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  1. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] Ante-Station Zone - Enhanced Edition v1

    NOTICE ABOUT REUSABLE CONTENT: You may reuse textures, graphics, socs, lua, and sprites so long as I receive credit for my work. If you want to reuse or repackage the map itself, you must ask permission first. Do not under any circumstance edit the map itself, don't disrespect my work like this...
  2. Marcos

    [Reusable] Faraway Fields Zone 1.0

    After a year or so in development hell with myself, I am but proud to share with you Faraway Fields Zone. A reimagination of a certain level. This is by all means the right and best way to experience it. Features: A new (definitely not pointless) collectible scattered all around the map...
  3. Fire Ball

    [Reusable] Greenflower Zone: Underwater Edition v1.2.1

    Exactly what's being implied in the name. This was made as a fun project, mostly to see if it could be done. After many years of neglect, Greenflower Zone was eventually entirely sunk underwater, and due to this, the zone had a slight revamp of its looks, now housing a variety of underwater...
  4. CobaltBW

    Chaos Mode 1.0

    Chaos mode is a reimagining of an ancient gametype not seen officially in SRB2 since the Final Demo era. Unlike its predecessor, which was a simple and repetitive onslaught of enemies, this remake sees players completing timed objectives, exploring environments, and maybe even helping a friend...
  5. Ace Dragon

    Creative Worlds Level Pack. 0.1.5

    Last year, I unveiled my first full zone known as Lawn World. Now I am back with what I hope will become a sizable level pack not only with full zones, but with a lot of custom assets as well. This pack is full of custom decorations and enemies using the engine's 16-directional sprite feature...
  6. sanicdederphog69

    [Reusable] at least its not GHZ 3

    i made you regret green flower zone existing? well here you go! more green flower, go to no save mode, choose character, and BOOM play the level i made! there are rings, enemies and SECRETS! also don't ask about the icon, its just there oh now it has S L O P E S ! cause i was bored, i also...
  7. Ors

    Orsland 2021 3

    First of all, a massive shoutout to romineblox0 who started porting this pack and did probably most of the work. Let's start with a bit of history. In January 2013 I released a pack called Orsland, which contained maps I made when I was 11-13 years old, and it really showed. Nevertheless...
  8. ◢◤Garcello◢◤

    hello guys,coming soon to Fleetway Super Sonic V1.5, : )

  9. Epix

    [Reusable] Greenflower X V1.1

    I am just getting into map making and while playing Modern Sonic I thought to myself "Hey, why don't I try to make a boost type level in Srb2". And well, here we are. It's that long and still looks a bit off but I think over all it's still a fun level. If there is anything wrong with the level...
  10. C

    SRB2 with Salt Edits 1

    I was bored of this vanilla level, so I used editing software to make your own levels. SO Here's SRB2 with Salt Edits! I made few maps replacements including Normal Levels, Boss Arenas and Special Stages Check the List of Edited Maps below. Some Bolded Outlined maps requires Software Mode...
  11. Qlonever

    [Reusable] Logarithmic Train Zone 1.0

    Logarithmic Train Zone is a one-act map addon for 2.2. In it, you have to ride a train out of a burning forest, making your way to the engine in order to speed it up. It's my first map, so it's a bit awkward and overambitious. I was originally going to submit this to the OLDC, but it has a lot...
  12. HPR

    1.09.5, A Final Demo Remaster.

    Hey guys, I'm making this post to show off some things in my upcoming mod for users who aren't in/ active in the discord server. And to discuss my future plans for this project. To Put this entire project into a sentence, this is my project to remaster, and port 1.09.4 to the best of my ability...
  13. Frostiikin

    [Reusable] SRB2 But it's a Gameboy Color bootleg | Sonic Robo Blast 7 1.0

    Hey, Just a bit of a warning before I start here, This mod has very bright eye-bleeding colors. If you suffer from epilepsy or are prone to seizures, I highly recommend you play something else. Hello. I have found long awaited sequel to sonic blast robo 2. it is robo blast sonic 7. It have...
  14. Rogerregorroger

    [Reusable] Sonic Adventure Genisys 2021-04-10

    So every year for April fools, I let my fans send in requests and I'll do a bunch of them, usually in the form of a cartoon or a QnA. However since I started modding SRB2 since last year, I got a few SRB2 requests this time. Enter Sonic Adventure Genisys, a monstrous collection of several...
  15. Hendrix

    Riddle Jungle remake for 2.2?

    Heya~ Working on a new level pack inspired on my old and frustrared mod Riddle Jungle. It's kind of a remake, but better and original. I mean, some parts are really similar, but not equal. Places names are different and the theme too. Trying to make wide open maps without lag. Probably gonna...
  16. Bright the Hedgehog YT

    [REDONE] SL_GreenForest1_v.1.2.wad 1.2.1

    I fixed it a little, so now the badniks won't display a warning image. Hope you enjoy the mod! :knuxsmug:
  17. Hendrix

    SRB Dream Emulator v1

    "This addon contains flashing textures. If you are prone to epilepsy, proceed with caution." Heya~ :grin: This is Sonic Robo Blast Dream Emulator! Inpired by LSD Dream Emulator PS1 game with a touch of my own thing. Here you have the levels separated by days. Each day is a dream. When you...
  18. Nightwolf

    [Reusable] WTFSonic v3

    WTFSonic After 2 years in development, hopefully it would have been worth the weight. In this mod, there's no Eggman in the world anymore. You'd think that it's great, but it isn't. Sonic's evil twin, Sonic 1 has taken over the entire world with a WTFSonic army. It's an army of mindless...
  19. Zoraxua

    [Reusable] Super Run V2.1 - Now with custom character support!

    Inspired from Sonic 2 3D / AGES, where beating the game with 7 Emeralds would unlock a mode called Super Run, which starts you off with 50 rings and all emeralds. Due to the nature of Sonic 2's jump to transform, it would basically start you off as Super Sonic. This version of Super Run...
  20. Michael The Neonvali

    [Reusable] Freedom Planet Health system and Resources V1

    I've been wondering about releasing this mod or not but I've decided to release it anyways to see what would come from it, so here it is This mod adds in a few features to make SRB2 Play similar to Freedom Planet. This mod includes new objects (Shield gems, crystals, petals and more) A toggable...