangout 2022-12-27

    It's Spiral Hill Pizza, from OLDC 2022 round 1, 3th place. Now completely open and even more ridiculously detailed version of the wide open town for Hangout purposes. Without any Pizza delivering missions. Alas. So, welcome to IDW inspired attempt to recreate Spiral Hill Town: Make sure you...
  18. helphop10

    winding woods 4.0

    this is a zone length experience to have a bit of fun with based on the scrapped zone from sonic 2 called wood zone this will be part of a bigger project called eastside island discord server:
  19. JABSphere94

    JAB's single player votes for OLDC 2022 round 1

    1. Festung Oder So by The Shadow 2. Magma Laboratory Zone by RoyKirbs 3. Tarnish Ward by Princess Plushima 4. Spiral Hill Pizza by Rogerregorroger 5. Freezer Folley Zone by Fav 6. Yearning Yachtyard Zone by PhilJFou/ChaRG 7. Foliage Furnace Zone, Act 2 by Othius, Kanna, & Spectorious 8. SunkSea...
  20. squiddo

    [Open Assets] Greenflower City 1.0

    I'm planning for this to be a hub for multiplayer, but the current map ID is MAP01. I'll add more detail eventually.